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Annie Thorisdottir Opens Up About Postpartum Depression

Morning Chalk Up

May 11   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • May is Mental Health Awareness month and today Annie Thoridottir shares her experiences with postpartum depression.
  • Will there be fewer rookies at the Games this year than ever before?
  • Terence Man set a goal to get super fit, then the pandemic hit. He took to his garage gym and this year qualified for Quarterfinals and the AGOQ.
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  My Postpartum Fall: Speaking Up 

My Postpartum Fall: Speaking Up

Editor’s Note: This original piece is one in a series of two athlete letters to be published in May — Mental Health Awareness Month — to bring more awareness to the topic of mental health and the real-life struggles athletes of all shapes and sizes go through, often unseen, as they’re coming in and out of their gyms each day. It’s our hope that by sharing intimate stories like these, coaches and affiliate owners will be inspired to reach out to their own gym communities to support others.

After I had Freyja, I had my highest high and my lowest low.

After the adrenaline had disappeared and the uncontrollable emotional rollercoaster had settled, my world seemed less colorful than usual whenever Freyja wasn’t in my arms.

Yes, happy, smiley, bubbly, energetic, always in love with life Annie, suffering from postpartum depression.

I didn’t want to go outside. I didn’t want to eat. I couldn’t sleep.

As I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize what I saw.

Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about here.

A big, soft, fleshy, empty vessel of a belly.

I’m an elite athlete. This is not my body.

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  • Ben Smith joined Robbie Vogler on the Big Red Express podcast to talk about squatting heavy, virtual competitions and more.
    • Smith on pre-competition butterflies: “I feel like when you stop getting them, you should stop competing because you’re not taking it as seriously as you used to….but once you hit 3-2-1-go, everything feels normal because you’re very well-prepared…”
  • The Madrid CrossFit Championship, C.R. Edition, announced its 2021 prize purse would total $75,000: $10,000 of which will be awarded to first place individual elites and $12,000 to elite teams.
  • Comptrain is hiring: Customer care representative, regional sales associate (Southeast) and video editor.
  • Emily Rolfe, who placed 19th in the 2021 Quarterfinals, released her signature roast from Grumpy Groundz, called “Ruck Roast.” It’s a limited Guatemalan medium roast and it’s available now.
  The History of Rookies at the CrossFit Games, And Why This Year Might Have the Fewest Ever 


The History of Rookies at the CrossFit Games, And Why This Year Might Have the Fewest Ever

In evaluating the various Semifinal fields, and trying to narrow down which athletes are most likely to contend for qualifying spots at the Games, we could not help but wonder if there will be fewer rookies (first-time Games qualifiers) in Madison than in years past.

Setting the Stage: For the purposes of this article we will go back ten years, and starting with the 2011 CrossFit Games, try to answer the question of whether there will be fewer rookies competing at the Games this year than in any year since?

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  Pandemic Gym Closure Doesn’t Stop Terence Man from Becoming the Fittest he has Ever Been 

Pandemic Gym Closure Doesn’t Stop Terence Man from Becoming the Fittest he has Ever Been

After being a CrossFit athlete since 2014, Terence Man decided last year, just before the pandemic hit, to dial in his diet and see just how fit he could get.

  • A year later, the 37-year-old who “doubled down to focus on my fitness,” lost 20 pounds, acquired new skills like strict ring and bar muscle-ups, and qualified to and competed in the CrossFit Quarterfinals.
  • He also qualified for the Age Group Online Qualifier in the Men’s 35-39-year-old division, but chose not to compete.

One big thing: Man managed to achieve all this living in a city where gyms have been closed since last March, and a country that is currently experiencing a third wave of COVID-19.

  • Man is a member of Breaker Strength in North York, Ontario, and has been relying on Zoom classes and working on his weaknesses at the home gym he has slowly built over the last 14 months
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