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Another Bad Day for Banned Substances in CrossFit

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CPR Trained Coach Helped a Man in Distress


The story.

Michael Vaiking, 51, was sitting on a planter wall, enjoying his lunch break when he suffered a life-threatening seizure and collapsed

A member of CrossFit Takanini in Papakura, South Auckland saw him collapse and notified Alice Te Hira, coach and co-owner of the box.

Te Hira ran outside to help the man. “I immediately thought he’d had an epileptic fit because my brother used to have them, and he had blood coming from his mouth from where he had bitten his tongue. But he’d also seized up on one side of his body, which made it look like he’d had a stroke.”

She grabbed an AED.

CrossFIt Takanini has an AED equipped in the gym and Te Hira thought to grab it and take it with her. 

“The first thing I thought was grab the defibrillator from the gym and get him into the recovery position.” Te Hira placed the defibrillator on Vaiking, but it advised not to issue a shock.

Two other women from a nearby dental clinic came to help, with medical professionals on the phone who advised Te Hira to administer CPR, which she is trained to do. 

“There was a bit of cracking…but it had to be done. Having a broken rib is better than not having your life,” Te Hira said.

Woke up alive.

“I woke up in the hospital, with no recollection of what happened. They said I went from an asthma attack, to a seizure, to a cardiac arrest. So I got hit three times,” Vaiking said in an interview.

On Wednesday, Vaiking got to meet the people that saved his life. “To have the three of them there, I was very blessed and happy I am still alive today. I wanted to meet them today to just say thank you,” he said.

Part of the reason that Te Hira was able to help was that she was trained in CPR and their box was equipped with an AED.


Another Bad Day for Banned Substances in CrossFit. Garard, Pennacchio Test Positive.

Ben Garard and Manila Pennacchio both tested positive for banned substances and received a four-year ban from competition. Garard is the older brother of Ricky Garard, who also tested positive for a banned substance after placing third at the 2017 CrossFit Games.

Here’s the funny thing: Both the Garard brothers — as well as Pennacchio — tested positive for the same substances: endurobol.

  • Garard was drug tested on April 16, 2019 after withdrawing from the Down Under CrossFit Championship. Pennacchio was tested the same day at the CrossFit Italian Showdown.
  • Garad will be banned until May 17, 2023. With the new Sanctionals system, it would be possible for 30-year-old to qualify for the 2023 CrossFit Games. Ricky Garard will be able to compete in the 2021-2022 CrossFit Games season.

Also causing waves yesterday was the re-emergence of Bryan Miller, a 2013 individual Games athlete and member of the 2014 Invictus team that won the CrossFit Games. Miller admitted to completing a 12-week cycle of testosterone cypionate in 2016 when he was an individual Regionals athlete.

  • Miller: #fbf to when I did a 12 week cycle of testosterone cypionate. Steroids work just in case you were wondering. The main reason I did it was to see the results firsthand, use the knowledge I gained for any future endeavors, but mostly to make this post, and to chase the Crossfit?.”

The substance Miller admitted to taking is testosterone cypionate – an anabolic steroid often used in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and is taken via injection and sometimes orally. In many cases it’s used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids as well.

Why come clean now? We reached out to Miller to ask this and several other questions about his decision to publicly acknowledge taking steroids. After initially agreeing to answer questions, we received no further response but one of his comments is telling:

  • Miller: “I’m writing a book about it.”
  • It’s clear from his follow-up Instagram post that Mller’s personal life is in turmoil and is taking to the social channel to vent. 

Important to note: Miller exonerates his former gym, CrossFit Invictus. “Had nothing to do with CrossFit Invictus this was a solo endeavor,” Miller wrote in the comments.

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  • WOD WEEKLIES COMPETITION — The WOD Weeklies Competition is an online continuous competition spread across four weeks in which short and fun weekly WODs are announced every Sunday at 5:00 PM PT. 
  • TESTING FUN AND FITNESS — CrossFit 508 in Plainville, MA held an Operation EMOM to test skill and agility. After rowing and wall balls, athletes had to complete a turn at the game Operation. Functional fitness at it’s funnest. 
  • MILLION METERS ROW — Million Meters Row, held last week at CrossFit Grow in Baxter, MN, rowed 1,428,664 meters and raised over $10,000 for Smiles For Jake, a local mental health, anxiety, and depression cause. Empowered Living Company in Morris, MN held their own event and raised over $3000 while CrossFit 5885 in Apple Valley, MN raised
    nearly $1000.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy birthday Heather Hippensteel • Thuri Helgadottir is holding a giveaway with Foodspring Athletics • You can do Fran with Eik Gylfadottir on June 25 • Allie Rose snatches 163 pounds Sean Hutchinson push presses 220 pounds for two • Logan Gelbrich spends 2:24 submerged in an ice bath • Erik Solheim Rocha gets a 215 pound clean PR • Tommy Vinas snatches 290 poundsTanja
back squats 243 pounds for two • Happy birthday Sheena Shaw-Hammer Hunter McIntyre tempo front squats 260 pounds for three with a pause • AJ Davis back squats 500 pounds for ten • You can win a shirt from Barbells & Ponytails with the best pun • Synne Krokstad clean and jerks 227 pounds • Mia Akerlund power snatches 203 pounds.  

…and you can’t out-strut Sam Dancer. It’s not possbile. 

CrossFit Atlas Games Online Qualifier Dates — Yesterday, the CrossFit Atlas Games announced the dates of their online qualifier for the upcoming CrossFit Atlas Games next April.

— “Mark your calendars for the 2019 #CAGOQ. We are bringing something new this time in the online qualifier. More announcements will be made in the following weeks to help everyone understand what is coming.”

— Heads up: The elite pro division will be extending invites to the top 20 finishers male and female finishers at the 2019 CrossFit Games with only 10 spots up for grabs. The remaining 30 athletes will be filled from the online qualifier only. 

Macro Friendly at Whole Foods Market — Whole Foods is always so tempting. With its scintillating hot bar and baked goods it’s easy to pop in and feed your face on the fly. But if you’re counting your macros, that could be tricky. Here is a guide to macro friendly food at Whole Foods Market from Working Against Gravity. 

CrossFit French Throwdown — Team CrossFit Santa Cruz Central is confirmed for the CrossFit French Throwdown. 

Nutrition That Meets Your Life’s Needs — CrossFit and Nutrition coach Halie Mangiaruga shares her personal perspective on nutrition and competition over the years.

— “I used to feel guilty for eating an extra few carrots outside of my meal plan template. I cried on vacation in Mexico when I asked for an egg white omelette and they gave me whole eggs.

— “I skipped dinners with college friends so I can stay home and weigh every single thing I ate. I was scared to eat pizza or ice cream occasionally with my family.”

— “It really is SO simple yet we over complicate everything. People want to start carb cycling before they even know what a carb is. They want to lose weight yet have never felt what it’s like to truly feel good and eat enough to support their bodies. They want to build muscle mass yet they sleep 5 hours and eat fast food regularly.”

The Reebok Nano 9’s — Yesterday, Reebok launched the Nano 9’s. Here are nine fun facts about the Nano 9. 

— The launch date was ” 6.12 (6+1+2=9). Yes that was on purpose. Honestly- this is my favorite Nano. Not just saying that to sell more shoes. I truly believe it. I loved the 8. But the 9 is an upgrade for sure. And that’s our goal every time.”



“Katrin Davidsdottir Joins NOBULL,” by Tommy Marquez, Morning Chalk Up 

In a video posted to Instagram Tuesday, two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir announced that she was joining the NOBULL team on a multi-year deal.

NOBULL Co-Founder Micheal Schaeffer: “Katrin Davidsdottir fully embodies everything it means to be NOBULL. Her dedication to the process of improving her fitness fully aligns with our belief that the reward comes from putting in the work day after day.”

Why it matters: This is a huge win for NOBULL and a significant loss for Reebok. Earlier this year, CrossFit reversed their policy requiring athletes to wear only Reebok shoes. Adding to that, Reebok is now losing a three-time podium finisher in the final years of their contract as title sponsor of the CrossFit Games.

Tuesday’s announcement also came exactly one day before Reebok was set to launch the Nano 9.0. It also positions Davidsdottir — who is the second most followed CrossFit athlete with 1.5 million followers on Instagram — as the marquee athlete of an emerging, fast-growing brand who also just signed Carolina Panthers QB Will Grier a few months ago.

Davidsdottir on the move: “It all happened really fast, but as soon as the conversation opened, it all just felt so right. I feel like I really fit in with the brand, and what we both stand for aligns so well – NO short cuts, just pure hard work and the endless belief that as a team we can do anything. I am so excited for our future together.”



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