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Another tragic loss for the CrossFit community

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“I just want to be the best version of myself I can be, strong mind and strong body. Personal stamina. A test of being able to do everything I want in life. Because, we only get one. And it turns out, muscles are sexy.” – Amanda Hill, CrossFit Jääkarhu



27 days until the 2016 CrossFit Games.


Rasmus Andersen keeps bottles of champagne over his bed for different goals he’s trying to beat. Jacob Heppner recovers by scarfing down a dozen donuts and some banana milk. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet hits some awful looking zercher squats. Becca Voigt goes for a beachs wim with CrossFit vets Kris Clever and Val Voboril.


Week 3 WOD is released tomorrow.




A CrossFit Hanover coach has been preparing Special Olympians to compete in their first powerlifting competition. Remember Emily Breeze, the pregnant CrossFitter who was blasted for working out while pregnant? Well People Magazine has shared some of her most recent postpartum workout videos as she gets back to working out. Last week, Reebok invited the Games qualifiers to Massachusetts to workout, get some gear, and talk to some of the best coaches around, and get prepared for the Games. Tina from “Carrots N Cake”details the day by day experience with CrossFit’s most elite athletes. Colleen Fotsch, back to training hard with some heavy squat snatches. Three generations of Thors (Hafthor Bjornsson) standing next to one another.

Another tragic loss for the CrossFit family Amanda Strous of CrossFit Pineville, who was found dying in her burning Charlotte apartment on Saturday, died. A former college athlete known for welcoming newcomers to CrossFit Pineville, was engaged to be married next month. “Both Strous and McCleaf(fiance) had roommates. Still, friends said the two were always together. McCleaf was a coach at Crossfit Pineville and Strous was a regular, there almost as often as her fiance, said owner Michelle Shuck. Sometimes, they worked out together, Shuck said, especially on Saturdays when things were more relaxed. Other times, Strous would work out with women of a similar fitness level or try to help newcomers. Strous ‘was super friendly, always smiling, joyous,’ Shuck said. ‘She was a counselor, so she could talk to anyone. She was definitely empathetic and willing to lend an ear or help out.’

CrossFit Pineville shared some of their favorite memories with Amanda.


An interesting drill to practice some bar muscle-ups from Athlete Daily. This is what 5 pounds of fat looks like next to 5 pounds of muscle. Jason Khalipa walks through some variations for progressing your pull ups. This is how you know you’ve got some serious mobility.


2016 CrossFit Games apparel is now available at the CrossFit Store! Best part about being an American, is sporting super legit stars & stripes t-shirts and throwing some steel around. You can win some Active Life RX mobility programs thanks to Athlete Daily.

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