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Athletes Applaud COVID Safety

Morning Chalk Up

August 27

Invictus Weightlifting

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Master’s Fitness Collective Championship wrapped over the weekend and our analysts Patrick Clark and Tommy Marquez have some key takeaways from the competition. And, the athletes who competed there weigh in on the COVID safety protocols the organizers deployed.

  • Also, Invictus Fitness opens a Seattle location, Emily Beers tells their story.

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“In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell it to shut up.” – Rich Froning


Four Takeaways From The Masters Fitness Collective Championships

  Four Takeaways From The Masters Fitness Collective Championships  

The Masters Fitness Collective Championship represented one of the first major live CrossFit competitions to occur in over 160 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Morning Chalk Up’s own Tommy Marquez and Patrick Clark were there providing coverage of the masters-only event that featured more than 90 athletes competing across 14 divisions. They provide their top takeaways from this past weekend’s action in Fort Wayne, IN.

Patrick’s Points

An exercise in futility: C.J. Martin is notorious for programming some of the hardest workouts for the athletes in the Invictus stable. The athletes who stick with it and survive are often rewarded with great success in the sport. He’s one of the best when it comes to providing the tests necessary to find the best athletes. So when he was tapped to come up with the events for the MFCC, competing athletes knew they would be challenged and whoever finished atop the leaderboard after four days deserved to be crowned champion. Martin programmed ten events that hit each fitness module and domain.

What I saw was a lot of athletes who were time-capped including the final event of the competition, “Feeling Legless.” Only 32 total athletes finished that workout (not including Tommy Marquez who jumped in and competed with the 50-54 men’s division, winning the heat over CrossFit legend Ron Ortiz). Three divisions didn’t have a single finisher. Is this a testament of masters athletes being worn down by the final event or the programming? I received mixed answers, but from the athlete perspective they were overall happy with the events. They felt that the tests were very difficult and they all welcomed that challenge.

So despite multiple events without finishers and countless athletes not being able to complete the workout at the end of the day the athletes who stood on the podium on Sunday were the right ones and were rewarded as so.


Get Stronger And Get Better At CrossFit!

Invictus Weightlifting
Get Stronger And Get Better At CrossFit!

What do all CrossFit Games athletes have in common? They’re strong! Imagine doing Isabel (30 snatches at 95/135) if you increased your Snatch by 30lbs.

Invictus Weightlifting is an online weightlifting program that can be done alongside your CrossFit training or in the off-season. Each program is built to get you stronger and improve your technique through video analysis from 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete and Head Coach Jared Enderton.

Move More Weight!


Athletes Applaud COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Masters Fitness Collective Championship

  Athletes Applaud COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Masters Fitness Collective Championship  

The biggest concern for athletes competing at this past weekend’s Masters Fitness Collective Championship weren’t the workouts or placings on the leaderboards but rather competing in a live, in-person, large-scale CrossFit competition opened to the public during a pandemic. Competition organizer Bobby Petras made good on his promise to the athletes that he would put on an event with their safety specifically in mind.

Competing athletes and as well as volunteers all tested negative prior and after the competition. The IgG/IgM Rapid Test kit that the competition utilized provided results in ten minutes and helped athletes gain peace of mind.

Joel Godett goes in-depth for the Morning Chalk Up on the safety measures implemented and talks to the athletes regarding the protocols.



Invictus Seattle Gains 113 New Members in First Three Weeks in Business

  Invictus Seattle Gains 113 New Members in First Three Weeks in Business  

Justin Gehrt and Kevin Koester — the 2019 CrossFit Games champion in the men’s 50-54-year-old division — opened their doors to their new gym, Invictus Seattle, on August 1st with lofty goals.

  • “We wanted to have 100 members before we even opened,” said 32-year-old Gehrt.

One big thing: While they didn’t quite hit 100 members the moment they opened their doors, they did manage to accumulate 113 members in their first three-and-a-half weeks of business through what they called “guerilla marketing.”




Weekly ROMWOD Routines

Want to learn how to accelerate your recovery? When you register for the ReNew You Challange, you get access to a weekly 15-20 minute ROMWOD recovery routine each week, directly through your dashboard. The ReNew Challenge is an eight-week online competition to help you develop long-lasting habits and improve your mental and physical health; it kicks off on September 14.

  Morning Chalk Up  



25% Off All FITAID Apparel

Snag your favorite FITAID apparel for 25% off when you use code “MCU25” at checkout. But you’d better hurry, sizes and quantities are limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. (Offer ends at midnight tonight)

  Morning Chalk Up  


A Jacked Back with Accommodating Resistance

Want a big, strong back? Of course, we all do. This week, the EMOM Aesthetic workout includes four exercises that take advantage of “accommodating resistance,” or using an added piece of equipment (bands or chains) to increase the resistance of the load throughout the range of motion.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Crazy Good Street Corn Tacos

If you’ve been paying attention, you know we love tacos at the Morning Chalk Up and this recipe is lit. The tacos are made with sazon grilled chicken, seasoned and grilled corn and a fresh avocado salsa. The kicker: an addicting jalapeño lime cashew sauce that we can’t stop eating.





Egypt Fitness Throwdown

Check out the Egypt Fitness Throwdown, Egypt’s first online functional fitness competition taking place throughout the month of September. There will be four online workouts released on September 4, 11, 18, 25, with three divisions competing (scaled, FIT, and Rx). One of the coolest innovations is that they are not only hosting a scaled and Rx division, but the FIT division invites professional athletes from a variety of modalities to compete.

The Rx and FIT divisions will include more than 14 Arab National Champs, 34 Olympians, as well as 54 African champs. And, after the brutal incident in Beirut, the organizers have offered free registration to all people of Lebanon and are planning for a big donation campaign.

Learn more about the event and check out this featured article

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