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Athletes are Getting Games Ready

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This is Jessica Danger, your Managing Editor, bringing you a quick wrap-up of the major news items throughout the week.

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“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill

The Best Hour of the Day

On a call with Barbells for Boobs about their recent changes, they shared with me one of the things they’re doing is working to get survivors into CrossFit gyms, and working to train coaches everywhere to meet the needs of athletes returning after cancer treatment.

And I thought of a member of my own gym, who is undergoing chemo for prostate cancer right now, but still coming to WOD on Mondays and Tuesdays, after he has rested for a few days. He said it helps him get his mind right, clears his head and helps his body feel like itself again.

Walking into the gym after that call, I arrived to see a member that has been out of the box for months after a major loss in his family, doing crawling sled drags. I was so excited to see him again that I walked beside him the entire length of his drag, shouting that he could do it, don’t look up, just keep moving his feet until he got there. I never even put my truck keys down. When he got to the end he hugged me and he cried just a little bit.

There is something to be said about returning to training after an illness, injury, or loss. It gives us something to look forward to. A goal to achieve that is outside the realm of what we are dealing with at the time. For one hour a day, we get to turn our brain off and just use our body. We are just another athlete in a CrossFit class, chasing the clock, shooting for a PR. When we leave the gym of course everything returns to us. But for that hour, everything is different.

We hope you have a great weekend, with a few really great hours in the gym.

In strength,
Jessica Danger
Managing Editor

Kabboord, Oskarsson Sanctioned for PEDs. Panchik to Get Invite
Justin LoFranco

CrossFit issued two bans overnight to Elly Kabboord and Hinrik Ingi Oskarsson for testing positive for banned substances. Kabboord’s appeal based on meat contamination was denied by CrossFit, but HQ is reserving “the right to reopen the appeal pending the results of tests of Kabboord’s other supplements.” Kabboord will be 38-years-old when she’s allowed to compete again, a de facto end to her career as a competitive athlete.

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Sammy, What You Got on Your Feet Over There?
Justin LoFranco

The Nike Metcon 5 Mathew Fraser signature edition is Nike’s second signature show for the three-time champ. They have been working on these shoes since Fraser notched his third straight win last August and they’re out now.

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Sanctional’s Final Stop In France
Tommy Marquez

The CrossFit French Throwdown this weekend will play host to the Sanctional season’s finale as they have the distinction of handing out the final three invites to the 2019 CrossFit Games and we’ll finally have a picture of what the CrossFit Games field will look like.

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Day 1 Overview
Justin LoFranco

Morning Chalk Up Editor-in-Chief Justin LoFranco is in Yvelines, France covering the CrossFit French Throwdown. Here is your Day One Recap from the ground. 

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International Qualifier Coalition Forms to Unify Sanctionals Season
Tommy Marquez

The CrossFit Filthy 150, Wodapalooza, and the CrossFit Atlas Games announced this week the creation of the International Online Qualifier that will serve as a single online qualifier where athletes can earn entry for all three events at once, a massive step towards Sanctionals streamlining the qualification process on their own terms.

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The Final Saga in CrossFit v. NSCA Legal Battle: “THE RACE IS OVER”
Brittney Kleyn

Last week, CrossFit filed a motion asking the court to award $3.4 million in sanctions, accusing the NSCA of lying in federal court, concealing evidence and committing perjury in the ongoing legal saga. The 57-page long document claims the case needs to be closed, once and for all.

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As the last Sanctional of the season takes place, athletes everywhere are getting Games ready. While you’re waiting for the next event on the CrossFit French Throwdown schedule, here are seven things to checkout.

  1. Dave Castro checked-in on the Alliant Energy Center.
  2. Sara Sigmundsdottir and Sam Briggs are continuing their Games training on an island in Spain.
  3. CrossFit Games rookie Ryan Sowder got a near perfect score on the Army Combat Fitness Test. 
  4. Laura Horvath snatch balanced 231 pounds.
  5. Try these squat stance drills and then, if you have a spare hour, this 60 min AMRAP that Rory McKernan and Sam Briggs did. 
  6. Ben Garard spoke out about his recent drug sanction.
  7. Kara Saunders is doing pull-ups again. 
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