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Athletes Surprised, Excited at Games Announcement

Morning Chalk Up

April 21

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The COVID-19 lockdown has affected CrossFit boxes in a myriad of ways, but some are using this moment to recruit new members. And, Games athletes react to the announcement that they might be headed to the Ranch this summer. Today:

  • Recruiting new members in lockdown.
  • Athletes are excited and surprised about CrossFit Games’ announcement.
  • Captain Tom Moore crushes his at-home workouts and raised millions for front-line workers in the UK.
  • The Mayan CrossFit Classic postpones, leaving just the Asbury Park Summer Games as originally scheduled.

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COVID-19 Lockdown Attracting Unlikely New CrossFit Clients

  COVID-19 Lockdown Attracting Unlikely New CrossFit Clients  

A couple of months ago, affiliate owners around the world were playing two games: the client acquisition game, and the client retention game.

Then COVID-19 happened: The referee blew the whistle, changed the rules, took away the nets and the balls, and everyone was left playing just one game: Client retention. And it instantly became a whole lot harder to win that game.

While client retention has been the primary focus for most affiliate owners in recent days, others say they have continued to bring on new clients and generate new revenue streams, namely by bringing on people who have always been too scared or intimidated to step foot in a CrossFit gym.

Attracting the scared: Although Josh Lehew, the owner of CrossFit Soda City in Columbia, S.C. did lose some members originally, he has since added six new clients, all referrals from existing members, who have been following his at-home program.

  • “We’ve had people that have been doing the home workouts with friends, family, neighbors, or some that ran across our page (and were too) scared to try CrossFit, but have enjoyed the change-up from their normal routine,” Lehew said.
  • “With our agreement with our landlord, and no longer having a lot of overhead expenses, we will actually end up with a more profitable month (in April) than projected.”

Brianna Lamb, a coach at OPEX Revival in San Rafael, CA has had a similar experience to Lehew. She has picked up five new clients since their physical location closed in March. Lamb sees a huge opportunity right now to attract new people, especially those who have been too intimidated to go to the gym.



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VIDEO: Athletes Surprised, Excited at CrossFit Games’ Announcement

  VIDEO: Athletes Surprised, Excited at CrossFit Games' Announcement  

After CrossFit, Inc. announced Thursday their plans to move forward with the 2020 CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA, Morning Chalk Up’s editor-in-chief caught up with a handful of athletes already qualified for the 2020 Games to get their reaction to the big news.


Captain Tom Moore: 100 Years And 33 Million Dollars

  Captain Tom Moore: 100 Years And 33 Million Dollars  

This past Thursday, April 16, Captain Tom Moore stepped outside for a stroll along his back garden, a seemingly innocent 25m walk he’d made countless times before. On this day though, it was apparent that this was no ordinary venture to stretch the legs for some fresh air. As he set out to complete 10 laps through the garden, the 99-year-old British World War II veteran was greeted by a formation of soldiers from 1st Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment, waiting patiently to pay their respects to the man who, in the span of a week, turned a small charitable gesture into a record-breaking fundraiser.

A birthday gift for others: On April 30, Captain Moore will celebrate his 100th birthday, a feat worthy of celebration and notoriety in itself as less than half of one percent of the population will make it to their 100th birthday. Instead, Captain Moore wanted to give back, using exercise and the gift of movement to turn his special milestone into a platform to help those battling the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontlines.

  • At-home workouts come in all shapes and sizes: Captain Moore set a goal of walking the back garden of where he lives 100 times before his 100th birthday, 10 laps a day, and set up a JustGiving page to benefit the National Health Service charities in the U.K.
  • The initial goal of £1,000 (British pounds) was met in just 24 hours on April 10, and over the next two days, Moore and his family raised, then exceeded their fundraising goals of £100,000 and £250,000.

A “one-man fundraising machine”: It was clear after the first few days that Captain Moore’s efforts were catching fire in the media and he and his family were on the verge of something special. Just how special the campaign would become in a time of global crisis was something no one could have predicted.

  • In just five days, the donations broke the 1 million pound barrier, and just two days later the total had ballooned to over 9 million pounds, garnering attention from across the globe and the biggest news outlets in the world.

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Mayan CrossFit Classic Announces Postponement

  Mayan CrossFit Classic Announces Postponement  

The Mayan CrossFit Classic announced, in an Instagram post, on Monday afternoon that “due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the outlook for the safe hosting of large-scale events, the Mayan CrossFit Classic will be postponed until a later date.” The event was originally scheduled to take place July 3-5 in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

One big thing: Although not surprising, this postponement brings us one step closer to a total disruption of the 2019-2020 Sanctionals season. Only the Asbury Park Summer Games remains on the season schedule as originally planned.

The Mayan CrossFit Classic is the fourth Loud and Live event to be postponed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers did not announce a new date for the competition.

From the announcement: “The extent of the spread of the virus worldwide has led us to make the decision to postpone the Mayan CrossFit Classic.”

  • “We are considering the safety of athletes, spectators, and partners when making this decision and we regret not being able to bolster the Latin American community with a live event in Mexico in July as planned.”
  • “As we look for a new date, we will communicate plans for the future as soon as we have them and appreciate your patience during this time of uncertainty.”
  • “We hope we can all continue to celebrate this community together and remember that we are stronger together. You encourage us to continue our fitness and motivate us to get better.”



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Have you identified your perceived value builders?


Have you identified your perceived value builders?

On the Open Gym podcast, sponsored by O2 Recovery Drink, host Patrick Cummings talks with Jason Leydon, owner of CrossFit Milford, a 12 year affiliate. With the gym temporarily closed, he has been leaning on areas of the business his members care about most to continue adding value.

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