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Atlas Games Equipment Not Getting Delivered On Time

Morning Chalk Up

February 28


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Last week a quadruple murder-suicide rocked the CrossFit community in Australia. Our own Brittney Kleyn has been reporting on the story there and provides an update on how the local and international boxes are responding. And, an unforeseen political battle between the government of Canada and Indigenous people over 200 miles away has put the Atlas Games current plans for programming, presentation, and equipment on hold.

  • “Handstands for Hannah” and bringing awareness to domestic violence in the community. 
  • A railway blockade throws the Atlas Games plans into flux.

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Handstands For Hannah: Remembering A Victim Of Domestic Violence

 Handstands For Hannah: Remembering A Victim Of Domestic Violence 

Hannah Clarke is being remembered as a passionate CrossFitter and a mother who’d do anything for her three beautiful children.

  • The 31-year-old was killed last week in Queensland, Australia when her estranged partner Rohan Baxter doused her in gasoline and set the car she was traveling in on fire.
  • Her three children aged 6, 4 and 3 were in the back seat at the time — all four perished in the unthinkable act of domestic violence.

As the world began to learn more about Hannah, her passion for CrossFit became clear.

Pictures of Hannah in local competitions were plastered by news outlets around the world and as the community grieved, she was remembered as a passionate athlete who loved nothing more than fitness and her family.

In the wake of this tragedy, the worldwide CrossFit community is already mobilizing to support Hannah’s family and raise awareness for domestic violence.

Several WODs have been popping up — not just in Australia — but also in New Zealand, to remember Hannah Clarke and her three children.

  • #HannahsTributeWOD began in New Zealand and saw dozens of boxes completing:
    • 3 rounds for time
      31 Wall Balls (9/6kg)
      19 Power Cleans (60/40kg)
      2 Burpee Box Jump Overs
      20 Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
  • The three rounds represent Hannah’s three children — Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4 and Trey, 3 — who were killed in the car fire in Brisbane, Australia. Hannah was 31 years old when she was killed on February 19, 2020.

Daria Smith lives in New Zealand and although she never met Hannah Clarke as a fellow CrossFit athlete, she felt the urge to do the workout in Hannah’s honor.

  • “It was going through my mind ever since I first heard about it, having young children myself I just cannot imagine the pain this is causing her family,” she said.
  • “Being always surrounded by seemingly strong women in sports, it’s a good reminder that no one is immune to domestic violence and we all should pay closer attention to those around us,” she added.

Donelle DeVorms met Hannah Clarke at a local competition in Queensland Australia and said it was moving to workout with others who were mourning a friend.

  • “It was really good to be able to share that with other people, it was very quiet … there was lots of hugging,” Donelle DeVorms said.
  • “How Hannah was as a person, she was always smiling, happy and really outgoing and bubbly, to see someone like that taken so soon, obviously the circumstance is just really horrific,” Donelle DeVorms added.

Handstands for Hannah is another initiative started by Hannah’s friend and fellow CrossFitter Caitlin Langford.

  • Caitlin has partnered with support service DV Connect to raise funds and awareness for victims of domestic violence.
  • Her “Handstands for Hann” social media campaign already has hundreds of followers, ahead of the March 7 event, where their WOD will make its debut.
  • “Hann”
    • For time:
    • 100 ft handstand walk
    • 100 ft walking lunge (22.5’s/15’s)
    • 6 ring muscle ups
    • 100 ft handstand walk
    • 100 ft walking lunge (22.5’s/15’s)
    • 4 ring muscle ups
    • 100 ft handstand walk
    • 100 ft walking lunge (22.5’s/15’s)
    • 3 ring muscle ups

Watch the full workout description and scaling options.

  • Caitlin Langford said: “I see that there are so many people in the wider community who knew Hannah and her kids and just want to be involved in something.”

Supplements? What Should I Take?

Supplements? What Should I Take?

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Canadian Railroad Blockade to Affect Atlas Games Equipment Delivery

 Canadian Railroad Blockade to Affect Atlas Games Equipment Delivery 

The Atlas Games kicks off in Montreal, Quebec in just two weeks but an unforeseen political battle between the government and the Indigenous people of Canada over 200 miles away has put the event’s current plans for programming, presentation, and equipment on hold.

A shipping container filled with custom TYDAX Fitness gear for the the event is currently stuck 2,700 miles away in the Port of Vancouver as a railroad blockade in Tyendinaga, Ontario has prevented the container departing on schedule, potentially preventing it’s delivery in time for the event entirely.

At a standstill: Objections over the construction of a natural gas pipeline through the Wet’suwet’en tribe’s traditional territories led members of the Mohawk First Nation to construct the blockade in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en chiefs.

  • The blockade sits at a key railroad juncture for train shipments heading to major cities like Montreal and Toronto.
  • As a result, there has been a sweeping stoppage of Canada’s cross-country rail system leading to 1,500 temporary layoffs and a mounting backlog of shipment delays.
  • International containers entering Canada enter through ports in Western Canada and then need to be railed to the destination city before being trucked to the destination point.

Stuck in the middle: Unfortunately for the Atlas Games, the situation is effectively out of their control and puts a damper on what they had planned with their official equipment provider, Tydax Fitness.

  • The TYDAX team has spent the last several months working directly with the Atlas Games to provide an elite competition experience through equipment and competition floor design.
  • Chad Davis, TYDAX CEO: “From a brand new custom-designed competition rig, strategically built with 10 wider lanes to accommodate synchro workouts. The rig was designed with colors to match both the branding of the Atlas Games and TYDAX Fitness. This shipment also included colored TYDAX competition bars that were voted on by the athletes and followers of the Atlas Games. Other staples like our Competition plates, plyoboxes, medicine balls and dumbbells are also on the shipment”

Time for a plan B: Thankfully, the event and Tydax have a contingency plan in place and are still working actively to provide a workable solution in the meantime that could also still involve the delayed equipment.

  • Davis: “We have now sent in an application to have our container shipped back west to our Edmonton headquarters. Our hope is that we can get that container to TYDAX, offload it and reload onto a truck for transport it across Canada to Montreal. There is a very small window of this happening, but we are hoping for the best.”
  • If that falls through, a traditional competition rig will be used, and TYDAX will use their current inventory to source standard barbells and bumper plates, instead of custom competition plates, as well as the remaining equipment needed.
  • Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet, Event Director: “We might need to reprogram some of the workouts because of specific equipment and floor plan redesign. We might even need a little help from the community and gym owners in the area for some equipment.”

We’ve seen this before: In 2018, the Brazil truck driver’s strike over diesel prices prevented the equipment shipped by Rogue, Assault Fitness, and Concept2 from arriving at the Latin America Regional in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

  • 16 different local affiliates donated gear at a moment’s notice, and the event was able to move forward with only minor adjustments to the programming.

The blockade was officially removed earlier this week, but more blockades have sprung up across the country in response, and Canadian officials announced no rail shipments would be sent east until the issue is resolved. Atlas Games officials have informed us that a formal announcement regarding the final status and plan moving forward should be expected at the end of next week.


Sanctional News and Notes

  • Mayhem Independence will compete at the Australian CrossFit Championship.
  • The Brazil CrossFit Championship has confirmed that Brazilian team, Made in Roca, will compete, and Amanda Fusuma has confirmed she will compete there as well.
  • The Brazil CrossFit Championship has announced individual event five, the “Triple GTO Ladder,” and team event six “Up and Side Down.”
  • The Atlas Games has announced TYDAX Nation, consisting of Paul Tremblay, Craig Kenney, Alex Parker and Meredith Root, will compete. And, Blair Chapman, Owen Bernstein and Jayson Hopper have confirmed for the Atlas Games.
  • The West Coast Classic has confirmed that Travis Mayer will compete, and announced a total prize purse of $335,500 with payouts to the elite divisions, masters, OUTWOD and RX teams of three.
  • Spots are still available for the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship Partner Gauntlet which pits teams of two against Sara Sigmundsdottir and Carmen Bosmans.
  • VIP Tickets are still available for the German Throwdown.
  • The German Throwdown has confirmed that Ingrid Hodnemyr will compete.
  • Lukas Hogberg is also confirmed for the German Throwdown.
  • Zed Park in West Cairo, Egypt has been announced as the venue for the ELFIT CrossFit Championship.
  • Today at 10:00 PM EST is the deadline for team captains to confirm their rosters for the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.



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