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Australian CrossFit Championship Taps Athletes to Sell Tickets

Morning Chalk Up

March 3


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Australian CrossFit Championship begins on March 5 and with a goal of fostering community engagement during the event, organizers have offered cash incentives for participating athletes who sell admissions tickets. And, after nearly 300 days, the CrossFit Games has reactivated its Facebook account. Today:

  • The ACC “Athlete Initiative” seeks to boost last-minute ticket sales.
  • The CrossFit Games is now back on Facebook after more than nine months absence.
  • Robert Tingle found CrossFit, changed his life and his body, and met the woman of his dreams. 

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“Our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being.” – Bessel Van Der Kolk


Offering Cash Incentive, Australian CrossFit Championship Taps Athletes to Sell Tickets

 Offering Cash Incentive, Australian CrossFit Championship Taps Athletes to Sell Tickets 

Less than a week out from the Australian CrossFit Championship, the event has launched another unique initiative to boost last-minute ticket sales. The “Athlete Initiative” is encouraging those competing to sell tickets and each athlete has a unique purchase code to track their sales.

  • For every ten tickets an athlete sells, they will receive in cash the face value of the tenth ticket sold and so on for every additional ten tickets.
  • The event organizers told athletes: “As the sport of fitness grows, we aim and hope to grow our support to all competitors that support us and our community.” In essence, ACC recognizes the financial stress the season can have on athletes and hopes to give back in some way.
  • You might recall this is the second sales initiative by the event. The first — for every 100 tickets purchased –the ACC will sponsor a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes with a three-month affiliate membership. CrossFit HQ announced it will match this sponsorship dollar for dollar.

ACC has been unapologetic about its focus on community, encouraging spectators to be on location at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Event director Darren Coughlan said the aim of the ACC is to foster the growth of the local CrossFit community and cultivate a sustainable future for athletes in Australia.

  • “There is no community, sitting at home watching online, that’s not community,” he said “Bums on seats, there’s no participation by hitting a like button on Facebook … It means absolutely nothing,” he added.

While Coughlan is keeping his cards close to his chest at what both competitors and spectators can expect at ACC 2020, he’s hinted that there will be a unique community focus.

  • “The Fittest Spectator” will involve fans competing in vendor village –– much like The Gauntlet recently seen in at Wodapalooza in Miami, FL.
  • Volunteers will also get in on the action Coughlan revealed on the ACC Insider podcast: “I’m putting the judges through a workout, where they get judged by the athletes,” he said.

As a media partner, the Morning Chalk Up team will be on the ground at the Gold Coast Convention Centre to bring you live updates and daily recaps.


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CrossFit Games Rejoins Facebook

 CrossFit Games Rejoins Facebook 

In a complete about-face since unpublishing or deleting all Facebook and Instagram channels nearly 300 days ago, the CrossFit Games reactivated their Facebook account Saturday, posting for the first time since May 20, 2019. CrossFit brought back their Games Instagram on November 28 and CrossFit Training on November 10 of last year.

One big thing: Reviving this unpublished account brings back their largest social media presence with 2.6 million followers. If they choose to broadcast the world feed on Facebook in addition to YouTube there’s the potential to drive a significantly higher reach. Last year, there were 2.41 million views on the Games’ YouTube stream (tabulated back in August).

Social accounts currently active.

  • CrossFit Training Instagram — 798,000 followers
  • CrossFit Games Instagram — 113,000 followers
  • CrossFit Games Facebook — 2.6 million followers
  • CrossFit Games Twitter — 734,600 followers
  • CrossFit Twitter — 977,800 followers
  • CrossFit YouTube — 1.52 million subscribers
  • CrossFit Games YouTube — Not publicly displayed

How CrossFit Gave Robert Tingle the Confidence to Date

 How CrossFit Gave Robert Tingle the Confidence to Date 

In December 2019, Robert Tingle found the courage to take the plunge. He signed up for Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app, with the hopes of meeting a special person.

It was a significant moment for Tingle because it was symbolic of the confidence he had built since 2016.

500 Pounds on the Scale

Five years ago, he didn’t have the confidence to date, let alone meet women on apps. At the time, Tingle weighed 500 pounds at 5-foot-11. Daily tasks were difficult, to say the least.

  • “When I saw 500 pounds, I knew I needed to do something. But I didn’t know where to go, or what to turn to,” said Tingle, now 28.

So he went to LA Fitness, a globo gym, and started to eat healthier. Having been a football player in high school, he wasn’t a total rookie in the gym, he explained.

  • “I started doing just some simple dumbbell work and some stuff with machines. I started biking, and eventually made my way to the elliptical,” he said.

Diet-wise, Tingle stopped drinking soda, stopped going to fast food joints two or three times a day and started cooking his own food for the first time in his life. He also started to read and research fitness and nutrition. Along the way, he stumbled across CrossFit.

A Fitness Journey

Tingle managed to lose 180 pounds on his own, but considering his starting point had been 500 pounds, he still had another 100 pounds to go. He knew he needed help, and he had grown bored of the gym.

  • “LA Fitness was just checking the box that I did my workout for the day, but fitness wasn’t a hobby then,” he said. For it to be sustainable for the long term, fitness needed to become something more than that, he explained.



Mid-Season Catch-up with Stephanie Chung

2018 CrossFit Games athlete Steph Chung improved her overall worldwide Open performance to 46th this year, the best finish over her seven-year career. And, she has competed in three Sanctionals so far this season, notching three top 10 finishes. Morning Chalk Up’s editor-in-chief, Justin LoFranco, caught up with her in Boston.

 Morning Chalk Up 



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  • Drew Perkins clean and jerks 205 pounds for a PR.
  • Caitlyn O’Leary does 5 touch-and-go snatches at 130 pounds.
  • Austin Fleming snatches 285 pounds from the blocks for a PR.
  • Alex Solomon hits a 20+ inch deficit handstand push-up.
  • Will Walraven cleans 225 pounds for 3.
  • Patrick Zeiher power snatches 185 pounds for 5.
  • In case you missed it: Guilherme Malheheiros cleans 409 pounds.


Two Non-Profit Organizations Announce 2020 Events in the CrossFit Affiliate Community

We love learning about the fundraising and charity events taking place in the CrossFit affiliate community, from small, local competitions and food or gift drives, to larger, regional or national organizations bringing together dozens of boxes to raise money for an important cause. Here are a couple on the larger end of that spectrum that are on our radar now:

  • This summer, the Wheeler Mission will host its seventh annual Strength in Our Streets” competition. The event will feature 432 teams from 36 different Indiana CrossFit affiliates. The one-day event will take place at a new location, Heritage Christian School, in Indianapolis, IN, on June 20.
    • Over the past six years, the “Strength in Our Streets” competition has raised $550,000 to support the Wheeler Mission, the oldest, largest, and most diverse ministry devoted to helping the homeless in the state. Beyond meeting basic needs, Wheeler Mission provides vital services such as addiction recovery, counseling, job and life skill training, adult education, mentorship, aftercare, and more. 
    • Early registration for top finishers and top fundraising teams starts on March 31 and will open to affiliate teams and the public on April 1.
  • Barbells for Bullies had a big year in 2019, raising more donations than ever before, launching satellite programs and online competitions and establishing new partnerships with companies like GORUCK. As an organization, Barbells for Bullies has a clear goal: to foster a fit and socially conscientious community that rallies around dog rescue. They want to enrich the lives of canines and humans alike, and get all dogs into loving, safe homes. While they focus attention on pit bull rescues, they help all dogs in need.
    • Barbells for Bullies already has seven competitions on the 2020 schedule, ranging from Colorado to Georgia, to New York. 
    • From March 1-31, they are running the “Sit Ups for Pups” event to raise awareness of the 1.2 million dogs that are killed annually in shelters across the U.S.
    • From July 1-31, they are sponsoring the “Ruck Your Balls Off” event, in partnership with GORUCK, to promote responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter initiatives.
  • These are only a few of the events and fundraisers that Barbells for Bullies is offering in 2020, check out the complete vision statement from the founder and executive director, Alexander Castiglione.
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