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Balancing Business and Baby

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while watching a man defend his dog from a kangaroo.


“If something goes wrong, figure it out and get back on the right track to stay. I expect to always do the best I can in everything I do no more, no less. Get the most I possibly can and have fun doing it…look back at my life when I’m ninety years old and think what a good job I did.” — Miranda Oldroyd at 12 years old



Nathan Bramblett welcomed Jane Leigh Bramblett and her 6lbs, 11oz to the world last week. The Barbell Spin breaks down some numbers on Dan Bailey’s announced return to competition and the Central Region. The author of this blog thinks that CrossFit’s campaign against soda is only about Greg Glassman making more money and nothing to do with health. An elderly woman deadlifts what appears to be at least 185 pounds (the post says 225). The Aromas Ranch is getting an arenacross track. If you watch more than 60 minutes of TV a day, Pat Sherwood has a challenge for you: “Remove 60 minutes of tv watching from your life and fill it with that thing you want to do but never feel there is enough time for.” Once 15-year-old Demi Bagby makes it to the CrossFit Games, she’ll never have a problem with the pegboard. Ben Alderman’s very young looking son just deadlifted 125 pounds. Lucas Parkerhits a 415 pound front squat PR.

Oh and by the way, CrossFit HQ is hiring a software engineer.


Behind every top athlete, is their significant other and here’s how the spouses of three top names in the CrossFit Games keep their ladies fit: Chyna Cho and ring muscle-ups, Tia-Clair Toomey’s special warm-up. Camille Lebanc-Bazinet with spouse assisted glute ham raises.

Jon North snatches 300 pounds in his first lifting session since having a cardiac arrest.


“Tara Stiles on Balancing Business and Baby,” by Gameplan-A

What advice do you have for business women who are going through any life change?

“Self-care, I think, is the number one thing that makes everything better, and it’s often the number one thing that we ignore. Especially as women, we put self-care on the back burner and we think we have to do everything first before we take care of ourselves.

“If I do feel stressed or I do get sick, I know it’s because I’m not taking care of myself; I’m not sleeping enough, I’m not cooking as many meals at home, or I’m missing my movement practice. I think a lot of women are trained to think, ‘If I sleep less, I get a prize. If I eat on the go or eat at my desk people will think, and I will think, that I’m working harder.’ I think that’s a dangerous approach. You’ll still get a lot done, but you’ll eventually hit a ceiling.”


Loaded Bell CrossFit in Rio Rancho, New Mexico is hosting a fundraiser for a local area teen who lost his battle with cancer.

A graduate of Texas A&M’s sport management program is moving back home to Huntsville to open her own CrossFit box.280 people joined CrossFit Des Moines to honor fallen officer Justin Martinwith a Hero WOD. Fighting back sweat and tears one friend said, “I know Justin would push through so I just pushed through for him.”


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