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Barbells For Boobs Celebrates Ten Years

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“We must embrace the pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” — Kenji Miyazawa

At the Ten Year Mark, Barbells For Boobs Shifts to Redefine Standard of Care


For ten years now, Barbells for Boobs has helped support and fundraise for breast cancer prevention and awareness across the nation. Their mission is to build communities that take action in breast cancer. Thanks to Barbells for Boobs, to date 26,094 people now know that they do not have breast cancer and 51,539 early detection services have been funded while 362 cases of breast cancer have been detected.

This year they celebrated their ten year mark and also a shift in leadership. With it, Barbells for Boobs is taking a new direction with their efforts: To redefine the standard of care in breast health and improve quality of life post diagnoses and providing fitness Resources After Diagnosis (RAD) to breast cancer survivors and their community that supports them. 

They’re also going back to their roots, and have shifted to being 100% managed by their Board and volunteers.

“Our community, the CrossFit community has the capacity to run this. Now that we’ve built out more than 200 survivors in the community that will do anything for us and we have 800 affiliates that fundraiser for us every year…I know it’s important to the community that the money goes right back into the community and creates this really great ecosystem,” Zionna Hanson, who just stepped down as CEO in May, told us in an interview.

Here are some of the ways Barbells for Boobs will serve the community moving forward:

  • Dx to Rx (currently 45 active scholarships):  Need-based 1-year scholarships for breast cancer patients / survivors to offset the costs of membership dues at RAD-approved CrossFit affiliates nationwide.
  • Collective (Collaboration with PowerMonkey in October sending 13 survivors): Health and wellness retreats for breast cancer survivors to come together to build community, learn, grow, and thrive in survivorship through exercise, nutrition, recovery and support funded with a grant from CrossFit HQ.
  • Network (150 Fitness Professionals): A powerful community of fitness and medical professionals who have been educated through the Education Library to be better able to assist those impacted by breast cancer to safely incorporate physical activity as a cornerstone of their overall care plan.
  • Library (44 education courses): Online directory of educational resources on exercise oncology, breast cancer treatments and side effects, cancer-specific barriers to exercise, exercise prescription and movement modifications for breast cancer survivors, survivor/athlete assessments and more.

What won’t change: What won’t change is Barbell for Boobs dedication and commitment to the community.

“We are excited for the future.  We are excited to improve the quality of life after diagnosis and redefine the standard of breast health care,” Chris Hanson wrote us in an email. “We will always support any breast concern sent our way.”

“As long as we know people are healthy, and going to CrossFit, we’re happy,” said Zionna.

Things To…


WATCH: Fitness on the Gaux with Margaux Alvarez
Margaux Alvarez takes her fitness outside and coaches you through a hotel work out or a WOD to do at home as well as provides an alternate workout if the equipment needed is not accessible. She also shares some of her tips for getting going in the morning.


HEAR: Ben Bergeron’s Proudest Moment as a Coach 
Ben Bergeron and Patrick Cummings, hosts of the Chasing Excellence podcast, did another two-minute drill. In this round, Ben answers questions like what his proudest moment as a coach is, how to deal with self doubt in the middle of a WOD, and how he feels about the CrossFit Games giving out to Wild Cards.


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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by

Chalk Up Community

  • TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF KETTLEBELLS — The 2nd Annual Olson 24-hour kettlebells challenge at Chino CrossFit in Chino Hills, CA starts July 19 at 6:00 AM PT and finishes at 6:00 AM PT on July 20. All proceeds to benefit the Jesse Reese Foundation, a nonprofit that helps children who are fighting cancer.
  • PARENT AND KID CLASS — Ft. Wright CrossFit in Ft. Wright, KY is holding a Parent and Kid Class on July 14. The class is $5 per kids if a member and $5 per person if a non-member! There will be games, workouts and a lot of fun. This class is open to non-members, too.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Congratulations to Kelly and Brandon Swan on the birth of their sonNate Daniel George SwanChase Knight gets a new 5RM back squat at 335 poundsAlex J. clean and jerks 190 pounds for a PR • Congratulations to Shane Atkinson who survived his first day of CrossFit • Congratulations Liz Money who hit the one-million-meter mark on the bike erg just three weeks after back surgery.

Kara Saunders Dances in a Music Video — Over the weekend, Kara Saunders and daughter, Scotti, got to be in a music video for the band, Sheppard.

— “Yesterday was totally out of my comfort zone (the nerves were so real) and amazing! Thank you Sheppard and Amy Sheppard for letting me be a part of spreading your message. Diversity is perfect and beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes.

— “I chose to be vulnerable and dance around in my undies at at five weeks postpartum with some amazing people, for everyone to see, so that my baby girl and women everywhere can learn to accept and ditch all judgement of themselves and others. #whatcomfortzone.”

Madison Area Sports Commission — The Madison Area Sports Commission has a Facebook page dedicated to the 2019 CrossFit Games. Yesterday, they posted some hotel accommodations exclusively for the CrossFit Games.

Wodapalooza Online Challenge & Qualifier is Open — Registration for the Wodapalooza Online Challenge & Qualifier is now open. The WZAOC the first step to earning a spot to compete in Miami this February.

Melissa Herman Hospitalized in France — Melissa Herman (Doll) was hospitalized in France with a ruptured oblique and a case of Rhabdo.

— “Well our France ‘vacation’ has certainly been an adventure. Luckily we ran around and got to see a lot of awesome stuff before I competed as an elite individual at the French Throwdown. It was an amazing event and the staff and volunteers were fantastic. I was just unlucky. I ruptured my oblique, and got hit with some major rhabdo. I survived all the events and even made it to the final while unknowingly having this injury. However, without Matt Herman I would not have been able to do anything. Neither of us have really slept in the past 12 hours but I at least have a hospital bed, he has a folding chair. He is my rock and the best friend I could ask for. My forever boyfriend.”

Sara Sigmundsdottir Does an Ironman — Sara Sigmundsdottir did a 1/4 Ironman over the weekend as part of her Games simulation. 

— “Yesterday we did a 1/4 Iron Man as a part of the last day of Games simulation. This was my second year in a row doing this and I improved my time by 12 minutes and ended in fourth place. I am really proud of that”

Curing Type 2 Diabetes Through Diet is in the Public Good —  In a recent Op-Ed, Christine Sismondo, writing for The Star, addresses the idea of curing type 2 diabetes through diet.

— “To make prescribing a diet a reality, we might need to do a range of novel and creative things, along the lines of subsidizing farmers who grow healthier foods, or covering the services of registered dieticians and personal trainers under public health care. Not to mention investing in public housing, since it’s hard to cook from scratch if you don’t have access to a kitchen.”

–“If that sounds like a big laundry list of pricey demands, well, sure, this won’t come cheap. Medical treatment for millions of diabetics is also a costly burden on the public health care system, too, which is why an increasing number of academic researchers are urging the government to address the “social determinants of health,” (i.e. income inequality) especially when it comes to diabetes, which has a strong correlation to income level. In other words, we need a paradigm shift to implement the paradigm shift.”


“Prescription: More Broccoli, Fewer Carbs. How Some Doctors Are Looking To Food To Treat Illness,” by Karen Weintraub, CommonHealth

Dan was 19 when he was hospitalized for schizophrenia. He was prescribed fistfuls of daily medication and, as a side effect, quickly packed on 100 pounds.

“I weighed 340 pounds,” says Dan, who asked to withhold his last name because of the stigma around mental illness. “I’m about 6 feet tall. That’s pretty heavy.”

His treatment and weight remained largely unchanged for more than a dozen years before he slowly began taking steps toward recovery. He took up karate five years ago, getting regular exercise.

Then, his doctor at McLean Hospital in Belmont prescribed a new diet: He helped Dan cut out nearly all carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and some extra protein. The diet took some getting used to, but after three years, it has become routine. If he goes out with friends, he’ll order a salad, or just sip a water and eat when he gets home.

The diet is part of a growing trend in medicine: prescribing certain foods — or telling patients to eliminate them — to improve health.

Three studies published in the last few weeks show the range of new research connecting food to health. In the journal Science, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center conclude that a molecule in vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale really may fight cancer. It seems to help reactivate a gene that suppresses many tumors.


7/5 – 7/6: The UG Games (Collingwood, ON)
7/6: The Guardian Games (Lebanon, OH)
7/6: 2019 Rex Rumble 8 (Ocala, FL)
7/12: OUTWOD San Diego Crossfit Invictus (San Diego, CA)
7/13: Warrior Affiliate League Barbellas (Anaheim, CA)
7/13: Wods For A Cause Nova Scotia (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
7/13: The Mountain Meltdown Wilmot (Wilmot Mountain, WI)
7/13: Battle of the Beasts (Hudson, NY)
7/13: The Freedom Fitness Festival (Gainesville, FL)
7/13: River’s End Rampage 2019 (Sharpsburg, KY)
7/13: OUTWOD Westport CrossFit Westport (Norwalk, CT)
7/13: OUTWOD Lubbock Capstone CrossFit (Lubbock, TX)
7/13 – 7/14: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/19: OUTWOD Las Vegas CrossFit Social City (Las Vegas, NV)
7/19 – 7/20: The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Kettlebell Challenge (Chino, CA)
7/20: OUTWOD Twin Falls The Pack CrossFit (Twin Falls, ID)
7/20: OUTWOD Chicago PXM CrossFit (Chicago, IL)
7/20: The CFB Gymkhana (Burlington, VT)
7/20: Masters Mayhem (Kilgore, TX)
7/20: Belmar Beatdown (Belmar, NJ)
7/20: Battle at the Falls (Granite Falls, NC)
7/20: Old Timers Classic (Williamsburg, VA)
7/20: Hero Games 2019 (Bedford, VA)
7/20: 2019 McCall Throwdown (McCall, ID)
7/20: RX’Mas in July 2019 (Urbana, OH)
7/20: 7/20: Sacred Pine Invitational (Ladson, SC)
7/20 – 7/21: Battle of the Barbells (Nashville,TN)
7/21: The Buckeye Games (Medina, OH)
7/26 – 7/28: CanWest Games (Coquitlam, BC)
7/27: The Mountain Meltdown (Arapahoe Basin, CO)
7/27: 7th annual Dog Days of Summer Competition (Roswell, GA)
7/27: The CF Summer Circus (Des Moines, IA)
7/27: 2019 Summer Meltdown (Birmingham, AL)
7/27: Masters Tour (Travelers Rest, SC)
7/27: Rock The Ages CrossFit Team Comp (Carollton, TX)
7/27: The WoDer Games (Ontario, Canada)
7/27: Girls Gone RX Waco (Waco, TX)
7/27: Rock the Ages at CrossFit Templum (Carrollton, TX)
7/27: The Meshugge Melee (Overland Park, KS)
7/27: All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Whitesboro, NY)
7/27: EVF “Stronger Together” Challenge (New York, NY)

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