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Bethany Flores on her comeback season

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Bethany Flores (formerly Shadburne) is the comeback kid
  • Every second counts–part one of Austin Heaton’s Semifinals stats breakdown
  • Madeline Smith tells her sobriety story and CrossFit’s role in her recovery
  • And, Aimee Cringle’s workout of the week
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“If you want to learn how to swim, jump into the water. On dry land, no frame of mind is ever going to help you.” - Bruce Lee

  Bethany Flores, The Comeback Kid  

Bethany Flores, The Comeback Kid

It has been a roller coaster for Bethany Shadburne over the past 2-3 years. First, she married, tying the knot with Randy Flores, a strength and conditioning coach for the LA Lakers. Now proudly a Flores, Bethany plans to rock the name on her competition jerseys moving forward.

Beyond her personal life, Bethany has lived some of the highest highs and the lowest lows in CrossFit since 2021, culminating this season with her 6th qualification for the CrossFit Games after a 5th place finish at the NA West Semifinal. With a changed perspective regarding training and competition, Flores is refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on Madison.

Remind me: Leading up to the 2021 CrossFit Games, there was a lot of watercooler chat about Flores, along with her training partner at the time, Kari Pearce, to be one of the United States women’s best chances to podium. And then COVID happened.

  • Flores explains:  “I was so sick. We all got out there to Madison on Friday night and the next day trained light. But by the end of the training session, I knew something was wrong. The last thing we did was a 20-minute jog, super light. And I’ve never walked during any run. And I was walking.”
  • “At that point, I didn’t feel bad; I just thought it was nerves. I returned to the hotel, went to bed, and woke up in the middle of the night with body aches, chills, and a bad headache. You know, all the symptoms that you would get with COVID.”
  • “I thought it was a dream. I woke up, and I was like, this isn’t happening. I’m going to take some Advil, I’ll wake up, and I’ll be fine in the morning. That was not the case; I woke up the next day and felt even worse. And I could like barely stand.”
  • I just looked at Justin, and I was like, I can’t work out today, I can’t. I feel awful. So I just slept in the car while everybody trained. The next day was Monday when we got tested for COVID, and it came back positive.”

Although devastated to be unable to compete, the results made Flores feel something else. Relief.

  • “It was kind of like the silver lining. It was kind of a sense of relief. Because at that point, I didn’t know if I could compete because of how I felt. And for it to come back as COVID, I think people understood that more. She’s not scared to compete; she’s really sick,” she said.

So Bethany slept. For four days. Straight through the entire CrossFit Games. It wasn’t until she got home from Madison and watched the playback of the Games on YouTube that it began to sink in.

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Sola Sigurdardottir talks about her Semifinals performance and wishes congratulations to all qualifying athletes.

  • “In sports, your mind can make or break your perfomance. This weekend, i tried my best to get in a fighter mindset and shake off any self doubt i had but I just couldn’t, and in a region like Europe you can’t have a missing piece like that if you want to qualify…”

🚨 🚨 New Divisions!: Check out the changes and additions to the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza competition divisions.

Father’s Day Shopping Guide: And it’s not just white New Balance or Air Monarchs.

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  Semifinals Stats Breakdown Part 1: Every Second Counts  


Semifinals Stats Breakdown Part 1: Every Second Counts

In this first part of our Semifinals stats breakdown, we are going to be highlighting the Tests and athletes that were a part of some of the most exciting, dramatic, wonderful, and heart-breaking story lines of the entire Semifinal season.

If you have been doing Crossfit for a while now, you know that every second and every rep can make a big difference in a workout. This is especially true at the highest levels of competition.

Throughout our coverage of this year’s Tests we kept track of all the times a few seconds, a no-rep, or a simple mistake ended up dramatically changing the results.

Below we have included the most notable.

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  Almost Five Years Sober, Madeline Smith Hopes to Tell Her Story Through Fitness Competition  

Almost Five Years Sober, Madeline Smith Hopes to Tell Her Story Through Fitness Competition

There are many reasons people join CrossFit: some are looking to gain strength and get fit—others, like Madeline Smith, are in search of community.

Smith, heading into her fifth year of sobriety, landed at CrossFit Baile in Carthage, NC after reaching her one-year milestone in recovery. Now, she’s hoping to dispel society’s impression of what an alcoholic can look like and reach others who may be struggling by competing for the title of Ms. Health & Fitness.

Her story: Smith started drinking when she turned 21. Quickly, she realized the difference between her and her friends.

  • “[My friends] could have a few drinks and be content and move on with their day. I wasn’t someone who was like that. I was either someone who didn’t drink, or I would drink until I black out,” she said.

As she moved on from college, Smith settled down, got married, and started a family. After her first pregnancy—she said it was no problem for her to stay sober while she was pregnant and nursing—Smith went through severe postpartum depression. After her second pregnancy, it was even worse.

This triggered a switch. Before her pregnancies, Smith says she was a “fun, jovial, silly drunk”.

Afterwards, she says “I just was… a really horrible person.”

  • “It really scared me. When that happened my drinking was like a horse of a different color.”

Eventually, Smith’s drinking got to the point where she needed help. “Normally, I can figure things out and fix things. I would say, ‘I am just not going to drink before 5 PM, I’m only going to drink wine, not going to drink liquor, or I’m only going to drink at barbeques. If you know anything about alcoholism, this doesn’t work.”

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  Aimee Cringle’s Workout of the Week  

Aimee Cringle’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by 20th place finisher at the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games Europe Semifinal, Aimee Cringle. She placed 12th at Strength in Depth in 2022 as well.

3 Rounds For Time:

  • 20-Calorie Echo Bike
  • 12 Hang Power Snatch @ 60/40kg
  • 20 T2B

Time Cap: 14 Minutes

Scaling Options:

  • Use a weight on the snatch where you can complete the reps within a maximum of 2-3 sets and where you’re not massively resting over 10s between each one.
  • If you can perform T2B but 100 reps total will be too many for you, adjust the number to no less than 10. If you don’t have T2B, perform either toes to target or knee raises.

Advice from Aimee: This workout is all about setting a pace at the beginning and trying to stick to it until the end! The bike will get your heart rate nice and high so choose your RPM accordingly so you can jump off and pretty much start on the barbell straight away.

Relax your grip as much as possible on the Echo Bike as the workout is very grippy. If you’re also proficient in barbell cycling, try to re-grip the bar at the top of each snatch to save your forearms for the T2B.

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.

  Aimee Cringle’s Workout of the Week  

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  • Tabitha Warner takes on the Rescue Your Husband Challenge— sub “friend, significant other, family member, workout partner”—think you can do it?
  • Kristi Eramo O’Connell hit a new strict pull-up PR at 1st Phorm Summer Smash in St. Louis, MO.

GoFundMe has been created to support Sophia and Dario Aviles, owners of North Naples CrossFit in Florida, as their 6-month-old son was diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma Disease last month.

  • There is currently no cure for glaucoma, and he is expected to undergo 6-8 surgeries within the next year. Medical bills and loss of income over this next year or two is a daunting reality for the Aviles family.
  • Any and all support is welcomed. 🙏
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9/23: Warrior Games 2023 (Suffield, CT)
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10/20 - 10/21: AAYMCA CrossFit Throwdown (Anderson, SC)
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