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Morning Chalk Up

July 29

Element 26

Good morning and welcome to a packed edition of the Morning Chalk Up. The COVID-19 pandemic continued it’s almost complete annihilation of the CrossFit season yesterday as Rich Froning officially canceled the Mayhem Madness team competition. And, the CrossFit Affiliate Representative program is starting to take some shape, Emily Beers has more. Today:

  • Mayhem Madness is canceled.
  • An update on the Affiliate Representative Program.
  • Spoilers: Courtney Roselle Debuts on The Titan Games.
  • CrossFit OUR is hosting a fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad tomorrow, find out how to participate.
  • On The Bottom Line — CrossFit HQ Needs More Transparency. Are Affiliate Reps the Solution?

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Mayhem Madness Canceled Due to Pandemic Travel Restrictions

  Mayhem Madness Canceled Due to Pandemic Travel Restrictions  

In an Instagram post on Tuesday afternoon, Rich Froning announced the cancelation of the upcoming Mayhem Madness team competition. Citing “international travel restrictions and other limitations imposed by COVID-19” the cancellation effectively ends the 2020 CrossFit season for the top CrossFit teams on Earth and leaves the season without a champion in the team division.

One big thing: After announcing the postponement of the competition nearly three weeks ago to August 23, the United States has seen an almost daily increase in COVID-19 cases. This has led not only to increased travel restrictions to the US from overseas but also between states.

  • Four of the nine teams that received an invitation to Mayhem Madness through Sanctionals were affected by travel restrictions. A fifth team, the Canadians, declined the invitation they earned through the online qualifier due to travel restrictions.
  • “We aren’t going to be able to do it basically, we’re sorry” commented Froning on Instagram. “Thank you guys for all your support.”
  • Mayhem Madness was created after Dave Castro announced that the team division would be eliminated for the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Unlock Limitless New Possibilities With Your Squat Rack.

Element 26
Unlock Limitless New Possibilities With Your Squat Rack.

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CrossFit Affiliate Reps Program Update

  CrossFit Affiliate Reps Program Update  

On June 17, CrossFit Inc. announced the rollout of an affiliate representative program across the United States. The representatives are to work with affiliates in their region as well as with CrossFit Headquarters, in an effort to “effect positive change at the local level.” The ultimate goal of the program is to support affiliates on a localized level, said Emily Kaplan, the Communications Director at CrossFit Inc. “This will strengthen our communities individually and the whole collectively.”

So far, six reps have formally been announced.


Courtney Roselle Makes Her Titan Games Debut

  Courtney Roselle Makes Her Titan Games Debut  


The final episode of NBC’s The Titan Games preliminary rounds was broadcast on Monday evening with the East Region continuing it’s search for it’s champion. Brazen Athletics CrossFit coach Courtney Roselle made her national televised debut and let it be known that she is a force to be reckoned with as she competed to represent the Region in The Titan Games final.

Event 1, “Nuts and Bolts:” Roselle would face off against fellow New Jersey native and firefighter Shantal Athill for the chance to take on defending East Titan Haley Johnson.

  • Roselle jumped out a huge lead, the former college basketball player used her height advantage as well as her strength to clear two rows of weights off her wall before Athill could get one weight off of hers. With over 350 lbs still on her wall, Roselle made the decision to try to lower her wall while Athill continued to labor. Her decision ended up being the wrong one as she struggled to get her wall lowered and had to abandon that plan and head back to remove more weight. This time around she cleared her wall completely as Athill continued to struggle. Roselle easily lowered her bare wall, pulled the “Victory Chain” and then leapt into the arms of her family and friends watching in the crowd. Roselle – 1, Athill – 0.

Utah Affiliate Calls Gyms to Join in on Bringing Awareness to Child Sex Trafficking

  Utah Affiliate Calls Gyms to Join in on Bringing Awareness to Child Sex Trafficking  

This Thursday, CrossFit OUR in Draper, UT, is hosting a fundraiser in hopes of raising $10,000 for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit dedicated to saving children from sex trafficking.

To do this, they’ll put their members through a workout called “Get Fit, Save the Kids,” and are asking those who participate to donate to the cause.

The details: Their fundraiser — Rise Up — is part of a larger effort taking placing on Thursday to raise awareness for child sex trafficking. On the same day, Operation Underground Railroad is hosting multiple demonstrations across the country to shed light on how widespread the child sex trafficking problem is, not just in Utah, but nationwide, explained Brittney Crump, the gym’s manager.

  • “I think it’s going to be really eye opening. A lot of people have already expressed, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize how big of a problem this is,’” she said.

How to Get involved: CrossFit OUR  is asking other gyms and athletes to partake in the workout this Thursday.

  • “Stand with us…and get loud for those who can’t do it themselves. Join us in this WOD live via Facebook at 4:30 pm MST, or complete (it) on your own time,” Crump said.

CrossFit HQ Needs More Transparency. Are Affiliate Reps the Solution? | The Bottom Line

  CrossFit HQ Needs More Transparency. Are Affiliate Reps the Solution? | The Bottom Line  



Dave Castro Tease Games Events on Redacted, Episode One

We all know that Dave Castro loves to tease Open and Games events and challenge athletes mentally as well as physically. In this short video, we get a big dose of Dave’s thoughts on how tough this year’s event will be as the CrossFit HQ Games team met in early July to continue planning and to visit the potential site for the competition at the CrossFit Ranch. If all goes according to plan, the Games will take place September 14-20.

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How to Get More Calories Per Stroke on the Rower

What to be more efficient and stronger on the rower? Whether you are working out at home or hitting your WODs at the gym, chances are you could improve your calorie output in rowing workouts. This workout, by Dark Horse Rowing, teaches you how to get more calories per stroke and how to use your whole body for efficiency.

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What Your Front Squat Should Be in Relation to Your Back Squat

For most lifters, their 1RM front squat is 80-90% of their 1RM back squat. This is the result of bar placement and body torque. But what if you front squat is 90% or over? Check out this short piece by Brute Strength and get the Brute Strength Calculator to find you find your imbalances and correct them with smart programming.



Congratulations to Dave V., who was the first to correctly answer which was the first year that the Worm was used in Regional Events. The correct answer was 2017.

  • Today’s question: What was the greatest number of scored Individual Events in one day at the CrossFit Games? Bonus, how many times did it happen?

Submit your answer.



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