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Castro Teases Feb Open

Morning Chalk Up

July 30

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Dave Castro talked about changes for the 2021 Games season on the Master Fitness Collective podcast earlier this week and Tommy Marquez has a recap. And, CrossFit HQ laid out some clear protocols on athlete health and safety for this year’s Games. Today:

  • Castro talks about the “Games Bubble,” the 2021 Open and the return of the Affiliate Cup!
  • CrossFit HQ lays out some safety protocols.
  • Hayley Avino studies the correlation between group fitness and substance abuse recovery.

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Dave Castro Talks The Games, Programming, and The Future of CrossFit

  Dave Castro Talks The Games, Programming, and The Future of CrossFit  

Director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, recently joined the Masters Fitness Collective podcast to discuss a handful of things including the current state of the CrossFit Games, and potential changes in the works for future seasons as well.

The podcast episode runs just over an hour and features questions from a host of current and former Masters athletes, some of whom are multi-year Games qualifiers. Castro reiterated a handful of sentiments and developments he’s previously expressed and expanded on a few recent comments that caught the community’s attention.

Regarding this year’s Games, Castro touched on some of the safety protocols that will be in place if the event moves forward with competition, including a “bubble” for athletes that has been seen in other professional sports so far, including the NBA.

  • “We’re creating our own little bubble, and we’re shuttling the athletes around, they’re getting tested twice when they first show up, once immediately, and then a few days later. The hotel is part of the bubble, the competition venue is part of the bubble, and we have teams that are taking a huge look at the safety element of this. The safety aspect of it in regards to COVID and the stuff we’re doing is similar to the NBA, but not identical, but we’re taking leads from a lot of the best practices from some of the major sports and major divisions out there.”

When asked about his recent comments regarding four-time reigning men’s champion Mat Fraser, Castro admitted to truly believing that Fraser can be beat, but that the comments may have been more a promotional piece than completely rooted in truth and admitted he wouldn’t bet against Fraser if he had to place a bet in Las Vegas.


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HQ Releases COVID-19 and Athlete Safety Protocols for 2020 Games

  HQ Releases COVID-19 and Athlete Safety Protocols for 2020 Games  

On Monday, July 27, the CrossFit Games official Instagram posted about how important their safety protocols and procedures were to their annual competition. More specifically how those protocols and procedures are important in their ability to protect the athletes, staff, volunteers and the members of the community when they attend the Games. Included with that post were directions on how to access the Games on-site safety guidelines and their COVID-19 protocols.

The CrossFit “Bubble:” Taking a page from the NBA and the implementation of a “Bubble” to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among their players, coaches and support staff, HQ has adopted similar standards and practices in an effort to keep a sanitary field of play while keeping athletes safe when not competing. Here are some of the highlights:

  • All individuals that attend the 2020 Games including the athletes will be under the guidance and supervision of the CrossFit Medical Team, in cooperation with local health authorities.
  • This year’s medical team will also include medical professionals and public health experts who have developed thorough and responsive safety protocols for the Games.
  • Among those protocols is that all athletes and staff will be screened and tested before traveling and upon arrival, before entering the competition bubble.
  • Interactions between those inside the bubble and the outside public will be restricted.
  • Experienced medical personnel will be on-site at all times, monitoring protective measures and performing screening and procedures to safeguard the event.
  • All fields of play will be secured and regularly decontaminated.

Meet the Nurse Dedicated to Securing Affordable Fitness for Recovering Addicts

  Meet the Nurse Dedicated to Securing Affordable Fitness for Recovering Addicts  

After Hayley Avino witnessed how a CrossFit community helped her brother recover from substance abuse disorder, she made it her mission to generate awareness about the power of fitness in helping those struggling with addiction.

Avino, 29, is currently completing her Doctorate Degree in Nursing through Arizona State University. Her research is focused on social connection and exercise and their influence on long-term recovery. Her degree also includes a health, fitness and wellness project she’s about to implement at a residential treatment center in Scottsdale, AZ.

  • “Even though it’s widely accepted that fitness can help recovery — it improves mental health and endorphins, and can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms — most residential treatment centers still don’t include a fitness program,” she said.

One big thing: Though the connection between fitness and recovery is fairly accepted, group fitness and recovery hasn’t been researched much at all, Avino explained.

  • “Out of (thousands of) studies in the field, only three had something to do with group exercise, so it’s definitely an area of research that’s under utilized. And I truly think it can change lives,” Avino said.
  • “So the purpose of the project is to prove how invaluable it is to have connections early on in people’s recovery…One of the number one problems for those in recovery is how they have exhausted their resources. Often, friends and family have cut ties with them so they just keep going back to their old habits. So having a fitness environment with people who understand what they’re going through is invaluable,” Avino said.



If You Are Pound For Pound Stronger Than Your Friends

C’mon, everyone wants to settle this argument with their gym crew. We love to compete against our friends, but we are not all built the same. How can we judge who is the strongest? The answers lie in the Sinclair (for Oly) and Wilks (for power) calculators. Check them out in this Brute Strength blog and figure out who is the strongest!

  Morning Chalk Up  



What Supplements To Take For CrossFit

Whether you’re training for peak performance or long-term health, supplements can be a great way to improve your performance to reach our fitness goals. But with so many different types, all promising PRs it’s hard to know where to start.

  Morning Chalk Up  


The Mountain (Hafthor Bjornsson) Crush some Log Lifts and Spar with His Trainer

So, it’s not like watching The Mountain crush Prince Oberyn’s skull, but can you imagine getting in the ring with Hafthor Bjornsson? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a sparring session with his trainer.

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A Reebok Bundle and Save $130

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Register for The SneakyFit Summer Series

The 2020 SneakyFit Summer Series is a unique, virtual partner event taking place on August 1st. Anyone, anywhere can participate in one of two divisions (Super Serious Performance/RX or I’m Here For A Good Time/Scaled) for their share of a $2000 cash prize purse. And, if that’s not enough, the whole event takes less than 70 minutes start to finish, so you’ll still have your whole day to do whatever you want. Use code “CHALKUP” for 40% off registration, but you need to get it done by July 31, 12pm CST. Check out the promo video.





Community Round-Up

Here are a few of the events and happenings we have our eyes on right now:

  • Sadler Strong: Longtime CrossFit Lewes member in Lewes, DE, John Sadler was diagnosed two weeks ago with stage four prostate cancer that has spread to his bones. He’s ready to fight and to support him, the CFL community is sponsoring the “Share the Pain 5: Sadler Strong” fundraiser. You can donate to help at the GoFundMe page they’ve created. The fundraising efforts will culminate with the “Share the Pain 5” WOD at CFL — Saturday, August 8th at 8:30 AM EST.
  • 30 For 30: Jeff and his fiance Alexis of the YouTube channel Sorta Healthy decided to take on 30 Murphs in 30 Days.
    It was a mental challenge as much as a physical one, and they were able to rely on each other for motivation. Overall, they both saw some big transformations in their bodies. Check it out.
  • Enter Player 2: A couple of weeks ago we reported on Adam Klink conquering the “Castro Challenge” of a sub-five minute mile and a 500 pound back squat in the same day. It has been re-dubbed the “Klink” and Fergus Crowley accomplished it a few days ago, finishing his mile in 4:58, squatting 501 pounds and then running a full marathon! Congrats to you, Fergus! 
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