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Chinese Affiliates Closing … Again

Morning Chalk Up

April 30

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. CrossFit affiliates in Beijing, China have closed again after a brief re-opening, perhaps signaling a development to be repeated elsewhere. And, CrossFit HQ has completed the Age Group Online Qualifier video review, following the appeals process, the leaderboard should be finalized by May 11. Today:

  • Some CrossFit affiliates in China are closed for a second time.
  • CrossFit HQ has completed the AGOQ video review, hitting the April 29 deadline.
  • Age Group athletes Paige Powers, Kelley Jackson and Ryan Elrod discuss CrossFit HQ’s intention to move forward with the Games in Aromas, CA.
  • The Support Your Box Fundraiser wrapped up last week and although we are still awaiting the final numbers, Tommy Marquez provides a recap below.

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Why Chinese Affiliates Had To Close … Again

 Why Chinese Affiliates Had To Close ... Again 

Just as CrossFit affiliates in China were getting back on their feet, a second wave of coronavirus has forced a number to close their doors in the country’s capital of Beijing for a second time.

On the ground: The Morning Chalk Up has been in contact with ACC event director Max Ma, who confirmed affiliates in Beijing are now closed, with no word yet on when they’ll be able to reopen.

  • The latest lockdown restrictions are unique to Beijing to attempt to combat this second wave of coronavirus: “My gyms are still open and the businesses are great. Gyms in Beijing, unfortunately, have to close now,” he said.

Why the backtrack? According to CrossFit affiliate owner Eric Zhu — who’s based in Chengdu — “They were only open for a day or two…They had to close by 3 pm on April 18, shortly after reopening immediately, after a couple more cases were found.”

  • CNBC’s Chinese correspondent also said: In the southern part of the country, the Guangzhou National Fitness Centre also announced it would temporarily close again from April 19 until an unspecified date.”

Why is this important: We recently reported on CrossFit boxes in Denmark reopening, and several states in the US including Georgia, Oklahoma and many more are making plans to do the same.

Despite being given the green light, several affiliate owners have told the Morning Chalk Up it’s still too soon. More premature re-openings could have major implications for the timelines of businesses in other states and jurisdictions, not only in the US but around the world.

Let’s not forget: The Asia CrossFit Championship was the first Sanctional to announce a postponement on March 3.

The country was the first to enforce mandatory shutdowns as early as late January, when the outbreak began in Wuhan, China.


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CrossFit HQ Concludes AGOQ Video Review

 CrossFit HQ Concludes AGOQ Video Review 

CrossFit Headquarters has finished its video review of the Age Group Online Qualifier as promised, after pushing back the original deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Morning Chalk Up was able to receive confirmation from many athletes in Age Group qualifying spots stating that HQ had indeed finished up the video review process.

The bottom line: Emails sent to athletes from HQ stated that individuals video submissions had been accepted for event one, the second of two videos that HQ requested for the review process.

  • In the case of some athletes who we contacted, their emails stated that they found penalties (minor or major) and explained what they did to receive that penalty.
  • For those who received penalties, the email then explained that their score had been modified based on the type of penalty they were assessed and that their score was either valid or not valid.
  • We are currently monitoring and researching the AGOQ leaderboards to see what effects the penalties might have had and what changes have been made to the leaderboard.
  • The leaderboards remain unofficial as those who have been assessed penalties have until May 11 to appeal.

One big thing: CrossFit HQ has continued with the video review process, which shows that it does intend on having an event of some kind for the Masters and Teens divisions. What kind of event is unknown, but for the time being, HQ’s plan appears to include those athletes in a test to find the fittest in their respective divisions.


VIDEO: Age Group Athletes Want In-Person CrossFit Games

 VIDEO: Age Group Athletes Want In-Person CrossFit Games 

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Support Your Local Box Fundraiser Hits Seven Figures

 Support Your Local Box Fundraiser Hits Seven Figures 

Support Your Local Box, the charitable fundraiser launched by CrossFit Inc., just wrapped up their final week of the competition as it continues to raise money for the CrossFit community affected by the global COVID-19 crisis. There’s still some time left before the full financial numbers are known, but it’s worth noting the fundraiser’s tremendous progress so far and its mission of supporting affiliates during this pandemic.

Remind me again: The competition consisted of three workouts, released one at a time over the course of the three weeks. Workouts are designed to be accessible at-home, with limited equipment, and registration for the competition is completely free.

  • Donation options were available at the time of registration and throughout the competition, and range from $20-$1,000, with the donation going to a selected affiliate of the donors choosing.
  • The three workouts consisted of a 10-minute AMRAP of squats, dumbbell snatches, and push-ups, a couplet chipper of double-unders and burpees, and chipper of 50 reps each of dumbbell deadlifts, sit-ups, box step-ups, and single-arm thrusters.

The response for the community was massive and included participants from over 11,000 affiliates worldwide, and more than 140,000 registered athletes, which is more than the total number of registered Open athletes in 2013, and nearly two-thirds of the registered athletes in the 2020 Open.

  • Rogue Fitness kicked things off on the donation side, pledging a whopping $100,000 to the cause almost immediately after the initial announcement of the fundraiser.
  • Gillette Deodorant and ROMWOD followed suit, donating $50,000 and $25,000 respectively to the cause as well.

With one week remaining in the fundraiser, the total money raised for affiliates across the globe was in excess of 2.5 million dollars. The final financial tally and how it’s divvied up amongst the affiliates won’t be known for another week or so, but it’s safe to say the fundraiser was a huge success.




Living Room WOD with Margaux Alverez

CrossFit Games veteran Margaux Alverez continues to create at-home workouts, free-of-charge, with scaling and modification options for those who have little equipment or none at all. Check out this little ten-minute burner.

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CrossFit Media Legend Sean Woodland Talks about Dad Life and More

On this episode of Make Pods Great Again, hosts John Wooley and Niki Brazier talk with CrossFit media personality, Sean Woodland about being a new dad, navigating the changing CrossFit Games season and managing his own podcast (with Tommy Marquez), Talking Elite Fitness.

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35 Healthy Lunch Recipes

If you’re like us, you might be stuck in a bit of a lunch rut on quarantine. Check out this list of 35 healthy lunch recipes to spice up your work-from-home lunch break.





CrossFitters in Quarantine Make Creative Videos, Offer Tips and Celebrate Community

Over the past few weeks, CrossFitters have been keeping busy with at-home workouts, but have also taken to producing fun, sometimes funny, and sometimes touching videos. Here are a few we’ve seen:

  • CrossFit Coalesce: East Northport, NY gym CrossFit Coalesce recently featured an interview with community-member and first-responder, Emily Bender. She talks about how the gym community has changed her entire life and the effect the pandemic has had, check it out.
  • University Place CrossFit: On April 25, after more than six weeks of Zoom classes and equipment loans, the members at University Place CrossFit in University Place, WA, held a 50-car parade to thank their gym owners, Jon and Ash Guidoux, and presented them with a check for over $3,500 to help ensure that UPCF can keep it’s doors open. Check out the footage.
  • Seaward CrossFit: Zac Ansaldo and Liv Hardwick from Seward CrossFit in Sarasota, FL got a little stir crazy and recreated Olivia Newton-John’s iconic “Let’s Get Physical” music video from 1983.
  • South Tampa CrossFit: The team at South Tampa CrossFit, in South Tampa, FL produced a short video to remind their community members what it means to be part of the STCF family.
  • CrossFit Jai: Filmmaker Grayson Wise created a short documentary featuring CrossFit Jai, the Denver, CO-based affiliate, and how the gym is handling the COVID-19 lockdown and keeping the community together.
  • Left Coast CrossFit: Apparel brand Virus International produced a video featuring Stephen Gizzi from Left Coast CrossFit. In the video, Gizzi describes how the pandemic has effected him, his gym and the community at LCCF. 
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