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Coronavirus Wave Hits More Sanctionals

Morning Chalk Up

March 13


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Coronavirus news continues to sweep the nation as major sporting, cultural and entertainment events are canceled or postponed, and the same thing is true for the CrossFit Games Sanctionals season. In the past two days, six sanctioned events have been postponed as a result of government bans on large gatherings. We’ve got all the details available right now. Today:

  • Coronavirus wave forces changes to CrossFit Sanctionals around the globe.
  • National Champion Profile: Sara Alicia, Spain.

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Coronavirus Wave Spreads Through CrossFit Sanctionals Season

  Coronavirus Wave Spreads Through CrossFit Sanctionals Season  

Editor’s Note: Morning Chalk Up staff are working hard to provide timely, accurate and relevant information about the coronavirus and its effects on the community. As events are unfolding quickly, stories may, at times, be out of date based on new information. We will work hard to update stories accordingly.

In the past 48 hours, six sanctioned events have been forced to close as a result of government bans on large gatherings. This brings the total to seven postponed events to date, with others closely monitoring the situation and communicating with local health authorities.

The bottom line: There will not be a CrossFit Sanctional for at least a month when the Mid-Atlantic’s April 17-19 event is scheduled to take place. Right now, events in DC over 1,000 people are canceled until March 31. After that, the next scheduled event is the Rogue Invitational from May 13-15. It’s within the realm of possibility that we don’t have a sanctioned event for upwards of two months.

  • Mid-Atlantic’s Update: “At this time, we continue to remain in close contact with DC officials and there are no changes to the outlook of the Main Event. In the event that anything changes, we will post an announcement on our social media channels as early as possible.”
  • Rogue’s update: “The Invitational team is actively monitoring the situation as it changes daily, and will continue to seek the guidance of those in government and the medical community going forward. We are planning our next decision milestone date for April 15th.”

One big thing: With all the news about canceled competitions, the grand effect this is having on the affiliate small business community is being understated. The truth is that individual affiliates are going to face difficult times financially especially in countries or areas where citizens have been ordered to stay home like in Italy.

  • CrossFit HQ is trying to ease the financial burden on affected affiliates “in areas where nationwide government suspension of training activities” is going into effect.
  • HQ is halting “affiliate payments in those areas” where individuals “are barred from gathering in the box.”

The big picture: This is a rapidly changing environment that is going to have far-reaching effects on the sport. Here are a few observations based on conversations across the industry.

  • The financial ramifications of this are going to be significant on event organizers, sponsors and athletes. Between flights and hotel costs, event production, shipping and staffing costs that go into these Sanctionals, the loss of revenue is going to be felt in the industry.
  • Finding replacement dates will be a serious hurdle. It’s not like organizers can pick a date on the calendar. There’s a trickle-down effect happening at each one of these host sites as other events also cancel.
  • There’s only so much CrossFit HQ can do. HQ staff is communicating closely with the organizers of upcoming events in an effort to offer support and coordination in picking future dates.
  • The CrossFit Games is still planning to go forward. It’s a bit too early to predict what will happen in the next four and a half months. Aside from the team competition, about 95% of the individual athlete field has already been selected.
  • A lot of these decisions are outside of the organizers’ control. National, state and local officials are calling a lot of the shots about what events or gatherings are allowed and when.

Status of current scheduled Sanctionals now through the end of May.

  • March 13-15: CrossFit Atlas Games — Postponed, Date TBD.
  • March 20-22: West Coast Classic — Postponed, Date TBD.
  • March 28-29: CrossFit German Throwdown — Postponed, Date TBD.
  • April 3-5: Reykjavik CrossFit Championship — Postponed to June 5-7.
  • April 8-11: ELFIT CrossFit Championship — Postponed to June.
  • April 17-19: Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge — Planned as scheduled.
  • April 24-26: CrossFit Italian Showdown — Postponed, Date TBD
  • May 8-10: Asia CrossFit Championship — Postponed to July 3-5
  • May 15-17: Rogue Invitational — Planned as scheduled. Next decision date 4/15.
  • May 22-24: Down Under CrossFit Championship — Planned as scheduled.
  • May 22-24: Madrid CrossFit Championship — Planned as scheduled.
  • May 29-31: The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown — Planned as scheduled.

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National Champion Profile: Sara Alicia, Spain

  National Champion Profile: Sara Alicia, Spain  

Read this profile in Spanish.

From the beginning of the first Open workout this year, Sara Alicia knew she was going to become Spain’s national champion

Sara Alicia agrees with the CrossFit community about the horror of 20.1, the first Open workout that was 10 rounds of 8 ground-to-overhead and 10 over-the-bar burpees.

  • Alicia: “It was a long WOD. It was a WOD of continuous suffering, and it wasn’t in my comfort zone at all.”

But, almost from the beginning of the workout, Alicia was happy — kind of.

  • Alicia: “I don’t have emotions when I compete. I just look for where it’s hurting and try to maintain that pain.”

When she realized that she’d done it, that she’d controlled her emotions and continued to suffer, she knew she was going to win the Open.

  • Alicia: “I just knew from the intensity that I had, the rage, how I felt afterward. You have to be careful because obviously too much confidence can derail you, but I stayed cool and collected the next four weeks.”

At the end of the Open, she finished in 34th place worldwide and became Spain’s national champion for the second time in a row.

On one hand, this kind of focused clarity, almost without thinking or feeling, isn’t unusual for Alicia. Her first day of CrossFit six years ago, she went to a box, saw the athletes, and was hooked.

  • Alicia: “Women were doing these pull-ups that were so smooth, and I said, ‘I want to do this.’”

On the other hand, Alicia experiences strong emotions, and she’s worked hard to avoid becoming distracted by them.

  • Alicia: “The psychological part is important for me. I believe that my turning point was realizing, ‘I can’t be affected by things I have no control over.”



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Top Trending Stories at the Morning Chalk Up

Here are five of the top trending stories from the past week:

  • Tommy Marquez shows why the parity and hype at Wodapalooza were good for the sport.
  • CrossFit Hermitage was leveled by the powerful tornadoes that ripped through middle Tennessee, here’s their story.
  • The Brazil CrossFit Championship wrapped up over the weekend and here’s a recap of all the action.
  • Alec Zirkenbach explains three ways to make your gym more accessible for adaptive athletes.
  • Recovery technology leader Hyperice acquires NormaTec.

Bonus: Highlights from the “Flags” event at the Australian CrossFit Championship.

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