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CrossFit Announces Big Change for Team Events

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“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” – Bobby Knight

How do we watch the CrossFit Regionals?

Sadly, Regionals hasn’t made it to ESPN yet, but then you’d have to deal with that cable network authentication mess. Thankfully, will have all 8 streaming live, for free. In case you’re looking for a time-by-time breakdown of events, click here.

What does the minimum work requirement mean anyways?

Yesterday, CrossFit HQ announced that the minimum work requirement for Team events 1, 2 and 3 has been removed. According to the 2016 CrossFit Competition rulebook, “Failure to complete the minimum work requirement may cause the athlete or team to not advance in the competition…If an athlete or team does not advance to the next event for any reason…[they] will be disqualified from the competition.” On  events 2 and 3 for example, if one athlete couldn’t snatch 185# for the men or 135# for the women, that team would be disqualified after that event.


Give these goblet squats a try, they looks very spicy. What do you do when you’re 38 and you barely missed Regionals? You do weighted strict muscle-ups so you you’ll be ready for next year. As far as we can tell, Malin isn’t a CrossFitter but this pull-up dance competition routine is gnarly. Box Life Magazine would like you to know about the health benefits of sleeping naked (sorry no crossfitter cameo pics).


FloElite breaks down the women to watch at the California Regional.

Road to Regionals. Sara Sigmundsdottir kicked off her first day of Meridian Regionals going to work on some squat snatches: “First day of Meridian Regionals prep has been kicked off ? Every snatch session for @sarasigmunds is going to be so miserable that the snatch chipper at the Regionals will seem easy by comparison.” Maria Akerlund hits an easy 206 pound snatch. Annie Thorisdottir and Liz Adams hitting some strict muscle-ups. Josh Bridges won’t be stopped by legless rope climbs. Is this going to be Dan Bailey’s year?


Cyna Cho can play the piano really really well. Little Graham Holmberg is getting some massive extension on this power clean. Annie Thorisdottir literally looks like a glowing angel. Katrin Davidsdottir likes to eat bell peppers like an apple.


AboutTime has buy one get one 50% off 2lb whey protein with code“WHEY2GOOD.” Official CrossFit Regionals gear is finally here. Happy Birthday Emily! And thanks for the Doughnuts and Deadlifts 20% off coupon:“EMDUNC20.”

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