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CrossFit at Home Interest Explodes

Morning Chalk Up

April 25

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Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Dr. Sean Pastuch of Active Life Rx cautions athletes returning to the gym to take necessary precautions to avoid injury in his Op-Ed below. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an explosion of Google searches for at-home CrossFit workouts, editor-in-chief, Justin LoFranco, has more. Today:

  • Helpful guidance to avoid unnecessary injuries when you return to the gym.
  • CrossFitters in lockdown scour Google for at-home workouts.
  • The Asbury Park Summer Games announced a postponement until 2021; the total disruption of the Sanctionals season by the COVID-19 pandemic is complete.

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“Precautions are always blamed. When successful they are said to be unnecessary.” – Benjamin Jowett


OpEd: The Unspoken Danger of Going Back to the Gym

  OpEd: The Unspoken Danger of Going Back to the Gym  

By Dr Sean Pastuch

People are going to get hurt when restrictions are lifted and everyone is allowed to return to the gym. The good news is that you can be back in your gym on day one, and you don’t have to be one of them.

You joined a gym to get in great shape so that you could live a long time, look great naked, be desirable, have self-confidence and feel amazing. When the gym got taken away from you, it’s likely that you realized you can still accomplish most of those things without the gym, and yet, we all want to get back to it as fast as possible. Why?

  • Because the gym, the CrossFit gym, in particular, delivers far more than all of those things. It offers a social outlet and membership to a tribe. It is important that you remember this when you go back. Here’s why:

Think back to your first CrossFit workout ever. You probably didn’t know how to work through the discomfort yet. You had no idea how hard you could push yourself, and you didn’t understand the value of putting yourself through all of that mental work just to finish 10% faster or do 10% more work. Even so, do you remember how sore you were?

  • Do you remember struggling to walk down the stairs? Up the stairs wasn’t so bad because you had the banister, but down the stairs was a nightmare that many of us had to do with a weird sideways shuffle. Getting on the toilet seat was an adventure in falling with accuracy, and getting in and out of a car was like an Olympic medaling accomplishment.

You didn’t care that you couldn’t do a muscle-up and a push jerk was wildly confusing, “So I’m supposed to jump, press, and land at the same time?”, and making snatch jokes was a special kind of grade school funny.

Now pushing through the discomfort in a workout is the easy part. Pulling you away from it is hard. You have push jerked and snatched thousands of times and think those jokes are dumb. You’re tired of pushups, lunges, and inverted rows under the kitchen table and you are ready to get back to the gym so you can clang and bang with heavy weights and start breathing that Fran lung again. I get it. Your normal has become your forbidden fruit, and like a kid who wants candy, you want a new PR.

And that’s the problem.


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Google Search Interest for CrossFit at Home Explodes

  Google Search Interest for CrossFit at Home Explodes  

As nearly 90% of affiliates are closed worldwide, athletes across the planet have suddenly found themselves searching for ways to stay fit from home.

According to keyword research provided by Scott Henderson of Fitness Analytics, Google searches for at-home CrossFit related terms have ballooned since COVID-19 sent members home and gym doors closed around the globe.

  • CrossFit at Home: 303% increase (US), 273% increase (WW)
  • CrossFit workouts: 104% increase (US), 74% increase (WW)
  • CrossFit dumbbell: 158% increase (US), 142% increase (WW)
  • Workouts at home: 448% increase (US), 439% increase (WW)

* The percentage increases above are based on keyword search data comparing the periods of 2/16-3/15 with 3/16-4/15.

Why it matters: With nearly 90% of all CrossFit affiliates closed, the rise in organic search shows that interest remains in the global CrossFit index. Attracted by the relative safety of their living room and the encouragements of close friends and relatives, affiliates are actually onboarding new clients despite closed doors. The sign is encouraging as U.S.-based and some international markets look to open doors as soon as this week.


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Asbury Park Summer Games Postpones to 2021, Entire Sanctionals Season Disrupted by COVID-19

  Asbury Park Summer Games Postpones to 2021, Entire Sanctionals Season Disrupted by COVID-19  

In a move that was not entirely surprising, but significant nonetheless, the Asbury Park Summer Games announced on Instagram Friday that it would postpone the event until 2021; the date is yet to be determined. The first-year Sanctional was set to take place June 20-21 in Asbury Park, NJ. The announcement represents the final step in a total disruption of the 2019-2020 Sanctionals season by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One big thing: As with the other Sanctionals who have postponed or canceled, the organizers of the Asbury Park Summer Games find themselves in a less than ideal financial position. And yet, they are offering optional refunds to all athletes, however, the payment processing company will keep a small fee. More than 1000 athletes registered for the competition and they can choose to have their money back or hold their spot for the 2021 event so they do not have to qualify again. Asbury Park Summer Games IOQ2 registration fees will be refunded as well. 

From the announcement: “As NJ is still in lockdown, we had to make the required decision by the state to postpone the 2020 [Asbury Park Summer] Games until 2021.”

  • “Athletes be on the lookout for an email on next steps. Partners you will all be contacted. Judges and volunteers be on the lookout for an email.”

The bottom line: All 17 remaining Sanctionals, from the Atlas Games, originally scheduled March 13-15, through the Mayan Classic, originally scheduled July 3-5, have been postponed or canceled. The Asbury Park Summer Games was in a difficult position and as the state of New Jersey is still under a stay-at-home order, with little likelihood that will change anytime soon, event organizers had little choice in the matter.

As of this moment, the CrossFit Games intends to hold a live event to crown the “Fittest” in Aromas, CA this summer.




A Day in the Life: Kara Saunders Juggling a Baby and Trying to Train in Isolation

Follow Games athlete Kara Saunders as she spends the day with baby Scotti, hits some mobility work, a long conditioning piece and crushes her (and Scotti’s) nutrition.

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At-Home Workout: “Grip and Rip” with Cole Sager

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Top Trending Stories at the Morning Chalk Up

Here are five of the top trending stories from the past week:

  • CrossFit HQ announced that they intend on holding a live competition at the Ranch in Aromas, CA.
  • Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old WWII veteran raised tens of millions of dollars to support the NHS by doing at-home workouts.
  • CrossFit helps teen athletes prepare for Officer Candidate School and collegiate sports.
  • Age Group athletes prepare for the likelihood they will not be included in the 2020 CrossFit Games.
  • Sally Salazar has been on a quest to change her lifestyle and her body for years, the first few weeks into lockdown she hit a major milestone: 100 pounds down.

Bonus Video: Games Athletes react to the CrossFit HQ announcement.

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