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CrossFit Denies Knowledge of Rope Concerns at Syndicate Crown

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • CrossFit denies knowledge of athletes’ concerns over rope at Syndicate Crown
  • Ava Georg takes Army knowledge into CrossFit world and has sights on 2023 semifinals
  • Our analysts give their Mid Atlantic qualifier pics
  • Babylon CrossFit helping kids get into CrossFit in NYC
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“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” - Voltaire

  CrossFit Denies Knowledge of Athletes' Concerns Over Rope Length at Syndicate Crown  

CrossFit Denies Knowledge of Athletes' Concerns Over Rope Length at Syndicate Crown

CrossFit is denying they heard concerns were raised about the length of rope for workout three at the Syndicate Crown Semifinal this past Saturday in Knoxville, TN despite both CrossFit’s competition director, Adrian Bozman and CrossFit’s competition liaison being in attendance when athletes raised these concerns.

Remind me: Nine-time Games athlete Scott Panchik, who was competing at Syndicate Crown, said he injured himself during workout 3, stating that he twisted his knee descending to the ground after a legless rope climb, landing onto extra rope on the competition floor.

  • After the event on Saturday, May 21, Panchik posted to Instagram revealing he “verbally expressed concerns” for athlete safety earlier that morning.
  • After the athlete briefing, Panchik discussed his concerns with Wilson Pak, the event director for Syndicate Crown. “I was told nothing could be done to change the ropes and this is what was provided to be used,” Panchik wrote.

Athlete briefings are a standard procedure for in-person competitions. Before and/or after each day of competition, athletes and key members of the event team are walked through the logistics, standards, and expectations of each workout, which is usually led by the Head Judge.

On Day 2 of the Syndicate Crown Semifinal in Knoxville, TN, athletes were briefed on the flow for Event 3: “2014 Regional Event 5”. It was here that several athletes raised concerns regarding the length of the ropes and the potential for injury with landing on the extra rope gathered on the floor, as confirmed by Ben Smith on the The Coach’s Office podcast.

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In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to CrossFit Games veteran Brent Fikowski, who is also a Professional Fitness Athlete’s Association Executive Committee member, about Scott Panchik’s injury at the Synidcate Crown, which he said was related to rope length during an event.

Headquarters hiring: CrossFit is looking for a Senior Sports Operations manager for New Initiatives. The job will “be responsible for creating new opportunities, elevating existing opportunities for competition athletes of all abilities. This includes managing the business plan and implementation model for Sport levels, licensed events, points, and rankings.”

Just breath: Airwaav has launched a new performance Mayhem Edition mouthpiece. 😬

The Hungarian is hungry: Who doesn’t love a good Laura Horvath montage? The winner of the Lowlands Throwdown semifinal said “the best is yet to come”. Can she challenge Tia-Clair Toomey this year?

  19-Year-Old Ava Georg Crushes Army Infantry Training, Sets her Sights on 2023 Semifinals  

19-Year-Old Ava Georg Crushes Army Infantry Training, Sets her Sights on 2023 Semifinals

When Ava Georg was 16 years old, a military recruiter approached her at her high school to talk to her about opportunities that come with being part of the U.S. military.

At the time, Georg had never considered joining the military, but after that she started doing some research, the idea of having her post-secondary education paid for, and a good pension, spoke to her.

“I enlisted a month after my 17th birthday,” said 19-year-old Georg, who lives in Fond-du-Lac, WI and has been doing CrossFit since she was 14.

Two years later, Georg is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s Infantry training (training women weren’t allowed to do until 2016) which she completed at Fort Benning in GA in 2021.

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  19-Year-Old Ava Georg Crushes Army Infantry Training, Sets her Sights on 2023 Semifinals  

VIDEO: Who Will Qualify for CrossFit Games from Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge?

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  Babylon CrossFit Spearheads CrossFit Kids Program in NYC Public Schools  

Babylon CrossFit Spearheads CrossFit Kids Program in NYC Public Schools

Keeping a group of 120 Kindergarteners under control is a big task–Trish Evangelista sure thought so. On the morning of May 9, the Long Island affiliate owner threw up with nervous energy, but took on the task, leading local youngsters through an amazing workout. Along with the rest of the Babylon CrossFit team, Evangelista brought CrossFit to over 300 NYC public school students for the very first time.

Evangelista, with a background coaching youth soccer, was a natural CrossFit Kids coach and says it’s how she originally fell in love with the sport. Now nearly ten years into CrossFit, Evangelista jumped at the chance to spread her passion for coaching. She said her fellow coaches recognized her love for coaching kids, many of whom share the same belief. Babylon CrossFit and Evangelista had already completed necessary background checks and other formalities, so scheduling and physically getting into the school wasn’t an issue.

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Can Athletes Handle More Pain?

From Kari Pearce's do-or-die performance in Atalanta, Haley Adams' ruck-run bloodbath in 2019, and Sam Briggs competing at the 2015 regionals with a broken foot...athletes are crazy. Most athletes probably like to believe they can take more pain than their less active counterparts. But does science support that view, or are the examples above sheer outliers?


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