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CrossFit for Health Summit, Coming February 3

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • The CrossFit for Health Summit takes place on February 3, but in-person and live-stream tickets are still available
  • Despite all the weather-related contingencies, was 2024 TYR WZA able to offer a full test of fitness?
  • CrossFit ATR-Mission Valley in San Diego was flooded and destroyed. Learn how you can help
  • Pat Vellner teams up with developers on a new AI-powered, coaching/programming app aimed at CrossFitters specifically
  • And, Jelle Hoste’s Workout of the Week

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“We were ready for a storm… but this storm overcame everything.” - Adam Gelfand, owner of CrossFit ATR-Mission Valley

  CrossFit For Health Summit Heads to Austin on February 3, Tickets Available Now  

CrossFit For Health Summit Heads to Austin on February 3, Tickets Available Now

The first CrossFit For Health Summit, presented by GORUCK, is set to be held on February 3 at the Hotel Van Zandt in Austin, TX, and will bring together experts for an educational day of knowledge exchange.

  • Although CrossFit has held health and fitness conferences before, this is the first CrossFit Summit of its kind, as it’s designed for athletes, coaches and gym owners and focuses on CrossFit as the creator of health, explained the Summit’s host and emcee Karen Thomson.

The details: There are three ways for coaches, gym owners, fitness enthusiasts and athletes to attend the Summit:

  • They can purchase a VIP ticket for $750—which gives them access to a private room for personalized interactions, a BBQ lunch, and the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, among other perks.
  • A general admission ticket for $350.
  • live stream ticket for $89. (Morning Chalk Up Readers have been offered a 20 percent discount when they use the code ‘MCU20’ at checkout).

Attendees will receive six continued education credits (CEUs) and six continued medical education credits (CMEs), and will have the chance to listen to various speakers, including a line-up of doctors—Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. Tom McCoy, Dr. Chris Palmer, Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Tommy Wood—who will speak about everything from the science about muscular development, to concepts around performance versus fitness, to the obesity crisis and “how CrossFit can save the world,” explained Thomson, who is also the founder RevitaFest.

  • Other presenters include CrossFit’s Director of Training and Certification Nicole Carroll, CrossFit Invictus owner CJ Martin, OptimizeMe Nutrition founder EC Synkowski, Street Parking owner Miranda Alcaraz and CrossFit OG Annie Sakamoto.
  • Further, CrossFit’s General Manager of Sport Dave Castro is hosting a workout  for attendees the day before a conference, and GORUCK is hosting a ruck run for attendees the morning of the conference, and the day finishes with a cocktail party.

The big picture: The main goal of the Summit—aptly-named CrossFit For Health—is to unite CrossFit gym owners, trainers and athletes with world-renowned experts and show that “CrossFit is what creates health,” Thomson said.

Anywhere. Any time. For anyone. The affiliates are at the core of this, and the speakers at the Summit will show the science behind that.”

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🎟️ 🎟️2024 CrossFit Games Ticket Presale: The Fort Worth, TX, Dickies Arena ticket presale for CrossFit affiliates started yesterday. On Monday, January 29, tickets will go on sale to the general public.

  • In addition, special arrangements and discounted rates are available exclusively through, now through July 14. Fans are encouraged to book hotel rooms while they last.

GoFundMe for CrossFit ATR: Earlier this week, San Diego experienced significant rainstorms and flash flooding. As a result, CrossFit ATR-Mission Valley was destroyed with over three feet of water filling the facility. A GoFundMe has been established so community members can help the gym.

✍️ 💪 “Memoir of Place”: Lila Ferindino, an eighth-grader who trains at Brickyard CrossFit, penned an essay about what CrossFit and the gym mean to her. Read the full essay now.

ICYMI: Through the 2024 CrossFit Open, we will be publishing “The Open Report” with Mike Halpin (Known and Knowable) every Thursday. Each week, he will track Open registrations and make historical comparisons to past years, as Open participation is often seen as a barometer of both an individual’s current fitness level and the current “fitness level” of CrossFit HQ.

  Analyzing the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Programming  


Analyzing the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Programming

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza crowned champions in more than 40 divisions earlier this month despite rainy conditions and on-the-fly changes. The Loud and Live crew had contingency plans at the ready, having learned from previous experiences how unpredictable the Miami weather can be.

This year was particularly wet, and weather conditions required substantial changes to keep the athletes safe. Even without a temperamental Mother Nature to deal with, though, having only five workouts for the Elite Indy divisions over two days poses a challenge to program an all-around test of fitness.

Did the crew at the 2024 TYR WZA pull it off?

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  San Diego Rainstorm Floods and Destroys CrossFit ATR  

San Diego Rainstorm Floods and Destroys CrossFit ATR

On Monday, January 22, Adam Gelfand was coaching a routine 9:30 AM class that is always filled with mothers who often bring their young children.

Thirty minutes later, the scene was anything but normal. An intense rainstorm struck, leaving his gym, CrossFit ATR, in San Diego, CA, filled with three feet of water.

  • “It literally happened in 30 or 40 minutes,” said Gelfand, who only bought the gym six months ago.

He and the moms did all they could to salvage any equipment, but it was largely all for naught.

  • “Everything was submerged. Boxes were floating. Echo bikes were floating,” Gefland said.

And so Gelfand could do nothing but surrender and watch as his gym and all of its contents were destroyed right in front of him. Among the casualties were 10 Echo bikes, five Ski Ergs, and 13 rowing machines.

One big thing: Gelfand knew his gym was in an area that was susceptible to flooding and, along with his landlord, had taken measures to guard against a bad storm, including building a cement wall and wood barriers to protect the gym.

  • “We were ready for a storm… but this storm overcame everything,” he said.

In fact, in the last 11 years that his facility has been a gym, they have never seen something like this before, he added.

The big picture: Gelfand has gone through every emotion in the last two days, from disbelief and sadness to anger and, ultimately, an appreciation for his community.

Monday morning, as he watched boxes and $800 worth of newly purchased medicine balls float down the San Diego river, a gym owner friend was setting up a GoFundMe page to help him rebuild CrossFit ATR, which at the time of publishing had raised just over $10,000.

  • “Before the water even receded, she had already set it up,” he explained.

And on Monday night, when Gelfand returned to his gym, 20 members were there to help him clean the mess and salvage what they could.

This outpouring of support, both from his community and the greater CrossFit community, is what makes Gelfand want to rebuild so he can get back to doing what he really wants to do: “Change lives by helping people find fitness.”

  Pat Vellner Teams Up with Developers to Create New Fitness App Called “Ardor”  

Pat Vellner Teams Up with Developers to Create New Fitness App Called “Ardor”

We’re a community of goal-setters.

We train every day to get better, stronger, healthier, and fitter.

We prepare for the Open or local comps each year to test our abilities against ourselves and our friends. We look to our coaches and mentors to guide us and help lead the way as we build better humans.

As of last week, a new product has come on the market, allowing us to learn more about ourselves as athletes and train harder and perhaps smarter. Pat Vellner has joined as a co-founder alongside Jordan Lund and Keith Riel to create a new fitness app: Ardor.

  • Ardor is an AI-powered personal trainer that has been trained using CrossFit methodology to make accurate predictions about your strength, speed, and fitness.

While Ardor is not seeking to replace a one-on-one coach or personal trainer, its founders hope that it finds a place amongst those who don’t have the ongoing means to have one. This includes people who work multiple jobs, are deployed, travel often, or are just parents with precious little free time.

How it works: Once a user completes an intake evaluation, the app starts making predictions about their strengths and abilities, giving weights and rep recommendations. It also makes surprisingly accurate predictions about one’s speed and endurance, which the founders of Ardor believe is a first in the gym space.

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  Jelle Hoste’s Workout of the Week  

Jelle Hoste’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by 2023 CrossFit Games rookie, Belgium’s Jelle Hoste. Hoste burst onto the elite CrossFit scene in 2023, placing 4th in the Europe Semifinal and then finishing 10th overall in his rookie campaign in Madison. His Games performance was highlighted by an event win in “Cross Country 5k” and other top-4 finishes in both “Ski-Bag” and “Muscle-Up Logs.” Prior to the 2023 season, Hoste’s best season finish was in 2021, when he placed 123rd in Europe in Quarterfinals.

Jelle Hoste

For Time: 

(*Partition as Desired)

120 Calorie Row
60 Burpee Pull-ups
30 Double DB Shoulder-to-Overhead (70/50 pounds, 32.5/22.5kg)

*Athletes may perform this workout using any rep scheme or movement order to finish as fast as possible.

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

Scaling tips: Athletes can adjust the loading on the dumbbells in order to maintain safe, effective, but still challenging, movement. The burpee pull-ups can be adjusted to burpees to a target or regular burpees.

Advice from Jelle: “[This was] a workout I really liked last week because it challenged me to think that extra bit before attacking the workout. Different athletes might have different strategies based on their strengths and weaknesses.”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.



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  • 🎂Happy birthday on Sunday to Orion Melehan and Synne Krokstad.
  • Great work to Tom from Eternity CrossFit in San Juan Capistrano, CA, on his commitment to his fitness.
  • Congratulations to Bruno of Inbox CrossFit in Brazil on the 180-kilo/396-pound hang clean.
  • 🏋️‍♀️Congratulations to Alessia of CrossFit Trigoria in Italy on the 82-kilo/180-pound snatch.
  • Great job to Willy of CrossFit Shorebreak in Huntington Beach, CA, for putting in all the hard work.
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