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CrossFit Games Athletes To Compete Alone

Morning Chalk Up

September 1

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. On Friday, Games athletes had a conference call with the CrossFit HQ Games team, Tommy Marquez has a recap. And, HybridAF has opened up some opportunities for gym owners to get more athletes into the gym during COVID restrictions, learn more below.

  • Also, don’t miss the first in our series of 2020 CrossFit Games previews with Tommy Marquez. And, Niki Brazier tried beam CBD products for two weeks. Learn about her experiences.

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Athlete Call Provides More Details About The Games

  Athlete Call Provides More Details About The Games  

Last Friday athletes and members of the CrossFit Games team gathered via conference call for another informational meeting regarding the upcoming online portion of the 2020 CrossFit Games that will kick off September 18th. Since the announcement of the two-part format 24 days ago, very little information has been revealed about the online portion and the community has been eagerly waiting for any clues.

One big thing: Per multiple sources, the call provided some additional details regarding equipment needs and procedures, but the CrossFit Games was unable to provide any details just yet regarding the number of days the competition would last or specific timeframes for athletes to compete in.

  • Athletes were told they would need certain things to help verify their workouts alongside their chosen judge for the competition including scales, measuring tape, and distance rollers to measure longer distances.
  • Rolling solo: Another stipulation of the competition was that all athletes will compete alone in private at local times during the specified time window, and scores will be shared upon completion by all athletes meaning no fans or spectators.  

The equipment list: The full list of equipment has not been shared publicly yet, but our sources relayed that it featured basic gym equipment used in programming for the Open, noting that the one additional piece of equipment listed not typically seen for the Open was the GHD machine.

  • Notably absent were machines like the concept2 rower, bike erg, or ski erg, along with the Assault Bike and odd object items like D-balls, but it’s possible that since the full scope of competition days is not yet known, then the equipment list could grow in the coming weeks as well.
  • Time to run: The meeting also revealed that running will likely be included in the online portion of the competition, utilizing the distance rollers, and the certified judge to measure and confirm an “out and back,” running length for one of the tests.

Why this matters: Running has been and will continue to be a significant element of the test of fitness and up until this point, it has been excluded from basically all online-style workouts. Take 2019 for example, three of the first six tests included significant running elements. Two of the first three events included more than a mile’s worth of running that eventually sent two-thirds of the field home.

Stay tuned: The full program of events won’t likely be released until a few days before the competition to prevent athletes from having a substantial enough time to practice and strategize, but enough time to iron out details with their workout location accordingly.  


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24-Hour Gym Access Serving Affiliates Now More Than Ever

  24-Hour Gym Access Serving Affiliates Now More Than Ever  

With social distancing and class size limits the name of the game right now, more and more CrossFit affiliates and functional fitness gyms have turned to HybridAF, a company that works with the insurance provider Affiliate Guard to install access systems to provide 24-hour access to members, seven days a week.

  • In April, we reported 105 CrossFit affiliates were registered with Hybrid AF. Today, 127 CrossFit affiliates and 52 functional fitness gyms are taking advantage of HybridAF’s 24-hour member access, said Albert Steed, the president of the company.

2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Men’s Dark Horse — Chandler Smith

  2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Men’s Dark Horse — Chandler Smith  

I Tried beam’s CBD Products for Two Weeks. Here’s Why You Should Give It a Go

  I Tried beam’s CBD Products for Two Weeks. Here's Why You Should Give It a Go  

It feels like the term CBD has been thrown around a lot lately.

There are CBD pills, lotions, powders, patches. You name it, there’s probably a company out there that’s figured out how to infuse CBD into it. I literally saw a CBD Pumpkin Spice Latte on the menu at a local coffee shop last week. I may be basic AF, but even I raised an eyebrow to that one.

But the potential benefits that CBD boasts are too hard to ignore. The proverbial “they” say it can help with everything from muscle recovery, to brain function and mood, to sleep issues.

Um…yes please. Yes to all of that.

I’m 32, I’ve been CrossFitting for 10 years, I own my own business plus do freelance work on the side, and try to keep my sh*t together enough to keep my household running for my husband, two dogs, and six chickens. Life is stressful, to say the least. I’m sore, tired, and firing on all cylinders pretty constantly. So ANYTHING that can help me get through the day and feel good doing it is beyond welcome.

So I did an experiment.

The 14 Day beam Challenge.

For two weeks, I tested out three products from beam consistently, incorporating each of these products into my daily routine and tracking my progress through this vlog.

  • revive capsules — which help with overall recovery
  • fixer — a topical salve for soreness/muscle fatigue  
  • dream — a powder to help with sleep

The results were not what I was expecting.




How to Eat to Gain Strength, Muscle and Size

You have to eat big to get big, but there’s more to it than that. On this episode of the Barbell Shrugged podcast, the team discusses what it takes on the nutrition side to create bulk. And, it’s not just all-you-can-eat burritos.

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The Sights and Sounds of the Master’s Fitness Collective Championship

It’s been one week since the conclusion of the first Master’s Fitness Collective Championship in Fort Wayne, IN. Take a quick look back at this showcase of the 2020 Master’s season.

  Morning Chalk Up  


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Community Round-Up

Here are some cool fundraisers we are watching right now:

  • Foster Fit: Foster Fit is a online, one day CrossFit competition for combined unisex individuals (Rx and scaled). The donations & fundraising from this competition will be used to provide CrossFit gym memberships to teenagers in foster care. Donations without competing are also being accepted! The event is taking place on November 21, so there is plenty of time to learn more and register!
  • VETWOD 2020: VETWOD is an online fitness competition to support 555 fitness, which provides grants to first responder departments that need fitness equipment and programming. The third annual competition will take place between September 8 and September 24. Learn more about their mission and sign up.
  • Clean Up Cancer: On September 19, CrossFit Clash in McDonough, GA is hosting “Clean Up for Cancer” to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Check out all the details here and register now.
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9/12: Goat House Classic (Overland Park, KS)
9/12: Metcon Rush (Hagerstown, MD)
9/18 – 9/20: The Central Regional (Bettendorf, IA)
9/19: Country Tuff Competition (Richfield, UT)
9/26 – 9/27: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola, FL)
9/26: Big Impact Games (Kimberly, WI)
9/26: Warrior Affiliate League Three Amigos (Chino, CA)
11/7 – 11/8: The Bay Games [Unstoppable (online) Edition] (Jervis Bay, Australia)

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