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CrossFit Games Dispatches from Aromas

Morning Chalk Up

October 5


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In exactly two weeks, the final ten athletes will be gathering in Aromas, CA inside the CrossFit Games bubble. Inside today’s edition:

  • How Boston-based Florian teen girls program is raising up strong women to conquer the world.
  • Dispatches from inside the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, CA. 
  • A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that a Hermosa Beach city councilwoman was biased in her vote to deem CrossFit Horsepower a public nuisance and reversing the city’s decision.

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“Pivot and Go!” Massachusetts Teen Girls Program Thrives Despite Challenge of COVID

 “Pivot and Go!” Massachusetts Teen Girls Program Thrives Despite Challenge of COVID 

Step into CrossFit Florian in the Boston suburb of Norwood on a weekday morning and you’ll find the typical CrossFit cadre: everyday athletes from all walks and seasons of life with one or two big guns throwing down for the best hour of their day. What you don’t typically see are 200 middle and high school-age girls huddling in, getting stronger together, physically and mentally.

Four-years-ago, level 2 trainer Tia Sapienza was coaching girls softball when she realized that the foundational movements of CrossFit would be the perfect way to strengthen her athletes and get them training in a way that would keep them healthy and injury-free for their season. In less than a year, the program surpassed 100 members and today hovers at 200, and has caught the attention of athletes like Katrin Davidsdottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Brooke Wells who have all helped run virtual workouts and hangouts.

In 2019, welcoming 9-12-year-old girls to the program, Sapienza began enabling the older teens to mentor and help coach the younger classes.


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Games Dispatches: 13 Days Until the CrossFit Games?

 Games Dispatches: 13 Days Until the CrossFit Games? 

The CrossFit Games week, as it’s commonly known, stretches officially from October 19 – 25, 2020, though actually competition days for individuals usually hasn’t started until Wednesday or Thursday. With the roster including only 10 total athletes due to COVID-19, it’s unlikely the first Games event will start earlier than Thursday, October 22.

What we’re hearing: Athletes will begin quarantining inside the bubble starting on Monday the 19th of Games week.

  • Broadcast: The live competition will be broadcast on CBS Sports and also on the CrossFit Games’ YouTube and Facebook.

From inside the Ranch: Dave Castro has brought a handful of athletes to the CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, CA to continue testing workouts for the final stage of competition.

  • Five athletes total popped up on Instagram: Saxon Panchik, Brandon Luckett, Kristi Erano O’Connell, Andrea Nisler, and Alison Scudds.
  • Workout watch: We saw lots and lots of running, some potential stuff indoors and what looks like a bar-based workout. But at this stage, it’s all really just a guess.
  • Worth noting: This photo of Nisler and Eramo O’Connell looks like it’s at a local high school football or soccer field, which makes sense considering that the Games has programmed field-based events since they moved to Carson, CA in 2010. 
  • Also worth noting: Eramo O’Connell was seen diving into a pool. Coincidentally, many nearby high schools are not only temporarily closed but also have swimming pools. ???

A few things to watch:


Vote that Forced CrossFit Horsepower to Close was Biased, Rules Los Angeles Judge

 Vote that Forced CrossFit Horsepower to Close was Biased, Rules Los Angeles Judge 

On September 24, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge tentatively ruled that council member Stacey Armato was biased in her 2018 city council vote to label CrossFit Horsepower a public nuisance, a ruling that ultimately led to the gym’s closure. The Superior Court Judge, Mary H. Strobel, found evidence suggesting Armato told opponents she intended to vote against CrossFit Horsepower long before the vote took place, meaning she was not an impartial decision-maker when she voted.

  • “(Armato) performed functions of an advocate only for the complaining residents,” Judge Strobel wrote in her ruling.
  • “Armato’s communications with complaining residents show that she became an active participant in building a nuisance case against the Gym.”



How Brooke Wells Fought to Get Back on Top

A perennial top contender at the CrossFit Games, Brooke Wells’ 2019 Games was cut short after receiving a penalty in the sprint event, sending her home just over the cut line. Josh Wiseman followed Wells through two-days of competition and interviews to document how she made it back on top.

 Morning Chalk Up 



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Fireball Apple Jell-O Shots

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31 Seasonal Recipes to Cook in October

The seasons are changing and now it’s time to bust out some our your fall favorites. With 31 different recipes for every day of October, Ambitious Kitchen dishes up season recipes for soups, slow cookers, and the best pumpkin recipes you’ll ever eat.



Congratulations to Torres O., who was the first to correctly answer which 2020 CrossFit Games Stage Two athletes were Open national champions this season. The correct answer was Mathew Fraser, Jeffrey Adler, Tia-Clair Toomey, and Kari Pearce.

  • Today’s question: Which 2020 CrossFit Games stage two athlete has competed in the most Games (male or female)?

Submit your answer.



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