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CrossFit Games Predictions: What to Expect for 2020

Morning Chalk Up

May 29


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. An unexpected trend may be taking shape, we are starting to hear more and more stories about CrossFit affiliates picking up new clients post-quarantine, Emily Beers has more. And, an in-person CrossFit competition is taking place in Norway this weekend, learn how you can watch below. Today:

  • One gym picked up 50 new members, another 16, several others are reporting an uptick as well.
  • Justin and Niki talk with Chase Ingraham about possible CrossFit Games programming on The Bottom Line.
  • The 2020 ATA Games are kicking off in Asker, Norway, and Kristin Holte and Nicolay Billaudel are competing against an elite field of Norwegian athletes.

Has your gym added members post-quarantine? Let us know. And, we want to hear those story tips and PRs.  Hit us up at [email protected].



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“It’s not always what you do for training, it’s who you do it with.”” – Annie Sakamoto


A Positive Trend: Picking up New Members after Quarantine

 A Positive Trend: Picking up New Members after Quarantine 

Here’s a trend we have our eyes on — it is starting to look like a possible silver lining of the global pandemic might just be that it has helped the public perception of the CrossFit brand and reputation.

  • At least, that’s what both Monique Ames and Eric Stratman have experienced since reopening their gyms in May.

Stratman, the General Manager at CrossFit ENG in Cape Coral, FL, said his gym has managed to pick up 50 new clients in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, Ames, the owner of CrossFit Evolution in Longwood, FL has signed up 16 new members without paying for any type of advertising.

Both say the pandemic made people become more interested in CrossFit.

  • “People started seeing all these (social media) posts from CrossFit gyms and started wondering why all these people wanted their gyms back open so badly, so they became curious about CrossFit,” said Ames about what some of her new members have reported.

This also led them to discover how CrossFit gyms can offer a safer environment than Globo gyms, Ames added.

  • “CrossFit has had a lot of publicity recently. A lot of affiliates have been talking about why they should be open, and exactly how they can create a safe environment,” she said.

This was the case for the mayor of her city and his wife, both of whom have joined CrossFit Evolution in recent days.

  • “We developed a relationship with the mayor during COVID, and he supported what we were doing. We made a video about supporting local gyms that the mayor even shared on his Facebook,” said Ames, who lost only three members during the pandemic, so is now at a net positive.

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Early Predictions: What to Expect at the 2020 CrossFit Games | The Bottom Line

 Early Predictions: What to Expect at the 2020 CrossFit Games | The Bottom Line 

Live CrossFit Competition Returns this Weekend in Norway

 Live CrossFit Competition Returns this Weekend in Norway 

Across a series of Instagram posts over the past week, ATA Fitness, the Norwegian equipment manufacturer announced the 2020 ATA Games, an in-person, live CrossFit competition to be held on May 30, with event partners FYND and AFPT. The event features 20 of Norway’s fittest athletes including the 2019 CrossFit Games podium-finisher, second Fittest Woman on Earth, Kristin Holte.

One big thing: The last major, live CrossFit event featuring elite-level athletes was the Brazil CrossFit Championship, March 6-8 in Sao Paulo. For those of us jonesing for live sports, watching top-tier athletes face-off in person will be a joyous sight. And, the health and safety protocols the ATA Games deploys should give us some insight into what the CrossFit Games might look and feel like later this summer.

How will it work?: On Instagram, the organizers announced, “We have invited 20 of Norway’s best CrossFit athletes to compete…the winners run away with prize money, training equipment…and money donated in their name to a charity for children and young people.” The men’s and women’s winners will also earn a spot in the 2021 Norwegian CrossFit Championship.

  • A post on Monday included a short video clip of a darkened concrete basement garage with the caption, “Over the next six days this garage will go from being a raw concrete basement to becoming a raw competition venue.”
  • On May 7, the Norwegian government set in motion a re-opening plan for the country that will culminate on June 15 with almost no coronavirus restrictions left in place.
  • For the ATA Games, several key mandates were lifted immediately on May 7, allowing “public events of up to 50” people, and “sports activities involving up to 20 people.  
  • The event will adhere to strict rules and no spectators are allowed on-site.



Cassidy Lance-McWherter Talk about Preparing for a Baby with Wife, Aly

Check out this episode of FITAID’s docuseries in which the five-time CrossFit Games athlete discusses the unique story she and her wife, Aly share, and the challenges they had to overcome while trying to get pregnant.

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How Sean and Tommy did on Murph and How Much Weight Tommy Gained After

On this episode of Talking Elite Fitness, hosts Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss some possible clues that Dave Castro has dropped about the themes and tone of the 2020 CrossFit Games, and the pair recaps the first episode of the Titan Games, which featured Matt Chan.

 Morning Chalk Up 


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Congratulations to Julia A., who was the first to correctly answer which Master (female or male) won the most Age Group Online Qualifier Events in her/his career. The correct answer was Susan Clarke, she won Nine AGOQ Events which included a sweep of all Five events in the 2019 AGOQ.

  • Today’s question: How many Opens had six scored Workouts?

Submit your answer.





Community Roundup

Here is another quick roundup of some cool fundraisers and other things going on in the CrossFit community:

  • Murph for Meals: CrossFitters Mike Roth and Sera Cuni, the owner of Root Cellar Catering, completed Murph every Monday from March 23 until May 25, a total of 10 consecutive weeks, and raised $5050 in the process. The money was donated to help feed people in Chatham and Orange County, NC and it split between the Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) and Meals on Wheels Chapel Hill. Those interested can still donate or see pictures and videos of workouts.
  • LOVEMYBOX App Update:  Ian Macdonald, owner of CrossFit Langebaan in Langebaan, South Africa, has created a new app to boost athlete engagement during the COVID-19 lockdown. LOVEMYBOX allows members to earn points based on their activities such as logging WODs, meals, booking zoom classes or getting PRs.These points feed through to a leaderboard where teams compete and so box can see how the teams are doing and who is contributing points. Check out this video to learn how it works.
  • Garage Gym Series: Girls Gone Rx is preparing to hold their annual Garage Gym series and registration is still open. The event will take place on June 10-28 and is coed. There are two workouts per week, one strength and one conditioning announced on Wednesdays and there is both a scaled and Rx division. Best of all, Morning Chalk Up readers can use the code “ChalkUp” for a registration discount.  
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