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CrossFit Games Season Shakeup

Morning Chalk Up

August 24


Happy Monday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Master’s Fitness Collective Championship wrapped up yesterday and Patrick Clark was on-site all weekend. Check out his final recap below. And, as we continue our follow-up coverage from last week’s Town Hall and exclusive interview with Eric Roza, Tommy Marquez breaks down the new CEO’s ideas about diversity and inclusion in CrossFit and Emily Beers outlines his thoughts on full-time coaches.

  • Also, don’t miss Niki Brazier and Tommy Marquez’s discussion of the CrossFit season shake-up, on The Bottom Line.  

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“It’s supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t hard then everyone would do it … The hard is what makes it great.” – Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own)


Masters Fitness Collective Championship Crowns 14 Division Champions

  Masters Fitness Collective Championship Crowns 14 Division Champions  

Masters athletes looking for a proper ending to their 2020 season got their wish on Sunday as the Masters Fitness Collective Championship came to a close at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fourteen athletes were recognized as champions in their respective divisions after four days of grueling competition that featured ten events.

The final day featured two events starting with “The Wraith of Fran,” five rounds of 15 thrusters and 15 pull-ups. The final event, “Fournier”, renamed in honor of masters athlete Michael Fournier who passed away tragically in a helicopter crash, was a triplet of heavy D-Ball cleans, legless rope climbs and ending with a 100-ft overhead walking lunge with an axle bar.

Highlights and interviews from the final day of competition are available on the Morning Chalk Up’s YouTube Channel.

35-39 divisions

  • Men: Kyle Ruth refused to pump the breaks despite owning a 50-point lead heading into the day. Instead he continued his streak of top-two finishes, placing second in “The Wraith of Fran” before ending the day with his fifth event win in “Fournier”. Ruth never had a finish worse than second throughout the four days. Anderson won “The Wraith of Fran” in an exciting battle with Ruth that was decided at the finish line for his third event win of the competition, helping him secure second place. Kevin Jones rounded out the podium finishers.
  • Women: April Payne came into the final day of competition on the outside looking in as she sat in third place, 15 points behind co-leaders Rachel Green and Briana Gaipa. She took matters into her own hands and swept the two events on Sunday, to win by 15 points. In the final event she was the only athlete to finish in her division. Gaipa’s third and fifth place finishes gave her the edge over Green for second place.

Calling All Coaches! O2 Now Accepting New Coach Ambassadors.

Calling All Coaches! O2 Now Accepting New Coach Ambassadors.

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Developing Coaches Who Can “Earn More of a Living From CrossFit is a Priority,” Eric Roza Says

  Developing Coaches Who Can “Earn More of a Living From CrossFit is a Priority,” Eric Roza Says  

While he said part-time coaches can provide real value to a gym, CrossFit’s new owner and CEO Eric Roza said we need more full-time, career coaches, who can earn a better living and focus just on coaching.

  • “The best CrossFit coaches, we don’t want them to have to hustle outside of CrossFit. We have had coaches who are bartenders on the side…People who want to coach part-time, it’s great, but people who want to coach full-time and are really good at it, we want to make sure they can do that for sure,” Roza said in an exclusive interview with The Morning Chalk Up last Wednesday following the first CrossFit quarterly Town Hall.

The Future of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion For CrossFit

  The Future of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion For CrossFit  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.) was a topic at the forefront of Eric Roza’s first Town Hall meeting last Wednesday and for good reason. Besides the obvious importance of D.E.I. in the current socio-political landscape, the mishandlings of the subject by former CrossFit owner and founder Greg Glassman is the very reason Roza stands in possession of the company today.

The fallout from Glassman’s tweet about George Floyd in conjunction with a leaked email response to an affiliate owner, and multiple leaked audio clips left a sour taste in the mouths of many as the community has gone through a period of critical evaluation, and there is an understandable amount of pressure on Roza and his team to course correct.

Roza reiterated his sentiment that racism and sexism are abhorrent and will have no place in CrossFit under his administration, and detailed ways that his team will be working to improve in those areas through identifying unconscious biases, and working to “seize the moment, but do it in a way that is enduring, and that is authentic to what you’re going to live.”

  • Trish Gerlitz, a former colleague of Roza at Datalogix who has served as the Head of Human Resources for the city of Boulder, Colorado, has been hired as the head of culture and inclusion at CrossFit LLC and will report directly to Roza.
  • Roza also publicized a new email address where anyone can provide feedback and contact the company regarding issues of D.E.I. Anyone interested can email [email protected]

One of the interesting things Roza touched on was the importance of role modeling and the need for diversity in both the sport and the organization of CrossFit in order to provide inspiration for a diverse group of people to get involved within the community as well.


Video: Town Hall Reveals CrossFit Games Season Shakeup

  Video: Town Hall Reveals CrossFit Games Season Shakeup  



How the Programming Came Together for the Master’s Fitness Collective Championship

CJ Martin from Invictus Fitness was the man behind the programming at last weekend’s Master’s Fitness Collective Championships.  Martin spoke with the Morning Chalk Up about how the programming for the event came to be and how it presented a nice twist to master’s events.

  Morning Chalk Up  



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How Scott Switzer Rediscovered His Inner Athlete and Changed His Life

Following a fateful windstorm, 500 pound former swimmer and football player, Scott Switzer learned that his neighbor, Marcus Creaturo, owned Shred CrossFit. Eventually, Switzer asked him for help and began to change his life through fitness. Now, Switzer, hosts a podcast called the Clydesdale Fitness & Friends, where he interviews athletes and tells the stories of people like him, people who have overcome tremendous obstacles to get where they are.

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The Most Common Squat Mistake

One of the most common technical flaws with squats is knees caving in or the “valgus collapse.” Correct this flaw and you will be able to safely add load to your barbell without pain, to build bigger, stronger legs and glutes.



Congratulations to Bradley F., who was the first to correctly answer which two athletes have the most Games Top Ten Individual finishes.  The correct answer was Ben Smith and Scott Panchik, they both have seven Games Top Ten finishes.   This was the fourth time that Bradley was the first person to correctly answer the trivia question.

  • Today’s question: Who is the only athlete that won a Gold Medal as a Team Member and as a Master?

Submit your answer.





Good Read: Tia-Clair Toomey’s Rookie Error

On Saturday, Men’s Health published an article entitled “CrossFit Star Tia-Clair Toomey Shared the Biggest Mistake She Made When She Started Weightlifting,” by Philip Ellis and it’s a quick and interesting read with some good advice for beginners. Here are a few key quotes and takeaways:

  • “After taking part in some minor competitions, Toomey began working on her technique with the help of a weightlifting coach, and this was when she really began to see her own potential. ‘I became so passionate about learning and trying to get better, I had the ambition of going to the Olympics for it,’ she says.”
  • This newfound dedication soon led to overtraining though, Ellis wrote. 
  • Toomey: “‘I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a rest day, I was so obsessed with it,’ she recalls. ‘I was in the middle of doing some back squats, I’m squatting with the boys, trying to throw down and stay up with them. And I was in the middle of this back squat, and I felt a pop. I stood out of it, and immediately as I took the weight off my back, I couldn’t even explain how sharp the pain was… I had no idea what could have happened. So I immediately freaked out, I didn’t tell anyone, I just pretended it wasn’t happening, and I kept squatting.'”
  • “Afraid that if she disclosed the injury she might be held back from achieving her Olympic dreams, Toomey kept training through the pain, and even participated in a regional competition,” Ellis wrote. After eight months, the pain was so bad Toomey sought out a specialist and learned that she had a stress fracture.
  • Toomey: “‘Even now when I think about it, it was such an immature, silly decision that I let my ego get the best of me,’ she says. ‘I put my health in jeopardy, and I didn’t do what my body deserved… I guess the moral of the story is it’s so important and crucial to listen to the body. If something doesn’t feel right, get professional advice.'”

There’s much more in the article, be sure to check it out.

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