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CrossFit Games Teen Athlete Jacob Morris Passes Away

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“Your past does not equal your future.” — Tony Robbins

Sigmundsdottir, Fikowski, MisFit P10 Performance Dominate in the Desert, Briggs and Morakinyo Earn Invite


The second Sanctional year of Dubai CrossFit Championship has officially come to a close. Four days of competition and a smorgasbord of workouts put individuals and teams to the test in a competition known for is deep roster and lucrative payouts. When the dust settled, a trio of household names stood atop the podium, while a gritty veteran, and promising newcomer set themselves up for an invite.


The team competition featured three squads in particular that stood out from the rest. MisFit P10 Performance, We Got Cake, and Team Prepared all featured athletes that were at the Games in 2019, but it was MisFit who set themselves apart as a team to be reckoned with the rest of the season.

The quartet of Andrea Nisler, Taylor Williamson, Roy Gamboa and Travis “T-bone” Williams won six of the eleven events across the weekend and never finished lower than second. In a program built by Rich Froning himself, the newly formed team won every single event featuring the worm in a strong display of communication and teamwork.

They now join ROMWOD Meat Squad, Butchers Lab, and the Odd Squad as the only teams to qualify for the Games before the new year arrives. We Got Cake and Team Prepared stood steady in second and third and joined the MisFit P10 Performance on the podium at weekends end.


As the first collection of this season’s Sanctionals comes to a close in 2019, there have been four events in total and Sara Sigmundsdottir has won half of them. The Icelandic sensation seized the lead from Samantha Briggs during day two of the competition and never looked back. Her win highlighted by a stretch of performances in the middles of the weekend where she was simply dazzling.

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CrossFit Games Teen Athlete Jacob Morris Passes Away


Eighteen-year-old CrossFit Games athlete Jacob Morris passed away on December 13, just weeks after having heart surgery.

In late 2017, Morris and his family discovered he had a bicuspid aortic valve and an enlarged heart. After having a stress test done and an MRI, Morris’s family and doctors determined he would be able to safely continue training.

In an Instagram post Morris wrote, “After all the tests my doctor and parents agreed that I could continue CrossFit but I had to be very aware of my body and if I ever got symptoms I would have to let them know immediately. I also needed to see my cardiologist every 6 months to redo my echo to make sure my heart was still ok for me to keep training.”

Morris did keep training, taking second in the Boys 16 – 17 division in the Open, qualifying for the CrossFit Games. But just one month before Morris was to leave for Madison, his doctor requested another MRI to make sure that his heart would be able to withstand competing at the Games. All tests showed it would be safe for him to compete, on the condition that he lower his training volume once he returned.

Jacob and his family went to Madison, where he placed 7th in his division. But just six weeks later, Morris woke up one night not being able to breathe. After another follow-up with his doctor, they discovered that Jacob would need surgery.

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WATCH: Sara Sigmundsdottir After Her Win in Dubai 
Fresh off her season-opening Sanctionals victory and her second straight CrossFit Open win, Sara Sigmundsdottir wins by a comfortable 26 point margin to become the first athlete to win three sanctioned events. Tommy Marquez sat down with her after the podium ceremony in Dubai.


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Last Day to Register Your Wodapalooza Team

LAST DAY. It’s not too late. Sign up your team of 4 (MMFF) to earn a spot to compete at Wodapalooza Miami in one of the five team divisions: Elite, Rx, Intermediate, Scaled, or Beginner.

All the WOD’s are released, and all that awaits is you! If you were putting it off, this is your LAST CHANCE to grab yourself a spot to compete under the palm trees and warm sun in Miami this February.

Deadline is tonight at midnight, so register now! We’ll see you in the 305.

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  • SECOND LOCATION — Grand Trunk CrossFit in New Hudson, MI just opened a second location in Hartland Township.
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CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

NOBULL is opening a store in Miami, FL • Paulina Haro clean and jerks 221 poundsCedric Lapointe snatched 275 poundsTim Paulson did 2 pulls + clean + 2 hang clean at 315 poundsBattle Cancer and WODProof have teamed upMeso Hassona front squats 595 poundsOlivia Landino does a clean and jerk complex at 205 pounds.

…and happy Monday from Buzz Lightyear and Make WODS Great Again.

Brent Fikowski on Winning the Dubai CrossFit Championship — Brent Fikowski, who took first overall in Dubai over the weekend, took to Instagram to celebrate his win.

— “Won the Dubai Fitness Championship & secured my ticket to the CrossFit Games. Thanks everyone for the support, hope you enjoyed following along as much as I enjoyed competing… well except the devil’s press to end event 8. That did not spark joy.”

Confirmed for Rogue Invitational — Tia-Clair Toomey, Mat Fraser and Noah Ohlsen are confirmed for the Rogue Invitational. 

Spectator tickets go on sale today.

Confirmed for Strength in Depth — Laura Horvath is confirmed for Strength in Depth. 

Granite Games Prize Purse — Granite Games announced their total prize purse amount over the weekend: $250,000.

Learning to Pace in CrossFit — Todd Nief, owner of South Loop Strength and Conditioning in Chicago, IL recently wrote an article, CrossFit Pacing: The Key to Perfectly Pacing Workouts, for WODPrep. In it, he outlines the four types of CrossFit pacers and how to consistently improve your pacing.

— “While it’s important to push yourself and go hard… pacing is equally important to successfully finish workouts, and maximize your training. On that same note, I just as often see athletes who are underpacing, and not working at a challenging enough pace.

— “The key is finding the perfect middle ground. In this article, we are going to break down the stages that athletes typically go through as they’re learning to pace their CrossFit workouts – and give tangible recommendations for what to focus on at each stage.”


“Big Lifts Go Up But Records Stand,” by Justin LoFranco, Morning Chalk Up 

Thursday evening in the Dubai Tennis Stadium, fans were treated to an event ready-made for highlights: the 1-rep max clean and jerk. Athletes would have three 30-second attempts to lift. The four athletes

The current clean and jerk records at a CrossFit competition:

Men: 175kg/385 pounds currently held by Tola Morakinyo and Jake Douglas.
Women: 117kg/257 pounds set by Bailey Rogers.

Worth noting: About 15-minutes before the event kicked off, it was announced the first place event win prize purse would bump up to $5,000 from $3,000.

What happened: The four athletes on the floor with the best possible chance were Callerina Natori, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Tola Morakinyo and Jeffrey Adler.

Callerina Natori came the closest, cleaning 118kg/260 pounds but couldn’t complete the jerk. She ended with 112kg/246 pounds which tied her for first.

Sara Sigmundsdottir also tied for first with a 112kg/246 pound lift. After her successful 110kg lift, she’d considered putting 115kg on the bar but decided with 112kg instead. This lift actually ties her all time PR which was set way back at the 2016 CrossFit Invitational. “I did not expect [first place]. My dream goal was top 5.”
Tola Morakinyo took first overall with a 173kg/381 pound power clean and jerk. Sitting in a relatively safe position for first, Morakinyo said “I thought it would just be fun to try and hit it.”


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