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CrossFit Games Update: California Shuts Down (Again)

Morning Chalk Up

July 21

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Our Sr. Managing Editor Joe is out for a couple of of days so yours truly is stepping in. Sorry ahead of time for the typos 🙂 Today:

  • Three quick things to know to kick off your day. 
  • A Q&A with Dani Speegle. 
  • Tommy Marquez provides an update on the status of the 2020 CrossFit Games.
  • Brent Fikowski sits down to discuss priorities for the newly formed Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association.

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Three Quick Updates to Start Your Morning

  Three Quick Updates to Start Your Morning  
  1. CrossFit Community Summit — As we reported last week, CrossFit HQ invited several folks out to discuss the future of CrossFit with the incoming owner and CEO Eric Roza as well as several other top HQ staffers like Dave Castro, Nicole Carroll, Jonathan Haynes and Chuck Carswell. 
    • Roza, in an Instagram post, called it the “first quarterly #CrossFitCommunitySummit.”
    • On the invite list: HQ didn’t release the full roster but from social media photos we can see the list included at least these folks: Sherman Merricks (Owner of Dynasty CrossFit), Bill and Caity Henniger (Rogue Fitness), Gretchen Kittleberger (Head of USA Functional Fitness), Matt O’Keefe, Steph Chung (For PFAA), Chandler Smith, and Rich Froning. 
    • Key takeaways: Mums the word for now, but several we spoke to said it was mostly a listening session and that HQ brass was open to feedback from various groups across the community. 
  2. Rogue strikes a deal with NBA — Rogue Fitness announced yesterday that they will be outfitting the training facilities for the NBA’s new season down hosted down in Orlando. No other details are available at this time, but Rogue also quietly struck a deal two months ago with Cadillac Casting, Inc. to start manufacturing kettlebells in Michigan. According to a local news story, head of sales Dennis Thornburg estimated “159 or 160,000 loads per year.”
  3. No Titan Games recap — Patrick Clark has been writing weekly recaps for episodes featuring a CrossFit athlete. As there weren’t any on last night’s episode, we’ll be skipping this week. But, for what it’s worth, three Games athletes are still alive; Matt Chan, Dani Speegle, and Margaux Alvarez. 

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Dani Speegle Credits CrossFit for Dominating Titan Games Performance

  Dani Speegle Credits CrossFit for Dominating Titan Games Performance  

When Dani Speegle made her debut on the Season 2 premiere of The Titan Games on June 1, she was considered one of the early favorites to be the last woman standing on Mount Olympus. After her dominating performance enroute to being named the West Region’s Titan, she is one step closer to the $100,000 grand prize and the title of Titan. The Morning Chalk Up was able to catch up with the 2019 CrossFit Games athlete and discuss her experience and what she has planned for the rest of the season.

Morning Chalk Up: How did The Titan Games Regional win stack up with your other fitness achievements, specifically Sanctionals, Regionals and Games experiences?

  • Dani Speegle: “I hate to be ‘this person’ but The Titan Games was an amazingly fun experience and I enjoyed my time there, however, it wasn’t very physically challenging. It was like a big jungle gym for adults. I had a blast running through the course and honestly wished it could have been ‘3 rounds for time’ instead of just 1 LOL! The CrossFitter in me is showing! However, the fact that I felt completely prepared for anything that was thrown my way because of what I do on a daily basis was a great feeling. Nothing sacred me. It was all ‘good butterflies and excitement’!”

MCU: How was your training for the Titan Games different from your regular CrossFit training?



Games Update: California Shuts Down (Again)

  Games Update: California Shuts Down (Again)  

A significant roadblock for the chances of the 2020 CrossFit Games taking place came last week, as Governor of California Gavin Newsome announced the reinstatement of certain coronavirus restrictions on 29 different counties within the state starting July 13. Included in that list is Monterey County, where Aromas and the CrossFit Ranch is located.

A brief recap:

  • April 16 — CrossFit announces the Games will be moved to Aromas, CA from Madison, WI.
  • April 30 — Age group divisions are canceled.
  • May 9 — Adjusts CrossFit Games roster, whittling the field down to 30 men and women, removing national champions and teams.
  • June 17 — CrossFit postpones Games to August 17 “due to travel restrictions and circumstances beyond control.”
  • June 25 — Games is postponed again with a potential start date of September 14.

What it means: The restrictions shut down a collection of activities and businesses that were permitted under previous reopening protocol including indoor dining, entertainment venues, barbershops and hair salons, and indoor operations at health clubs and gyms.  


FIKOWSKI: “Safety and Standards” Starting Point for Athletes’ Association

  FIKOWSKI: "Safety and Standards" Starting Point for Athletes' Association  



How to Mobilize Your Feet

Did you know you can mobilize your feet? Athletes often forget to take care of one of the most important parts of their body. Invictus Masters coach Michele Vieux walks through a few mobility drills to use on your feet.

  Morning Chalk Up  



Your Olympic Weightlifting Technique

Improve your Olympic lifts with the Invictus Weightlifting! Designed by Games athlete Jared Enderton, the online program includes three and five day a week options for both CrossFitters and weightlifters. The program includes video reviews so you can dial in your technique with a pro.

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How Adrian Bozman Found CrossFit

Longtime CrossFit Seminar staff and CrossFit Games head judge Adrian Bozman joins the Clydesdale Fitness and Friends Podcast to share his journey to finding CrossFit in 2004. Boz also opens up about L4 seminars, briefing Games athletes, and no-repping at live Open announcements.

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The Nano X Froning Edition

Early access to the Nano designed by Rich Froning Jr. has started. All you need to do to get early access to the Nano X Froning edition is signup for a Reebok account.

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Yum Nua!

Yum what? Yum Nua is a spicy, colorful Thai beef salad filled with chiles, garlic, cilantro, lemongrass and plenty of lime juice. Prepare the ingredients ahead of time for a light mid-day snack or lunch.



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