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CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up With Noah Ohlsen

Morning Chalk Up

July 27

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Happy Monday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The big news on Friday was the finalized sale of 100% of CrossFit Inc. to Eric Roza — today, Justin LoFranco charts the positive reactions and responses from around the CrossFit community. And, Courtney Roselle debuts tonight on the Titan Games, she answers some of Patrick Clark’s questions below. Finally, Wykie Etsebeth talks with Noah Ohlsen about his traiing and Games preparations in a new weekly series.

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“Eric Roza taking over is a best-case-scenario for the community and the sport. I’ve never been more optimistic about the future of CrossFit.” – Sean Woodland


Industry Leaders, Former HQ Employees, Athletes Applaud Change Codified by Deal Signing

 Industry Leaders, Former HQ Employees, Athletes Applaud Change Codified by Deal Signing 

The news Friday that the deal to transfer 100% ownership of CrossFit, Inc. from its founder Greg Glassman to Eric Roza had been finalized was met with resounding applause and support across the CrossFit community.

Why it matters: While last month’s announcement of an impending sale quelled the mass exodus from the sport and community, Friday’s signing seems to have reversed the trend, potentially bringing many back into the fold. While there are still dozens of brands that dropped their association with CrossFit and sponsorship of the CrossFit Games, there appears to be a willingness to reconsider according to multiple conversations with company leaders.

A quick look at some of the changes since Glassman’s departure:

  • The establishment of the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association (PFAA), a non-profit association that exists to represent the professional athletes of the sport of fitness.
  • The appointment of five CrossFit Affiliate representatives as part of a new initiative to foster more communication between CrossFit HQ and their affiliates. These five regional officers represent Southern California, Northern California, Texas and Florida with plans to add more throughout the United States.
  • CrossFit announced and held its first Level 1 scholarship program to bring underserved communities the knowledge and education to further their fitness journeys.
  • Dave Castro began a once a week email to CrossFit Affiliate owners with updates, information on operating during COVID-19 and some athlete stories.

What they’re saying: 

  • Patrick Vellner: “I think it’s a great sign of things to come. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Eric on a few occasions and always left feeling very optimistic. He’s a man with a lot of experience running a large business. A man who takes feedback, who’s not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something and who’s willing to work his tail to make things better. He’s the right man for the job.”

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Courtney Roselle’s CrossFit Journey Leads Her to The Titan Games

 Courtney Roselle’s CrossFit Journey Leads Her to The Titan Games 

Tonight’s newest episode of NBC’s The Titan Games will introduce Courtney Roselle as the final athlete in the competition with CrossFit ties. The CrossFit coach at Brazen Athletics in Hoboken, New Jersey and former collegiate basketball player will look to unseat current East Regional Titan Haley Johnson and secure her path to the Titan Games finals and join fellow CrossFitters Dani Speegle and Margaux Alzarez as Regional champions. First she will have to take on firefighter Shantal Athill for her shot at Johnson on Mount Olympus. The Morning Chalk Up was able to discuss Roselle’s interesting CrossFit journey and how she ended up on The Titan Games.

Morning Chalk Up: How did you end up being selected to compete on The Titan Games?

  • Courtney Roselle: “Small world—I auditioned for WWE Divas a year ago in Orlando, and at the tryouts I met a couple past contestants from The Titan Games. They were amazing women who convinced me to submit my own application! It was a lengthy submission that required a lot of background information and video taping. About a month later, they contacted me saying they saw me on my social media and found my application and would like to do a FaceTime interview to show The Rock. Of course I instantly had a mini heart attack.”

    “After interviewing with a couple producers, the next step was the Combine, to test my athletic skills to be on the show. The Combine turned out to be one of the best parts of the entire experience. One of the workouts was a max deadlift. With adrenaline pumping, my normal max lift seemed light, so I remember Dani Speegle yelling at me to “put on 405!” (I love how the CrossFit community supports each other, even while we’re competing.) Between the cheering and knowing The Rock was secretly watching, I hit a major PR!”

    “About a week later in January, they called and told me to pack my bags because I was leaving for Atlanta in 10 days and was not allowed to tell anyone where I was going.”

CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up With Noah Ohlsen

 CrossFit Games Update: Catching Up With Noah Ohlsen 



Steph Chung’s Goals for the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association

Steph Chung, Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association Executive Committee member, joins Niki Brazier and John Wooley to talk about the creation of the PFAA. Tune in to hear her take on the Future of CrossFit Summit and how the PFAA plans to improve athlete safety and more.

 Morning Chalk Up 



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 Morning Chalk Up 


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There were no complete responses to Friday’s question, what were the first three CrossFit Games Events to be held entirely indoors. The correct answer was the 2012 CrossFit Games Broad Jump Event held in the Home Depot Center’s Stadium underground and the 2013 CrossFit Games 2K and Half Marathon Rowing Events which were held on the infield of the Home Depot Center’s Velodrome. Andrew A. deserves an honorable mention. He included the three correct responses in his answer. However, he also included the 2007 CrossFit Games Total Event. Note that some athletes did the Total indoors, and some did it outdoors, so it was not “entirely” held indoors.

  • Today’s question: What was the first year that the Worm was used in Regional Events?

Submit your answer.





Community Round-Up

Here are just a couple of items that we learned about this weekend (keep the community tips coming!):

  • Why Suffer Alone? 2020 Challenge: Last year SufferwithFriends raised over $9,000 and with a matching donation from Street Parking, they donated $18,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). The Second Annual Why Suffer Alone? Challenge will take place August 21-23 and again support the AFSP which is the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. You can donate, register and pre-order t-shirts, the fundraiser involves one workout that can be completed anytime during the weekend with limited equipment.  
  • DREAMER Project: On July 15 we featured a call for support for Hayley Avino’s doctoral project. Since then, Arizona State University approved her proposal for a GoFundMe and while she has been gaining some momentum, her project is still in need of supplies/support. Her project seeks to provide academic research behind the approach of using exercise as a means to overcome addiction and promote sustained sobriety. Learn more and donate to help her out.
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