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November 27   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. It’s Black Friday, be sure to check out our Black Friday Buyers Guide and get all the best deals for the fitness fans on your list.

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“May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love.” - L. O. Baird

  The 2020 CrossFit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Buyer's Guide  

The 2020 CrossFit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Buyer's Guide

The holiday shopping season is officially upon and today we drop our official “2020 CrossFit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Buyer’s Guide.” Take care of all the fitness fanatics on your list and get some great deals.

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Get A Free Ascent IceShaker With Your Purchase While Supplies Last

You’ve been working hard all year – putting in the time, energy and focus to constantly improve your performance.

Whether you’ve hit a new PR, or are still working hard toward your goal, it’s time to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished.

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  Doctor Turned Affiliate Owner Battles Chronic Disease From Her Garage  

Doctor Turned Affiliate Owner Battles Chronic Disease From Her Garage

Ronda Rockett was a family doctor for 12 years before she opened CrossFit Launchpad in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Three to four years later, she has 55 unlimited members, a couple dozen punch card members and several coaches. And it’s all out of her garage.

One big thing: Rockett, with a lifetime of medical training, has seen firsthand the things CrossFit can do for chronic disease.

  • Every member has dropped body fat.
  • Another lowered his anti-diabetic medication.
  • Others decreased their inflammatory markers for rheumatoid arthritis.

And she isn’t the only one who has noticed the impact. One of her members is Stpehen Wiviott, a cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As an avid runner coming into CrossFit, in two years he has lost fat, gained muscle and feels fitter overall.

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  Doctor Turned Affiliate Owner Battles Chronic Disease From Her Garage  

Enter the "12 Days of Crossmas" Giveaway

To spice up your holiday season, Fitness Santa is bringing you 12 days of Crossmas, that’s 12 straight days of fun fitness giveaways from some of your favorite brands absolutely free.

From December 1 — 12, we’ll be doing Instagram live giveaways each day at 5:00 PM PT, totaling 78 prizes from:

Reebok, Rogue, RPM, Born Primitive, Ascent, Caffeine & Kilos, O2, 2POOD, Bear Komplex, Goodr, Beam.

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  Isaac Solomon Starts Eating Veggies, Loses 65 Pounds  

Isaac Solomon Starts Eating Veggies, Loses 65 Pounds

A year ago, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach were foreign to Isaac Solomon’s diet. A vegetable to him was mashed potatoes slathered in butter. The 39-year-old had been doing CrossFit for quite some time, and he knew he should be eating more vegetables, but it just wasn’t part of his lifestyle. But when his gym, CrossFit Reason in Arcadia, CA, launched a vegetable challenge in March 2020, Solomon decided it just might be the perfect opportunity to make the long overdue change.

  • “I had always been consistent with my workouts and trained hard, but my nutrition was just out of control. I just ate whatever and didn’t think about the repercussions when it came to eating habits,” said Solomon. This way of eating led him to weigh 233 pounds at 5-foot-6.

The vegetable details: Last March, Solomon started eating two cups of vegetables each day.  He started with Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and peas, and before he knew it he was eating more than four cups of veggies a day and had “branched out” to spinach and various other leafy greens, he explained. Adding a large quantity of vegetables helped him be more satiated and ultimately ate less of the lower nutrient, high calorie foods he used to turn to, he explained.

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  Isaac Solomon Starts Eating Veggies, Loses 65 Pounds  

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How to Prep for the 2021 Open in Four Easy Steps

The Open is less than 100 days away. Armen Hammer has been offering up great Open tips for years. In order to get ready for this year's test, check out his four suggestions for how to prepare mentally and physically.




FREE IceShaker with Purchase of Ascent Protein

Today’s Black Friday Offer: Receive a FREE limited time only Ascent IceShaker with any purchase of Ascent’s whey protein, pre-workout, micellar casein or NEW Recovery Water and receive a FREE IceShaker! Available while supplies last.



Gargantuan Glutes

Deadlifts load the glutes at the bottom range of the exercise, but adding a band below your hip bones will activate your glutes at the top range too. Give this kettlebell RDL variation a try and fire up that posterior chain.



The Best WHOOP Deal Of The Year

Today through Monday, November 30, WHOOP is offering their best deals of the year. $30 off a 6-month membership, 25% off a 12-month membership and 25% off all accessories.



Logan Aldridge Discuss his Fitness Journey

On the Coffee Pods, and WODs podcast, Logan Aldridge, co-founder of the Adaptive Training Academy and the Fittest One-Armed Man on Earth, joined host, Peter White to talk about the new adaptive divisions of the CrossFit Open, as well as to tell his fitness journey.


Congratulations to Leonard J., who was the first to correctly answer which affiliate/team has competed in every Games Team competition since 2009. The correct answer was CrossFit Invictus.

  • Today’s question: Which woman has competed in the most CrossFit Games Affiliate/Team competitions?

Submit your answer.


Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlight to [email protected] to be featured.

  • Casey Acree does a power clean and jerk at 270 pounds.
  • Kels Kiel does a squat snatch at 206.8 pounds for a PR.
  • Michelle Suozzi does 3 overhead squats at 235 pounds for a 20 pound PR.
  • Katrina Rasmussen squat cleans 255 pounds for a PR.
  • Cesar Flores jerks 484 pounds for a PR.
  • Ray Fleser jerks 275 pounds.
  • Nathan Damron does a snatch at 365 pounds for a PR.
  • Will Moorad snatches 275 pounds for a double.
  • Happy Birthday, Patrick Wirtz!

Community Round-Up

Our community round-up today features two fundraisers and the celebration of a second flag football championship for a Boston affiliate:

  • Battle of the Booty: Last weekend CrossFit Hoboken and partners hosted a “Battle of the Booty” fundraiser that raised over $15k for the Hoboken Community Center food pantry. The challenge involved participants doing the most squats possible in a given time domain.
  • CrossFit Castaway Fundraiser: In the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kendrick Thomas broke his ribs and subsequently learned he had a hole in his heart. His CrossFit community, CrossFit Castaway has now raised more than $20k to help him pay for the surgery he needs to repair it.
  • CrossFit Cornwall Repeats as Flag Football Champs: In the Boston Pizza Cornwall Men’s Flag Football League, the CrossFit Cornwall team took home its second championship in three years this week after besting the Planet Fitness team in the final game of the season.
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7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
7/9: Rex Rumble at CrossFit zoo (Ocala, FL)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx West Texas (Snyder, YX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx South Sound (Puyallup, WA)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)
7/16: Buckeye Games Individuals/Masters (Medina, OH)
7/17: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Whittier, CA)
7/23: Palm City CrossFit Fairgrounds Throwdown (Stuart, FL)
7/23: Buckeye Games Team Competition (Medina, OH)
7/30: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Fernandina (Yulee, FL)
7/30: No Grit No Glory (Barbell for Boobs) (Byron, IL)
8/13: The Mortal Games 2022 (Sunrise, FL)
8/20: Summer Smashdown (Tucson, AZ)
8/27: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Sango (Clarksville, TN)
8/27: The MFLH Fight For The Fittest 2022 (Ronkonhoma, NY)
8/27: Dawg Days of Summer (Portsmouth, OH)
9/4: Girls Gone RX (Ocala, FL)

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