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The CrossFit Generosity Issue

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“Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her.” – Mia Hamm



Flex on the Beach 2016 price goes up on Friday.

The Trifecta Team Series is Orange County’s newest team competition taking place at three separate gyms over three months.

How the WOD Was Won — Mike Lee of OPEX in sharing his 2016 CrossFit Games observations concludes, “Volume wins. In multiple conversations with coaches in the warm up area to better understand the prep work of different athletes who were performing well at the games, a similar theme came up in each one of those discussions. Did the athlete’s volume requirements of the training leading up to the games prepare them well enough?” OPEX athletes at the GamesTennil Reed, Marcus Filly, Jamie Hagiya, Candice Wagner. Team Athletes: Nordic OPEX, Josh Arcona & Luke Espe of 12 Labours, and Jessica Phillips of CrossFit Bound. Teenage Athlete: Luis Oscar Mora. Masters Athletes: Sean Malloy and Gary McKechnie

2016 CrossFit Games teams and masters payouts.

Lucas Parker, “after Event One, I was fucked up.” Michigan Wolverine and fifth fittest woman in the world, Kari Pearce talks to her alma mater newspaper about how her background as a collegiate gymnast helped prepare her for CrossFit. Lauren Fisher hung out in Vegas with Kristin Holte. Alethea Boon ate all the doughnuts. Dan Bailey and Mathew Fraser hoped on their motorcycles for a road trip – destination unknown. Cole Sager played some two-hand touch with the boys. Brooke Ence is in London working on a new project. Jeff Evans’ CrossFit Games training ground — hits 30 muscle-ups in 3:10. Rich Froning, Dan Bailey and Josh Bridges are heading to Italy. Tia-Clair Toomey finished her last training session, now she’s heading to Rio.

Weighing in at just 118 pounds, Alyssa Ritchey hit a 130 pound strict press PR, a 365 pound deadlift PR and a 255 pound back squat during a competition this weekend.


CrossFit Unlocked and CrossFit Krypton – home to Ben Smith –  have teamed up to create a scholarship for high school and college CrossFit athletes. The “Brains and Brawn Scholarship” will award at least one $2000 scholarship to students who have changed their life through the sport of fitness.

The International Weightlifting Federation banned Russia from the Olympics in Rio. Valparaiso based Top Fuel CrossFit invited nine special needs kids to the box last week to have some fun and get a workout. Logan Aldridge does 100 double unders with only one arm.

A Solemn Saturday — Remember that tragic story we highlighted a few weeks ago about the engaged CrossFitter who was tragically murdered in her North Carolina apartment? Saturday would have been Amanda Strous’ wedding day. CrossFit boxes around the nation honored Amanda’s memory with a memorial WOD to raise money for a scholarship in her name: “A total of 27 CrossFit boxes are doing the workout in their own gym. Even though they never met Amanda, her life is spreading and shining and that’s really amazing.”


New styles added to the Reebok online outlet where you can save up to 40%.
California Regional athlete Sarah Loogman reviews the NoBull trainer: “As a CrossFit trainer and competitive athlete, I spend the majority of my week in the gym so the hours I had to test these were without limit. I wore the Trainers almost exclusively for the first three weeks so that I could ensure experience through every function I might need them in – box jumps, running, yoke carries, Olympic weightlifting, and virtually every aspect of movement short of fighting zombies… if you are down to do your own hard work, cut the bullsh*t, and make a name for yourself by virtue of your own grit, then NOBULL has nothing more or nothing less than exactly what you need.”

Join Alessandra Pichelli in the Canadian Rockies September 6-10 for some workouts, rock climbing and outdoor fun.

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