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CrossFit Inc. Being Sold

Morning Chalk Up

June 25

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Huge news in the CrossFit world, Eric Roza, affiliate owner and entrepreneur will become the new company owner and CEO in July. And, affiliate owners react with optimism and excitement following the announcement. Today:

  • Dave Castro announces CrossFit Inc. sale to Eric Roza.
  • On The Bottom Line, Justin LoFranco, Niki Brazier, and Tommy Marquez discuss their initial thoughts on the new owner and CEO.
  • Affiliate owners react to the big news.  

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“We open our arms to everyone, and I will be working hard to rebuild bridges with those whose trust we have lost.” – Eric Roza


Breaking: CrossFit Inc. Selling to Eric Roza, Affiliate Owner and Entrepreneur

  Breaking: CrossFit Inc. Selling to Eric Roza, Affiliate Owner and Entrepreneur  

On Wednesday morning, Dave Castro posted a letter to affiliate owners on Instagram announcing that CrossFit Inc. will be sold to a ten-year athlete and founder of CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, CO. Roza is also the former senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud.

One big thing: Following several tumultuous weeks, CrossFit HQ has been working toward a course correction and to answer calls from the community and elite athletes to make dramatic changes at the top of the organization. Greg Glassman selling his stake in CrossFit would be a major step toward rebuilding confidence in the much-loved global fitness brand.

The details: Dave Castro’s Instagram post revealed important details about the changes that will follow the sale of CrossFit Inc. in the coming weeks.

  • “Once the deal is closed next month, he [Eric Roza] will be the new owner and CEO of CrossFit, and I am excited to partner with him as we enter this next stage,” Castro wrote.
  • “Eric knows what it’s like to run a box through tough times. He has faced the same issues with payroll and rent during COVID-19, and he knows how to deal with difficult issues in the press,” he continued.
  • “He also knows how to build great, inclusive workplaces, with Datalogix making Outside Magazine’s list of best places to work,” he concluded.

Roza will be holding a YouTube Live event at 12:30pm PST to introduce himself to CrossFit affiliates.

From Greg Glassman’s statement on Twitter:  “I started a company with some essential and elegant truths that nobody could, or maybe would, tell. It resulted in the fastest growing chain in world history. It did so well and became so popular that it has become a thing far larger than I could have hoped.”


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Video: CrossFit Sells, Eric Roza to Take Over as CEO | The Bottom Line

  Video: CrossFit Sells, Eric Roza to Take Over as CEO | The Bottom Line  

New CrossFit Ownership Provides Affiliate Owners a Reason to Stay, and for Some a Reason to Return

  New CrossFit Ownership Provides Affiliate Owners a Reason to Stay, and for Some a Reason to Return  

Today’s announcement that eight-year affiliate owner Eric Roza is buying CrossFit Inc. from Greg Glassman has provided hope to many affiliate owners.

  • We were on the fence, but definitely wanted to stay affiliated. I’m glad we decided to wait and see how things played out,” said Justin Sibley, the owner of CrossFit G6 in Mansfield, Texas.
  • “Glad we were rational and stuck it out,” said Jeremy Brassard, the owner of Armor CrossFit in Ocoee, FL.
  • “Stayed rational and waited for an appropriate response instead of the knee jerk reactions. Glad we stayed affiliated,” added Nick Philpot, the owner of Decima CrossFit in Littleton, CO.

As many as 1200-1300 gyms have announced that they would pursue disaffiliation, but this move might reverse the course for many of them. For example, well-known gym CrossFit Invictus announced disaffiliation, but, it has not officially disaffiliated. CJ Martin, Invictus owner, charted a plan to move forward “solely as Invictus Fitness.” But, he has remained open-minded if major changes occurred, “including the full divestment of Greg (Glassman’s) ownership of the company,” he said.

After today’s news: Martin said, “I don’t know Eric Roza, but I am very impressed with his initial statement and will be really eager to see how he navigates the next few months.”

  • He added: “I am certainly hopeful for the future of CrossFit with this change, but will wait and allow time to determine whether we renew our affiliates, or just enjoy watching CrossFit make positive changes from afar,” he added.



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Armen Hammer Provide Live Commentary On New CrossFit CEO’s Livestream

Following CrossFit’s livestream with Eric Roza and Dave Castro, Armen Hammer offers some initial thoughts and analysis. Check out his takeaways and conclusions.

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