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CrossFit Liftoff Scores In By 5PM

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while running into olympic weightlifting up-and-comer Alyssa Ritchey down in Laguna Beach.

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“We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.” — Earl Nightingale



CrossFit Liftoff scores are due by tonight at 5PM pacific. Rory McKernan has been touring LIVE with the Liftoff in Ireland. Alyssa Ritchey can do more strict one arm pull-ups than you can with two arms. A Texas mom is using her love of fitness to inspire others to take control of their health. A United Arab Emirates athlete aims to inspire more women to embrace fitness and their bodies and change fitness for women in the UAE. Becca Voigt’s dog sleeps like a human, also where did she get those CrossFit Games throw pillows. Val Voboril post surgery does single arm toes to bar. Tia-Clair Toomey has joined the Rogue fitness team. This is how you make Ben Smith really really happy. Alec Smith does the “Bring Sally Up” squat challenge with a 135# bar once a week just for fun. Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen head to a wedding together. Chandler Smith front squats a 395 pound double.


Tons and tons of CrossFit Liftoff videos. Michelle Letendre went live for the clean and jerk and hit 235 pounds, she also snatched 200 pounds. Alessandra Pichelli also broadcast her clean and jerk session live and finished up with 245 pounds (11:50 mark). Bronze medalist Luis Mosquera from Colombia decided to do the Liftoff and cleaned and jerked 385 and snatched 315. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet didn’t sign up for the Liftoff but she PRed with a 205 pound snatch. Nick Paladino, 2x winner of the teen division, clean and jerked 350 pounds. The runner-up behind Paladino snatched 280 pounds and clean and jerked 340.

This is the new PVC pipe mobility trick that everyone is trying now.


“Alcohol & Fitness Goals – How Do They Mix-Up?” By Lauren Sefcik

“People always want to know where their nightly wine or Sunday football beers can fit into their active lifestyle; How much can I have? What should I have? How many days a week can I have it?…Beyond just weight gain, there are more things that take place in the body with alcohol consumption that can inhibit fitness and weight loss goals.1) Slows Down Fat Burn 2) Negatively Effect Workouts 3) Disrupts Sleep.

With all of that being said, to accomplish things you never have, you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done. That might include giving up alcohol for a period of time.”

“Williston Park’s Gary Woods lost some weight, but gained a marathon,” by Newsday

“Four years ago, Gary Woods, 365 pounds, walked into CrossFit 516 in Mineola and tried to run 400 meters. He made it a quarter of the way before he had to walk…On Sunday, Gary Woods, 210 pounds, will walk to the starting line at the Verrazano Bridge and attempt one of the most taxing competitive runs in all of sports (the NY City Marathon).”After about two years, he had lost 100 pounds, he said. But he wasn’t done with his goals. Year after year, he’d watch the marathon. And year after year, he said it was something he wanted to do….And even though CrossFit is hardly known for its emphasis on distance running — the strength and conditioning fitness regimen is heavy on barbells and kettlebells — it turns out that Woods has started a bit of a movement.

“Because of their work together, McBride will be running a 100-mile ultramarathon in North Carolina in April. And at CrossFit 516? “Everyone in the gym is like, ‘When [are] you running?’ and ‘We’re going to run with [you].’ We’re going to have a running club by the time this is over,” McBride said.”


Rogue just released a new 100% American made stainless steel barbell.

Host a Naughty or Nice charity event at your box this holiday. Naughty or Nice is a worldwide service project to support and serve local children and families in our communities by giving a gift and getting a lift.

Members of Sledgehammer CrossFit got a workout cutting down harmful trees and hauling wood as part of a community effort to clean up a local river. CrossFit Marquette in Michigan is offering a free month of membership for any veterans or active duty members of the military. CrossFit Ten Twenty Edwardsville, IL is holding a fitness camp for children and adults of all ages with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other developmental and physical disabilities.


Brought to You by Athlete Daily — Take your groin stretch to another level. Warning, this may require the help of a trusted friend.


Box Star Apparel just gave us a 15% off discount code for everything on their site like this camo raglan sweatshirt with code “CHALKUP.” Reebok released a new set of Nanos and speed TRs in camo. AboutTime is offering 50% off their cleanse with code “FIFTEEOFF.”
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