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CrossFit Mayhem Freedom’s New Look

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January 25   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Team CrossFit Mayhem’s roster will look much different in 2021.
  • Games Moms find body acceptance through CrossFit training mindset.
  • CrossFit newbies make progress during the pandemic.
  • Win the ultimate Open prep pack including personal online training, nutrition and mobility coaching and recovery products. Details below.

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  New Year, New Roster For CrossFit Mayhem Freedom  

New Year, New Roster For CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

The reigning and defending Affiliate Cup champions, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, will have an entirely new look for 2021 as they try to win their fifth overall and third consecutive title.

A combination of personal developments within the roster and new rules governing the team competition have forced the most dominant team in CrossFit Games history to revamp their roster yet again as a new system, and a new era of competition is ushered in for this season.

Remind me: The 2020 Mayhem Freedom team of four roster included owner and team captain Rich Froning alongside Chyna Cho, Tasia Percevecz, and new addition for the season Scott Panchik. The team won both Sanctionals it competed in before the season was cut short and the team competition at the Games was cancelled (Strength in Depth, Wodapalooza).

This season Froning will be the only athlete from the roster returning to the team and he’ll have to find replacements for the three other athletes on the roster from a year ago.

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  • CrossFit athletes Colleen Fotsch, Kelsey Kiel and Emma Baumert made their presence known at the Park City North American Cup over the weekend. All three earned podium spots and medals in the two-woman bobsled. Overall, USA Bobsled athletes won 16 of 18 available medals.
  • Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr announced that they are leaving Cookeville, TN. And recounted some of their favorite moments and memories in their apartment as they packed up to leave.
    • Toomey: “We’re a bit emotional right now because…it’s come to that time where we are now moving out of our apartment here in Cookeville.”
  • Mat Fraser, Josh Bridges and Sevan Matossian’s unnamed podcast released its third episode and it starts off with a discussion of Fraser’s most recent drug test (just before they started recording the episode that morning). Hear about that process and more.
    • Fraser: “People just assume, if you’re the best in the sport, it’s because you’re doping.”
  • MMA fighter, Michael Chandler beat Dan Hooker in his UFC debut on Saturday. Chandler uses CrossFit for conditioning and trains with Rich Froning.
  • Kari Pearce, Third Fittest Woman on Earth, announced her new “PowerGlutes” Program to complement “PowerAbs.” “PowerGlutes” follows the same, 10-minutes a day system that has made “PowerAbs” so successful since 2018. Available for pre-order now.
  The Road to Self-Acceptance: How CrossFit Games Moms Came to Embrace Their Pregnant Bodies  


The Road to Self-Acceptance: How CrossFit Games Moms Came to Embrace Their Pregnant Bodies

(Editor’s Note: ICYMI here’s part one of this two-part series: “CrossFit Games Moms Adjust to Motherhood, Seek Balance.”)

Two years ago, three-time CrossFit Games athlete Mekenzie Riley shared her story about a disordered eating past with Morning Chalk Up readers through a Letter to My Younger Self. More recently, Riley became a mother to a baby boy named Race and said what she learned through CrossFit about prioritizing function over appearance “100 percent” helped her embrace her changing body through her pregnancy and into motherhood.

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  CrossFit Newbies Offer Perspective on Joining a Gym During the Pandemic  

CrossFit Newbies Offer Perspective on Joining a Gym During the Pandemic

For Ryan Marie Diduk-Smith, the pandemic came with three kids at home, a switch to garage workouts, and isolation. It had been years since she’d stepped foot in a CrossFit gym, but, needing a break from “the insanity” of her life, she joined The Adroit Collective in Virginia.

The big picture: Diduk-Smith is one of many, despite lockdowns and restrictions, who joined a CrossFit gym in the past year. For some, it’s been a welcome break from stress and a new source of support. For others, it’s pushed them mentally, in a way that Charlie Waldvogel, a new member at CrossFit Timoro, says has kept him “accountable, kept my mind sharp and my motivation constant.”

No reason to be nervous: Waldvogel started CrossFit online and says that regular check-ins from his coach made the sport less intimidating. Grace Heckenlively, another new member of CrossFit Timoro, says joining virtual-first was “definitely weird,” pointing out that it’s harder to feel the dynamic of a group class online.

  • “I had no idea of all the different challenges that would come with CrossFit,” Waldvogel wrote in an email.
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  CrossFit Newbies Offer Perspective on Joining a Gym During the Pandemic  

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