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CrossFit Owners Petition Governments Worldwide

Morning Chalk Up

April 27

Working Against Gravity

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. CrossFit gym owners in the United States and around the world are petitioning local, state, and provincial governments to be categorized as essential businesses, Brittney Kleyn has more. And, Patrick Clark runs down the 14-15-year-old Age Group division. Today:

  • Box owners seek “essential business” status.
  • What to look for in the 14-15 Age Group Division.
  • 88.99% of global CrossFit gyms remain closed, but reopening experiments are in process.

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CrossFit Owners Petition Governments Worldwide

  CrossFit Owners Petition Governments Worldwide  

Since we discussed fitness business owners in Ohio efforts to reopen amid COVID-19, the Morning Chalk Up has been inundated with similar plights of CrossFit affiliate owners worldwide.

The Morning Chalk Up has made contact with box owners who’ve reached out to relevant authorities in the following countries, where there are still mandated closures in place.

  • United States: To our knowledge appeals have been made by CrossFit gyms in Maine, Minnesota, Ohio, California, Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • Australia: The governing body representing the country’s entire fitness industry put together this proposal.
  • New Zealand: While the country has no states, just one Federal government, National Champion Luke Fiso said: “We tried [to make an appeal] in NZ, no luck.”

While the social distancing restrictions vary from state to state and country to country, the appeals being made by box owners globally are almost identical.

Here are the key points: Affiliates want to reopen as soon as possible for the health, safety and sanity of members and are willing to put the following restrictions in place.  

  • Having an allocated space for each member and restricting class sizes to make sure they satisfy these requirements.
  • Scheduling to ensure classes are spaced out minimizing how many other members and coaches people contact.  
  • Strict policies with staff and members that if you’re sick or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home. Many appeals have even gone as far to mandate temperature checks upon entry and having coaches wearing face masks if required.
  • Cleaning the gym multiple times a day and adhering to strict protocols and guidelines. This includes educating members on cleaning procedures.
  • Equipment would also be cleaned down and disinfected after each member uses it. Many gyms agreed to minimize the sharing of equipment too.

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2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Boys and Girls Ages 14-15

  2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Boys and Girls Ages 14-15  

The Morning Chalk Up begins its preview of the teen divisions for the 2020 CrossFit Games with the 14-15 year old boys and girls division. The standings are unofficial after the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) scores were submitted and could change due to score adjustments as the top-25 athletes in each division must submit videos to CrossFit HQ for review. With the news from CrossFit HQ stating that they are extending the video review period and concluding the process on April 29. The leaderboard is scheduled to be finalized after the appeals process concludes on May 11 with the top ten athletes in each division receiving an invitation to the Games.

Chad Schroeder dives into the numbers of the AGOQ even more, breaking down all the divisions with his statistical analysis.

Boys 14-15 division: The field for this division will consist of all rookies, all making their Games debut and all at 15 years of age. This new class looks balanced and competitive as evidenced by their point difference between first and fourth being eight points. The field is represented by seven different countries.

  1. Elijah Subiono showed his second place finish in the Worldwide Open was no fluke as he currently sits atop the leaderboard in the division’s AGOQ. He was the only athlete in the field to win two AGOQ events including the max clean and jerk with a lift of 285 LBs. Overall he recorded five top-ten finishes in the AGOQ. Subiono competed at Wodapalooza in February, placing sixth and picking up an event win in the highly competitive teen field.
  2. Benjamin Concha finished just five points off the AGOQ lead to place second. The native of Chile placed 11th in the Open and was the top 15-year old in his country. Concha recorded five top-ten finishes in the AGOQ.
  3. Rökkvi Guđnason tied for the final qualifying spot last season in the AGOQ but did not receive the invitation due to the tiebreaker. Last year’s disappointment fueled him as he placed third in the AGOQ securing a spot for his first Game’s berth. The future of the Icelandic men’s division won the Open in the 14-15 age group after placing tenth last year. Guđnason recorded four top-five finishes in this year’s AGOQ including his first career event win. He competed at Wodapalooza, placing ninth thanks to five top-ten finishes.

CrossFit Closures Hold Steady While First Box Reopens in Denmark

  CrossFit Closures Hold Steady While First Box Reopens in Denmark  

CrossFit Aros in Aarhus, Denmark became the first known affiliate to re-open this past weekend as the country began re-opening parts of the country last week. The Nordic country experienced 422 deaths, less than half that of Georgia, who began re-opening parts of their economy last Friday.

The Danish gym hosted 8-person, 45-minute classes on Saturday for the first time since all gyms were ordered closed, with social distancing practices and equipment being cleaned between sessions.

  • CrossFit Aros via Google Translate: “It is with great enthusiasm that we can tell you that we have finally received written permission from the authorities to open up training again. First training will be Saturday, April 25.”

One big thing: While the sign is encouraging, global closures still remain extremely high — 88.99% globally and 96% in the United States where a little less than half of all gyms are located. Due to the myriad regulatory restrictions affiliates will have to face across the world, opening again is going to be a long and drawn-out process that could take months; a lesson that Georgia affiliates learned last Friday.

The big picture: The re-opening situation is very fluid as Georgia affiliates preparing to open learned. Last Friday, Governor Kemp issued an unfortunate setback to affiliates when further guidance was issued to gyms outlining 16 additional measures specifically for gyms.

  • The big one: “Halting the provision of group classes.”
  • Gyms we’ve heard from plan to push back re-opening while outlining new open gym hours to allow athletes to still workout.

Staying on top of this: States are beginning to consider easing up restrictions in accordance with Phase One of the President’s re-opening plan. Here are three other states taking steps to re-open:

  • Colorado will now allow personal training but gyms are still closed.
  • Oklahoma gyms can begin reopening May 1 if they follow social distancing and sanitation protocols.
  • Idaho is expected to allow phase one reopening in early May and currently includes gyms.



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Make Pods Great Again with Steph Chung

Hosts John Wooley and Niki Brazier chat with CrossFit Games athlete Steph Chung about how she is handling the quarantine, how it’s changed her training and lifestyle, and pretty much everything under the sun.

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Congratulations to Vince G., who was the first to correctly answer which athlete has won the most worldwide Open workouts (male or female). The correct was Samantha Briggs with 12 wins.

  • Today’s question: Which Team/Affiliate has won the most Games Team Championships?

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Community Fundraiser Roundup

We’ve been overwhelmed with tips and emails about fundraisers and grant opportunities around the CrossFit community. We are going to highlight a few each day for the next couple of days:

  • The Stay Savage Fund: Apparel company Savage Barbell has created an affiliate program to help gym owners impacted by COVID-19. All you have to do is sign-up, get the link, and every gym that is enrolled will receive 100% of the profits made when their members purchase any Savage Barbell products. There is currently no end date for this program and gyms will receive credit for purchases up to 30 days after their link is used.
  • One man, 10,000 Burpees: Mitch Adams, a five-time Regionals athlete and owner of CrossFit Wolverhampton will attempt to complete 10,000 within a 24-hour time period on May 3. He is taking on this Herculean feat to raise money for the National Health Service in the UK. Learn more about the challenge and his 16-hour (?!?) goal, and donate.
  • Push Press Grant Program: The gym operating system, Push Press, is in the process of creating a grant program for gyms hard hit by COVID-19. Gym owners can register for the non-repayable grants and the guidelines and formal applications will be available on or before April 29. As of right now, the company has specified that any boutique fitness studio or gym is eligible, it does not have to be a push press client, as long as it is not a corporate-backed endeavor.
  • Richard Russell CrossFit: The members of the two RRCF gyms in Monterey Bay and Soledad, CA banded together to raise funds and provide food for over 300 households as they supported the Change a Heart Foundation run by Todd Sondgroth. RRCF is continuing its efforts to support Change a Heart through the sale of “Quarantine Crew” t-shirts and donations.
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