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CrossFit Reveals Cut Schedule For 2019 Games

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“I will not deny you the opportunity to struggle.” — Educator Alvina Green

Norweigan Sanctional Taps Open as 2019-2020 Season Qualifier


The Norwegian CrossFit Championships have joined the ranks of sanctioned events opting to use the CrossFit Games Open as in lieu of their own online qualifier next season. The first-year Sanctional made the development official when registrations went live for the event on their competition corner event page.

Why they’re doing it. Director Roger Nilsson: “The reason is to make it as simple as possible for the athletes. We, together with several sanctioned events, have chosen to use Open which is an online qualifier, so it has worked for many years and it is a process that by and large all athletes know.”

Additional details: Athletes and teams wanting to participate will have to register for the event separately through the competition event page listed, and then submit their score directly to the event.

The Norwegian CrossFit Championships are just the latest in a string of events working to streamline the qualification process next year.

  • The Brazilian CrossFit Championships made the change to using the Open as a qualifier in 2019-2020.
  • The Down Under CrossFit Championships was the first and only event to utilize the Open this season, and will do so again next season.
  • The CrossFit Filthy 150, Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival, and CrossFit Atlas Games have all formed an International Qualifier Coalition to allow athletes to qualify for multiple events through a single qualifier.

Rumor Mill: We’ve heard talk that other European events are potentially on board with using the Open as an online qualifier, so don’t be surprised if more follow suit in the coming months.

Hot Take: The choice by the Norwegian CrossFit Championship to use the Open while still running registration through their own competition page is a win for everyone. Athletes don’t have to do an extra online qualifier, the event still gets registration money while cutting back on operating costs to provide qualifier videos, and it encourages more athletes to sign up for the Open.

CrossFit Games Reveals Individual Cut Schedule, Announces Team Cuts


The CrossFit Games dropped a bomb yesterday on the individual competition, revealing the progression of cuts for the competition at the Games via a series of tweets and a formal announcement on the CrossFit Games website.

Here’s what we know:

  • Approximately 50% cut in event 1. The field of 148 men and 134 women will narrow down to 75 athletes in each division after the first event.
  • Cuts will be made to progressively to narrow the field down to 50, 40, 30, 20, and then to the final 10 athletes respectively.
  • The team competition will also have cuts but we don’t know when.
  • Announcements on scoring, and schedule are on their way in the coming weeks.

Although fairly thin in terms of the full details, this announcement could have some major implications when you consider the following:

  • Roughly 47% of the individual field will be sent packing after just one event at the Games, meaning that most of the lower-ranking National Champions or anyone who has a bad event will step on the competition floor once, then become a spectator.
  • Through correspondence with athletes, we’ve learned that there will be a gear re-outfitting after the Friday events, which points towards the field being cut down to at least 40 athletes (the Games field size the past 4 years) by the end of competition Friday.
  • That would mean nearly 72% of the field is cut at the halfway point, leaving another 2-3 cuts on Saturday to get down to the final 10 athletes by Sunday that Greg Glassman has stated was his goal.
  • Multiple scoring table adjustments will need to be made throughout the competition to account for the largely fluctuating field early on. Different scoring tables add more or less weight to different events based on the spread.
  • The team competition is already small so any cuts to the field carry significant weight, and open up a host of programming options with fewer bodies out on the competition floor. We discussed this more in “The Showdown of the ‘Super Teams.’”
  • For what it’s worth: In 2017, the team competition was cut to ten teams for the finale, and the scoring table was not changed.
  • We still don’t know the implications of athlete seedings that are based on Open scores, which is explicitly laid out in rulebook section 4.13.

The Elephant in the Room: When will the remaining cuts happen, and how will it affect the scoring system? In the modern era of the Games the scoring system has never had to account for 50 or more athletes, and the 100 point scoring table has never been adjusted mid-competition – both of which are all but guaranteed this year unless there is a drastic change in format. It’s possible that they could do a placement dependent system early on where points don’t matter, and you just have to stay above the cut line before the system resets with 40 athletes but that seems unlikely. Perhaps most important is the question of will they adjust the scoring table once the field gets below 40. Doing so would increase the points gap between placements and place a vastly larger emphasis on later events. This particularly hurts someone like Mat Fraser, who typically amasses a 100 plus point lead by Sunday and could see it evaporate despite finishes that would still be top five or ten.

Things To…


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  • NEW AFFILIATE — IRB CrossFit in Indian Rocks Beach, FL is open for business. They are holding an “Open House Week” this week. Stop by any time to introduce yourself and try out a WOD.
  • ADAPTIVE OUTDOOR SPORTS CAMP — Casa Colina’s 24th Annual Land Meets Sea sports camp will take place in Long Beach on August 13 — 15. The Land Meets Sea sports camp is a three-day event that lets participants of all ages and abilities experience an array of adaptive outdoor recreation, including rock climbing, hand cycling, jet skiing, kayaking, and sailing. It is partially funded by the CrossFit Foundation.
  • BEAT THE CHIEF — The Fairfax Police Department is holding a challenge at CrossFit Fairfax for Special Olympics Virginia on Saturday, August 24. Sixty teams of three will compete in a one workout event to see who can beat the Fairfax County Police Chief’s Team. All funds will go to Special Olympics Virginia.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE — CrossFit Kinesis in Gretna, NE is collecting school supplies for the Gretna public school system.
  • FREE CROSSFIT — Athleta in Glendale, WI is offering a free rooftop CrossFit class on August 28. Participants will receive 20% off one Athleta item following the session. 
  • THE LONGEST DAY — Today and tomorrow, Wildcard Strength and Conditioning in Coventry, UK is holding the Longest Day, 24 hours of Hero WODs to raise awareness and funds for the Not Forgotten Association, a nonprofit that works with veterans of the armed forces.
  • GRAND RE-OPENING — EagleWing CrossFit in Orange, CA is holding a grand re-opening on Saturday, July 13. Events will kick off with a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a workout. Local businesses and vendors will be set up as well.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

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…and forget about sliding into the DMs. Take a cue from Stefi Cohen and Hayden Bowe and try sliding on in this way.

CrossFit Games Athlete Mal O’Brien on Returning to Madison — Fifteen-year-old CompTrain athlete Mal O’Brien is making her second consecutive appearance in Madison and has been training her mindset to prepare.

— “I’ve been working on surrounding myself with positive people waking up every morning knowing it’s a new day. Life can be really tough sometimes when you don’t need it to be, but being negative won’t help any of your problems.” 

Dave Castro Gives a Hint, Maybe? — Yesterday, Dave Castro posted specifics of a medball workout with commentary on how he wuld adjust for Games athletes, using the Games hashtag. 

— “5 rounds for time. Run 400 (maybe shorter than 400, down a hill and back up) 10 medball cleans (the one we teach at the L1) Into 10 push-ups on the minute for 10 minutes.

— “If I was to program this for an affiliate, I would keep the run the same and make the medball reps 15. For games athletes I would do 20 each round. Those higher numbers are attainable by all, but with increased reps the intensity will potentially decrease as rest likely increases for lower level athletes. #crossfit #crossfitgames.”

Dr. Sean Pastuch on Perception Vs. Reality — Dr. Sean Pastuch of Active Life posted about the difference between perception vs. reality.

— “Someone doesn’t do what I told them they should: PERCEPTION — ‘They don’t get it.’ REALITY — I didn’t demonstrate enough value, nor did I communicate in a way that communicated that it was about them, not for me.

— “Someone says my services are too expensive: PERCEPTION —  ‘Their priorities are out of whack.’ REALITY — I hadn’t done my diligence to make sure that they had a problem I could solve, and didn’t give them information that would make them confident my services were the path to their outcome.
— “Someone gets angry with me: PERCEPTION – ‘They aren’t listening.’ REALITY – I’m not saying it so they can hear it. I should change my approach.”

Nike Athlete Justin “Magic” Gallegos to Run First Marathon — Nike sponsored runner Justin “Magic” Gallegos, who lives with cerebral palsy, announced he is training for his first full marathon.

— “It is time to dream even bigger. I’m very excited to announce that I will be making my marathon debut this year at the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Very thrilled to finally be taking the 26.2-mile journey on the streets of Chicago. Running has led me to so many great places in life, and now it has finally led me to the doorstep of 26.2 miles. Summer training starts right now!”

Teen Athlete Maddy Espinoza on Being Bullied in School — Maddy Espinoza sat down with Genevieve Gyulavary of Chestee to share her experience of being bullied in school.

— “I think they bullied me as a way to kind of get to me and to stop me from doing what I love. But I’m still here and I’m doing even better than last year.”


“Khrennikov’s Exodus Paves Way for Duddy,” by Justin LoFranco, Morning Chalk Up 

Roman Khrennikov’s inability to secure a U.S. travel visa for the second straight year could have significant implications for the men’s roster.

Khrennikov earned his spot by placing 5th at the Dubai CrossFit Championship. Fifth was good enough for the invite because the four preceding athletes qualified by other means.

Khrennikov: “Magic did not happen. I have not received a visa to USA. I continue my way. thanks friends.”

Behind the scenes, we know that CrossFit HQ, his coaches and management team have been hard at work trying to make this happen. Unfortunately for the second straight year he’ll be barred from competing at the CrossFit Games.

However, Russia’s fittest athlete, Alexandr Ilin, was reported by Sputnik News to have secured a visa to travel and compete in Madison.

In 2018, CrossFit HQ opted not to backfill his position after Khrennikov won the 2018 Europe Regional.

Section 3.01 of the CrossFit Games rulebook states: “Each Sanctionals competition will send one man, one woman and one team to the Games.”

“If a winner of one of the Sanctionals earns a spot to compete at the Games via another route, the second-place athlete at that Sanctionals competition will earn an invitation to the Games. This process will repeat if the second-place finisher has earned a spot at the Games, and so on.”

The only exception to this is the CrossFit Italian Showdown which did not have a team competition this year. That’s why only 14 teams are competing.

This means the invite would jump down to 8th placed Connor Duddy.


7/12: OUTWOD San Diego Crossfit Invictus (San Diego, CA)
7/13: Warrior Affiliate League Barbellas (Anaheim, CA)
7/13: Wods For A Cause Nova Scotia (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
7/13: The Mountain Meltdown Wilmot (Wilmot Mountain, WI)
7/13: Battle of the Beasts (Hudson, NY)
7/13: The Freedom Fitness Festival (Gainesville, FL)
7/13: River’s End Rampage 2019 (Sharpsburg, KY)
7/13: OUTWOD Westport CrossFit Westport (Norwalk, CT)
7/13: OUTWOD Lubbock Capstone CrossFit (Lubbock, TX)
7/13: Showdown at the Swamp 2019 (Greenville, SC)
7/13 – 7/14: Fresh Coast Games (Muskegon, MI)
7/19: OUTWOD Las Vegas CrossFit Social City (Las Vegas, NV)
7/19 – 7/20: The 2nd Annual 24 Hour Kettlebell Challenge (Chino, CA)
7/20: OUTWOD Twin Falls The Pack CrossFit (Twin Falls, ID)
7/20: OUTWOD Chicago PXM CrossFit (Chicago, IL)
7/20: The CFB Gymkhana (Burlington, VT)
7/20: Masters Mayhem (Kilgore, TX)
7/20: Belmar Beatdown (Belmar, NJ)
7/20: Battle at the Falls (Granite Falls, NC)
7/20: Old Timers Classic (Williamsburg, VA)
7/20: Hero Games 2019 (Bedford, VA)
7/20: 2019 McCall Throwdown (McCall, ID)
7/20: RX’Mas in July 2019 (Urbana, OH)
7/20: Sacred Pine Invitational (Ladson, SC)
7/20: Barbells for Bullies Denver (Denver, CO)
7/20: Shoofly Lift Off (Fuquay Varina, NC)
7/20: Coffland Hero Challenge at CrossFit Mt. Hood (Gresham, OR)
7/20 Rookie Rumble at CrossFit SOAR (Hawthorne, NJ)
7/20 – 7/21: Battle of the Barbells (Nashville,TN)
7/21: The Buckeye Games (Medina, OH)
7/21: Coffland Hero Challenge at Rough House CrossFit (Bridgeport, CT)
7/26 – 7/28: CanWest Games (Coquitlam, BC)
7/27: The Mountain Meltdown (Arapahoe Basin, CO)
7/27: 7th annual Dog Days of Summer Competition (Roswell, GA)
7/27: The CF Summer Circus (Des Moines, IA)
7/27: 2019 Summer Meltdown (Birmingham, AL)
7/27: Masters Tour (Travelers Rest, SC)
7/27: Rock The Ages CrossFit Team Comp (Carollton, TX)
7/27: The WoDer Games (Ontario, Canada)
7/27: Girls Gone RX Waco (Waco, TX)
7/27: Rock the Ages at CrossFit Templum (Carrollton, TX)
7/27: The Meshugge Melee (Overland Park, KS)
7/27: All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Whitesboro, NY)
7/27: X’s and Y’s (Lilburn, GA)
7/27: EVF “Stronger Together” Challenge (New York, NY)
8/2: Pirate Supporters Friday Night Light Kick Off (Lefors, TX)
8/3: OUTWOD Kansas City at CrossFit FIF (Kansas City, MO)
8/3: War of the WODs Summer Series (Greensboro, NC)
8/3: Riverport Rumble (Louisville, KY)
8/3: 31 Heroes (Norfolk,VA)
8/3: G’Town Throwdown – Chapter 3 (Georgetown, MA)
8/10: CFE’s Sugar & Spice Co-Ed Partner Competition (Burlington, MA)
8/10: Best of the Midwest Team Series at CrossFit 9 Degrees (Brownsburg, IN)
8/10: OUTWOD Charlotte at Silver Wolf CrossFit (Charlotte, NC) 
8/10: OUTWOD Phoenixville at CrossFit Lock 60 (Phoenixville, PA)
8/10: Sparrow Classic 2 Scaled Partner Competition (Pearland, TX)
8/10: Summer Battleground 2019 (Farmingdale, NY)
8/10: Goddess Games (Charlotte, NC)
8/10 – 8/11: No Surrender Survival Games (Wooster, OH)
8/11: The Rise of The Resilient (Hopkinton, MA)
8/17: Fittest in the Fork (Ft. Sill, OK)

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