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CrossFit Seminar Staff: “The Strategy Is Community.”

Morning Chalk Up

June 16

Born Primitive

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Rogue Invitational took on a huge task — bringing together almost 40 different online feeds together into a single synchronous broadcast, Tommy Marquez has more. And, many on the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff have been vocal in their support of HQ and the changes being made there. Today:

  • The Rogue Invitational pulls off a huge technological feat.
  • Seminar Staff has advice for the community.
  • Jason Khalipa’s NCFIT announces Partner Program.

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Rogue Raises The Bar (Again)

  Rogue Raises The Bar (Again)  

Live production media is very much an iceberg scenario — what you actually see on your computer screen, or television is only the very tip of the hundreds, if not thousands of moving pieces and processes that it took to get a polished forward-facing product to the people tuning in. That’s what makes the Rogue Invitational production from this past weekend so impressive when you consider the scope of work needed to pull it off.

There were at least 40 camera feeds incoming to the main feed to be distributed out for the livestream throughout the weekend, including 35 completely independent athlete feeds, 4 feeds for the commentators, as well as feeds coming in from guests like “Coach B” Mike Burgener.

  • Commentators were separated on different feeds which allowed them the flexibility to account for social distancing requirements while still having them in the same location for ease of workflow.
  • Athlete feeds were standardized to an extent, including specific equipment layouts and camera angles, which from viewing experience made it much less jarring and easier to follow when the action switched between cameras.
  • Athlete feed locations included Canada, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, and Australia, making the technical feat that much more impressive.

The visual storytelling was on point with classic live production elements as well as some new variations, that, independent of one another may not seem like a huge deal, but collectively made a drastic improvement on the quality of the product given the natural limitations of the format.

  • A live scoring ticker at the top of the screen, otherwise known as a “hat,” for people inside “the biz,” included a universal synced clock for all athletes competing to standardize the timing element despite the multiple locations.

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Advice For Affiliates From CrossFit Seminar Staff: “The Strategy Is Community.”

  Advice For Affiliates From CrossFit Seminar Staff: "The Strategy Is Community."  

Some of CrossFit’s most experienced seminar staff globally have taken to social media to offer guidance to affiliate owners, members and even the new CrossFit CEO, amid the change and uncertainty in the brand right now.  

The Morning Chalk Up has been keeping close tabs on the gyms worldwide that have disaffiliated, but an overwhelming majority it appears, plan to keep the namesake and standby CrossFit.

“Change is happening. We made it happen” was the first key message from members of seminar staff before the announcement that Dave Castro would take over as CrossFit CEO, as Greg Glassman resigned and retired.

  • These posts also came amid the shocking resignation of CrossFit Training colleagues including Director of Training Nicole Carroll and Julie Foucher last week as well. Neither has made any indication of returning, despite the change in leadership.

Staff who remained initially urged the community to “Stay the course. Hold fast,” and they’ve continued to appeal to affiliate owners and members worldwide with the same message.

“De-affiliating and continuing to do CrossFit just under another name is no noble act,” were the sentiments of CrossFit Level 4 Coach, Australian Matt Swift.

  • Matt Swift opened one of the first affiliates in Australia, CrossFit Brisbane in 2006 and has been a key member of HQ Seminar Staff for 12 years.
  • “Community means supporting each other in the bad times as well as the good,” he continued in a lengthy post on Facebook.

NCFIT Partner Program Offers a Potential Option for Gym Owners

  NCFIT Partner Program Offers a Potential Option for Gym Owners  

In the aftermath of a tumultuous week that saw the resignation and retirement of CrossFit Inc. founder and CEO Greg Glassman, many in the CrossFit community are asking where do we go from here?

2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa, the owner of the NCFIT brand, is one among a chorus of voices offering potential pathways forward. Last week, he released the NCFIT Partner Program as one option for affiliate owners looking for a new brand.

One big thing: Although some were thrown off by the timing of the announcement, the NCFIT Partner Program has been in the works for a long time. Khalipa himself has owned and operated 15 gym locations worldwide. 

Khalipa, who became a CrossFit affiliate owner in 2008 when he opened NorCal CrossFit, said: “We had plans with this offering for a while. The demand and the need to provide a way for owners to connect further with our brand and resources has existed for a long time,” he said.

  • “For over a decade we have been refining our model through owning and operating locations ourselves,” he added.

Being a partner will mean receiving programming, session plans, coach and business development tools, as well as a “brand, community, and culture they can be proud of,” Khalipa said.




2020 Rogue Invitational — Event 4: Clean and Jerk Lift-Off

If you’re a fan of the sport of fitness, you probably love watching athletes hoist some heavy weights. Check out the live stream recording of Event 4 from the Rogue Invitational — Following a tiebreaker event capped at one minute, the Clean & Jerk Liftoff started at 290 pounds for men and went up 10 pounds every round, the women’s weight started at 195 and went up 5 pounds every round.

  Morning Chalk Up  



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