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CrossFit Unveils New Line of Licensed Events

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CrossFit Announces New Line of “Licensed” Competitions


Some news.

CrossFit HQ announced today a new program for licensed CrossFit competitions, competitions that are officially recognized by CrossFit and allow organizers to use the CrossFit trademark in promotional materials and on their merchandise.

Each licensed competition will have to provide valid event insurance and have a current CrossFit L-1 certificate holder as their organizer. According to the press release shared with Morning Chalk Up, “Eventually, every CrossFit-licensed event will appear on the Official CrossFit Licensed Event Calendar.” The calendar has not been released yet.

How are these different than Sanctionals?

Unlike Sanctionals, licensed events won’t be sending anyone to the CrossFit Games. However, every current and future sanctioned event will eventually be required to be a licensed event first.

Think of it this way: If you’re running or starting an event that you want to eventually become a Sanctional, it might be a good idea to email Noor Greene at CrossFit HQ to start the process.

For years, CrossFit HQ clashed with outside events which were seen as competing with CrossFit’s official events. All events were expressly prohibited from using the word CrossFit anywhere in conjunction with their event. Even a licensed CrossFit Affiliate couldn’t say it was a CrossFit event.

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What to say the next time someone triple dog dares you…

Challenge accepted, but first let’s get it set up on Challenge Me, a new app that lets you create and accept fitness challenges for free. You can challenge your boss, challenge your gym bae, challenge your siblings, challenge your coach. Let’s just all hope Jacob Heppner doesn’t sign up. 

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WATCH: South Africa and Shakes with Tia-Clair Toomey

In Craig Richey’s third episode from his trip to South Africa with Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr, they head out on a boat, see some penguins, and they get to cage dive to see a prehistoric shark. 



HEAR: Sara Sigmundsdottir on the Nike Podcast

Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of the fittest athletes in the world. In this episode on the Nike Training Podcast, Sara shares how she’s taken her career from a small gym in Iceland all the way to the global stage in CrossFit, and is building up for the 2020 Olympic Games.



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  • JEREMY GRAVES SUPPORT — Jeremy Graves, who owns CrossFit Salinas and CrossFit Monterey and teaches on the L-1 seminar staff, was in a motorcycle accident on January 13th. A fundraiser to help with medical costs and living expenses while he recovers is bing held this Saturday at Makers CrossFit. Entry fee is $50 per team, which includes a shirt and lunch ticket. They will also be running $5 drop-in WOD’s during breaks.
  • CROSSFIT FOR STUDENTS — Jana Leyden, an L-1 and CrossFit Kids coach at CrossFit Pallas in Ithaca, NY and a high school English teacher, applied for and won a grant from CrossFit to start a CrossFit Teen program as an elective in her district for the next school year. The district, Odessa-Montour Central School District, is matching the grant money won from CrossFit to contribute towards the purchase of equipment to start the program.
  • BILL BREWER FUNDRAISER — This Saturday, CrossFit Cincinnati will be holding a fundraiser for Cincinnati Detective Bill Brewer, a twenty-year police force veteran, who was killed on February 2nd during a SWAT standoff.
  • GRAND RE-OPENING — CrossFit Full Send in London, Ontario is hosting a grand re-opening party this Saturday. 
  • EVA T PLANE CRASH — Eva Twardokens, known as Eva T and one of the original firebreathers and namesake of the Eva benchmark WOD, was in a plane crash over the weekend. She is in critical care and here’s where you can go to find out more and support her. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Cassidy Lance-McWherter is hosting a giveaway with Eat the 80 meal delivery service • Lindsay Siolka gets a 203 pound snatch PR • Wes Kitts
gets a 485 pound front squat for two • Alan Stengel gets a handstand walk PR • Invictus CrossFit is holding a two day CrossFit Weightlifting seminar with Coach Burgener • Kelly Wild gets a 231 pound power clean PR • Happy two year
to CrossFit Black StallionCraig Richey hit a 419 pound back squat • Louise Czurka gets a 160 pound snatch PR from the blocks • Blair gets her first bar muscle-up.

Mattie Rogers Gets A New Medals — Mattie Rogers, who took bronze medals in both snatch and in total at the 2017 World Championships has been upgraded to silver after Romela Begaj failed a drug test following the event. This is Begaj’s second positive for a banned substance and as such, her ban is now eight years long.

Just Launched — Renaissance Periodization just launched a new line of macro templates for people that are not familiar with macros and how to count or track them. The idea is to simplify things down but still getting the results of macro tracking. “Fewer meals, simpler foods, and only the most basic measurement instructions with zero need for math of any kind. Every day of the diet is very similar, so there’s no need to juggle multiple meal plans and or adjust your diet for different types of workouts (if you do any at all, which is in no way a focal point of this diet),” their website

Wodify Unveals New Design — Wodify, which is used in more than 4,500 gyms worldwide, just released a set of features to allow members who prefer not to specify a binary gender such as male or female to enjoy a non-gendered experience including on daily leaderboards. “Something as simple as designing a gender-free athlete experience goes a long way to remove barriers and help transgender and gender non-conforming people feel more accepted and increases their chances for success. We applaud Wodify for taking this step, and hope more companies will follow suit to make fitness more inclusive for
all,” said Will Lanier, the Executive Director of The OUT Foundation.

Ten Things Rich Froning Hopes His Kids Know — Friday, on, Rich Froning shared the ten things he hopes his kids grow up to know. “A funny thing with my kids, and all kids, is that they’re always watching. So it comes down again to leading by example. They see me workout and want to try it, too. If I do a handstand walk or pushup, they try to do handstands or push-ups. My daughter hops on the rowing machine and the pull-up bar. Just by observing me, they’re starting to understand the importance of it, so
that’s great.”



“Jillian Michaels Has a Few (Bad) Things to Say About CrossFit,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up 

Last December, Jillian Michaels wrote an article for Shape Magazine titled “Why Jillian Michaels Wants You to Stop Kipping in CrossFit.”

Then the anty was upped a little when Shape released a video last Thursday where Michaels had a few other not so nice things to say about CrossFit like how movements “don’t really vary”, “it stops being effective because you’re not challenging the body from various angles of push and pull”, and you should choose an exercise where you’ll “get more mobility.”

Here’s what she said, in full:

“I have a few issues with CrossFit, which is not a secret. First of all, you’ve got what, maybe 20 to 25 movements that don’t really vary? And you’re doing them over and over and over again,” she said. “So on one hand it stops being effective because you’re not challenging the body from various angles of push and pull, with different varieties of exercises and different types of movements that work different modalities.”

First, she’s completely wrong.

Todd Wise, a Brute Strength coach, came in with a laundry list of corrections for Michaels, “We do train the start and finish position (isometric holds) the dynamic range (eccentric and concentric) the whole time focusing on holding and building midline stabilization (protecting the spine). We build strength and stability in these once and athlete shows proper mechanics and consistency of those mechanics we will add intensity meaning (reps, load, or speed) if needed to create more adaptation. Any Level 1 trainer has learned these.”



2/15 – 2/16: 2nd annual Tough Love Competition (Louisville, KY)

2/16: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Kilgore, TX)

2/16: Masters of Fitness ( Cape Coral, FL)

2/16: The Garage Games Xs & Ys (Valdosta, GA)

2/16: Couples Clash 2019 (Pensacola, FL)

2/16: Tuff Love (Boulder, CO)

2/16: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Selma, TX)

2/16: Winter War Games (Spanish Fort, AL)

2/16: Vicious Valentine’s Partner Throwdown (Carlisle, PA)

2/16: Ice Breaker 3 at Unbreakable Athletics Academy (Plainfield, IN)

2/23: Amicus Ambush: Mixed Teams (Dickinson, ND)

2/23 – 2/24: Strength in Depth (London, England)

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