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CrossFitters Set their sights on the Olympics

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“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” — Dan Gable

Forget Madison: CrossFitters setting their sights on becoming Olympians


There’s no rest for the wicked with many athletes returning home from Madison and straight into training for the 2020 season. Yes, the Open is just two months away, but several athletes won’t even make it a fortnight before competing again, qualifying for the International Functional Fitness Federation World Championships (IFFF WC) in Sweden at the end of August. 

Jessica Coughlan from team Project X is one of them: “I returned home, I was straight back into my normal training routine and nutrition. The specific tests have been released for the IFFF WC so my training has been tailored around those movements and workouts.”

Jess isn’t the only Games athlete venturing into the “functional fitness” space. 2013 CrossFit Games Champion Samantha Briggs won the IFFF World Championship last year and the likes of Meredith Root, Emma McQuaid and Zach Sowder will also head to Sweden to compete later this month. 

“It’s another way to use and test my fitness,” Coughlan told the Morning Chalk Up. “I spend so much of my life training, you really need to grasp every opportunity to put it on show.”

What is “Functional Fitness?”

The competition will test six fitness components – endurance, bodyweight skill, bodyweight endurance, strength, mixed modal and power.

Unlike the CrossFit Games though, each of the components are tested in an individual workout slightly removing the ‘unknown and unknowable’ aspect. For example, the “bodyweight test” is a mix of handstand walks, pistols and burpee ring muscle ups – no barbell until the power component of the competition. 

We’ve touched on this before, but ultimately CrossFit is a brand, where functional fitness is defined as a sport. 

That’s why the International Function Federation (IF3) was established in the first place, to have the sport officially recognized and eventually allow athletes to compete at the Olympic Games.

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Jacob Heppner Quit


…his day job.

The sixth Fittest Man on Earth Jacob Heppner made public that in June before the 2019 CrossFit Games he left his full time day job as a project manager.

“I didn’t quit my job just to focus on CrossFit 24/7,” Heppner said in a video released on YouTube.

In January, Heppner and coach Andrew Kuechler launched Midwest Made (MWM) programming for athletes who want to train alongside the four-time Games athlete. With plans to expand and offer affiliate and personalized programming, Heppner made the call to free up time to focus on his new company and train for the next season which kicks off in less than two months.

One reason for Heppner’s absence from several Sanctionals last year was getting time off from his day job, which made international travel difficult. Heppner acknowledged that this change would allow him more time to compete in the expanded CrossFit Games season but hadn’t decided what his plans were at this time.

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WATCH: Jacob Heppner on Quitting 
Jacob Heppner posted a new video on how quitting something can open up room in your life for other things, like trying things that scare you. He shares one big thing he recently quit in his life and how he works to not get stuck keeping up with the status quo.


HEAR: Mark Divine on the Brute Strength Podcast
Mark Divine, Founder of SEALFIT, joins the Brute Podcast for a second time to talk about self-evolution before he hones in on the five domains of SEAL training, understanding negative patterns and the benefits of box breathing.


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Chalk Up Community

  • PRO-TIP: PRESSING OVERHEAD — Jason Khalipa shares a tip on keeping a straighter bar path to reduce leaning back when you overhead press.
  • 9/11 MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER — On Sunday, September 15, CrossFit Simsbury in Simsbury, CT is holding a 9/11 memorial fundraiser to benefit Azimuth Check Foundation, a nonprofit that helps injured veterans and first responders become involved in year-round athletic activities.
  • IRON MAIDENS MEET — On September 7, CrossFit South Brooklyn is hosting the 5th annual Iron Maidens Raw Open, an all-women powerlifting meet. All funds raised will be added to the annual Iron Maidens Stay Strong Scholarship, which assists low-income women in paying for their college tuition in partnership with Grace Outreach, a nonprofit that works with women to further their education and gain financial independence. 
  • RIDE FOR PARKINSON’S — CrossFit Thumbs Up in Tampa, FL is hosting Primal Parkinson’s Ride, a charity WOD to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research on Saturday, September 7. 
  • CROSSFIT GYMNASTICS COURSE — Fern Creek CrossFit in Louisville, KY is hosting the Gymnastics Course September 14 and 15. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

The Buttery Bros will be in Bali next year with WODCAMPSAdrianne Benzion took a little spill at CrossFit the other morning • George Felts did 15 bar muscle-ups in a WOD just three days after doing his first • Jen Thompson bench presses 317 poundsKatrine Bruhn snatches 165 pounds • Nathan Damron snatches 352 poundsAmanda Barnhart is hosting a WOD and Q&A at CrossFit High Gear in Medina, OH today • Before celebrating Tia-Clair Toomey’s win at the CrossFit Games Shane Orr cleaned up the athlete area • Chris Leth gets a 330 pound clean • Happy birthday Patty Orr • Jared Enderton clean and jerks 365 pounds

…and when we grow up, we want to be like Pops.

Sean Sweeney Prepares for Next Games Season — Yesterday, on his Instagram, Sean Sweeney posted that he has a plan to build his aerobic capacity this training season.

— “Over the past few years I have skipped probably the majority of my long slow aerobic pieces. I always seemed to justify it by my schedule being so busy and not able to fit it in. That was all horse shit.

— “I flat out didn’t see it as a priority and skipped around it. I recently took a little look inside and realized how bad I want to excel at this sport. This means no skipping the boring stuff just cuz I don’t like it. Even if I am busy, no excuses. This year I am going to be accountable to myself and get in all the long slow aerobic development work in that Anarchos Training Methods gives me.. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a little kick in the ass and re-adjust your course.”

Jeff Brightwell Takes Over for Late Forrest Goodman — Jeff Brightwell, who just recently provided commentary for our 2019 CrossFit Games coverage, recently took over as the pre and postgame host for the University of Memphis Tigers men’s basketball and football broadcasts after the passing of Forrest Goodman.

— “The new radio pre and postgame host for Tiger men’s basketball and football broadcasts will be Jeff Brightwell.  Brightwell will also host weekly coaching shows featuring, Mike Norvell and Penny Hardaway.  As a longtime University of Memphis broadcaster, Brightwell has called Tigers baseball and women’s basketball for 16 seasons.”

Even Coaches Need Coaches — Jason Ackerman shares why he still has a coach even being in the fitness industry for two decades.

— “Coaches need coaches. Even after coaching CrossFit and fitness for over 25 years I am constantly seeking out feedback, critiques, and opportunities to growth. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, or what level you are, you can always be better.”

— “You take your L1 and you start coaching, but when do you get feedback, are you getting any coaches development? Chances are when you attend your L2 you realize you have a lot of improving to do. Or maybe you’re getting ready for your L3 test, where do you begin? That’s exactly what we are here for, to help you be the best coach you can be, just like we are doing for ourselves.”


“Legally Blind, Sweden’s Mantyla Finishes 45th in Games Debut,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up 

Simon Mantyla had his best season yet in 2019. After taking 20th worldwide in the Open and second in Sweden, Mantyla made his individual Games debut last week in Madison.

Legally half-blind, Mantyla tried every sport growing up until he found one that worked for him: CrossFit.

Mantyla always wanted to be an athlete, but being blind in his right eye made gauging distance and depth near impossible for sports like basketball, baseball, and any sport in which a small object could potentially come at him without him noticing.

“So then I just made a decision when I was 13, I can’t beat them by being more skilled. I have to beat them by being more physically superior. So I just started to lift weights, run, like every day, I wanted to be physically better…I just trained every day. I wanted to prove them wrong, but also prove it to myself that I’m not going to let this define me. I am going to decide what I do with my body and I always wanted to be an athlete,” Mantyla told the Morning Chalk Up in an interview.

And then, in 2012, a friend asked Mantyla if he wanted to try this new thing called CrossFit.

So Simon tried, prioritizing CrossFit, and he excelled.

But it took several years of dealing with injury and illness for Mantyla to get to Madison and his Open placement illustrates that. In 2015, he was fittest in Sweden and 101st worldwide. In 2016, his worldwide placement fell to 282. “I managed to finish the Open with a decent result, I wasn’t really happy with it,” Mantyla told the Morning Chalk Up in an interview on the final day of the CrossFit Games.

In 2017, his worldwide placement dropped further, down to 91880th. That’s when Mantyla learned he had a stress fracture in his back, from the 2016 Open. “That’s when I got an MRI and they told me that’s when I needed to stop and recover,” Mantyla said. He recovered, and wound up winning the 2017 French Throwdown.


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8/31: The Big WODowski Partner Competition (Delafield, WI)
8/31: Girls Gone RX (Charlevoix, MI)
8/31: Roots Ruck Around the Clock (Poulsbo, WA)
8/31: Saved By the Barbell (Waite Park, MN)
8/31: T-Town Throwdown Partner Comp (Tyler, TX)
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8/31: Summer Showdown 2019 (Owosso, MI)
9/5 – 9/7: The Iron Games (Cedar City, UT)
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9/7: Garden State Open (Berkeley Heights, NJ)
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9/7: Midwest Fall Classic (Tulsa, OK)
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9/7: OUTWOD Brooklyn at Park Slope CrossFit (Brooklyn, NY)
9/7: Double Trouble at Crossfit Unwavering (El Mirage, AZ)
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9/7: 5th Annual Iron Maidens Raw Open (Brooklyn, NY)
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9/14: Granite games at CrossFit Nola 504 (New Orleans, LA)
9/14 – 9/15: Gymnastics Seminar with Simon Nieland (Ocala, FL)
9/15: Patriot Throwdown 9/11 Memorial WOD (Simsbury,CT)

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