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Cultural Challenges of Competing Outside The Country

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Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.” — Mr. Rogers

Cultural Challenges of Competing Outside The (Country) Comfort Zone


It wasn’t funny at the time, but many can sympathize with a travel experience that’s hilarious in hindsight. Call it a culture clash, finding yourself on the opposite side of the world, in a different time zone, tired and hungry with no idea whether what you’re eating is chicken or liver. 

It’s best to see the humor in it, unless you have to be at your best and that’s the difficulty faced by many CrossFit athletes traveling the world chasing a ticket to Madison through the 27 worldwide sanctioned events.

Amongst the chaos of language barriers and navigating through jet lag, athletes have their own unique coping mechanisms and already this season, we’ve seen some of these creature comforts first hand while on the road in Ireland, China and Dubai.

Fuelling for fitness: Chengdu, China was once voted by UNESCO as the world food capital, albeit the rich spices and hot dishes make it difficult for athletes trying to get simple carbohydrates and energy in on game day.

Perhaps it was the secret to success for first place finisher at Pandaland, Harriet Roberts who packed a lot of food in her carry on, including protein, oats and muesli. 

“Travel with food… and if it works for you don’t mess with it,” she said, even admitting to spending $120 to grab just five ‘creature comforts’ from a local supermarket in China.

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Dubai CrossFit Championship: Day 2 Recap


Competition moved to the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium Thursday evening, and the lone event on day 2 called on the individuals to move some big weight and the teams to tackle some synchronized GHD’s heavy wall balls, and tall box jumps. Callerina Natori and Tola Morakinyo both narrowly missed setting new records for the biggest clean and jerk in CrossFit competition, but they still managed to earn event wins as consolation.

Watch the Day 2 recap video to catch up.

  • Schedule of events in your local time zone.
  • Leaderboard with point spread, average finish, and more.
  • On tap for day 3: Three events for the individuals, and four for the teams.

The Overall Top 5 After Day 2

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir (332) I Roman Khrennikov (349) I MisFit P10 Performance (490)
  2. Samantha Briggs (328) I Brent Fikowski (333) I We Got Cake (475)
  3. Karin Frey (321) I Lazar Dukic (307) I Team Prepared (465)
  4. Gabriela Migala (309) I Jason Smith (299) I Team Finland (450)
  5. Alessandra Pichelli (304) I Jeffrey Adler (296) I CrossFit YAS (411)

The three heaviest lifts from yesterday:

  1. Tola Morakinyo173kg/381 pound clean and jerk.
  2. Sara Sigmundsdottir 112kg/247 pound clean and jerk.
  3. Callerina Natori112kg/247 pound clean and jerk.

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WATCH: Froning on His Process for Programming Dubai Team Competition
Tommy Marquez caught up with Rich Froning to discuss his process for programming this years Dubai Team compeitions, where he got inspiration for the events and how he tested them.


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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by


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Chalk Up Community

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  • NEW PROGRAM AT KRYPTON — CrossFit Krypton in Chesapeake, VA is launching a new speed program. Their first six-week speed program starts Monday, January 6 and is limited to 20 participants. There will be an introduction class Monday, December 16 for athletes interested in signing up for the six-week program.
  • CROSSFIT KIDS — The next four-week long CrossFit Kids session at CrossFit Endless Summer in Chandler, AZ will start January 8. Open to kids aged 6 – 9, the class meets Mondays and Wednesdays. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Stephen Krofl back squats 395 pounds for a PR • Congratulations to Martha Bonilla on her 205 pound back squat for three PR • Corinne Cook improved her meet total to 214 pounds • Sean Hutchinson snatches 157 pounds for three.

…and Sara Sigmundsdottir makes the best game faces. 

Confirmed for Strength In Depth — CrossFit Mayhem Freedom is confirmed for CrossFit Strength in Depth taking place in London  January 24 – 26. Spectator tickets are still on sale. 

— The team roster consists of Rich Froning, Scott Panchik, Chyna Cho and Tasia Percevecz.

Confirmed for Rogue Invitational — Kara Saunders is confirmed for the Rogue Invitational.

West Coast Classic OUTWOD Prize Purse — The OUTWOD Championship at the West Coast CrossFit Classic in Del Mar, CA in March announced a prize purse for the competition.

— First: $1,500
— Second: $1,000
— Third: $500

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Online Qualifier — Registration for the is now open.

— Individual online qualifiers take place Wednesday, January 1 until Monday, January 13. 

— Team online qualifiers take place Wednesday, January 29  until Monday, February 10.

Volunteer registration is open as well. The main event takes place April 17-19, 2020 at the DC Armory in Washington, DC.

Granite Games 2020 Location Announced — Yesterday, Granite Games announced their 2020 location: Viking Lakes in Eagan, MN.

From the Couch to Crushing It in Four Weeks — Shane Trotter wrote an article for Breaking Muscle for those looking to get active again after a break, no matter how long, from their fitness.

— “This is a beginner’s plan for someone achy, aging, and/or in less than ideal physical shape. It might be a good transition from an injury back to moving or from forward after years of neglect to better health. It is a foundation, a beginning.

— “First let’s clarify: regardless of where you are and what your limitations, we all need some exercise. Every little bit helps. So where to begin. Working out is really complicated, right? I have almost 150 articles on Breaking Muscle, alone. There must be so much to know, right? Not really.”

Skill Development Forever with CrossFit — In a recent Email of the Day from CrossFit stressed the importance and the benefit of long-term skill development.

— “The CrossFit program aims to develop a fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. To truly pursue and attain this degree of fitness, athletes of all developmental levels should continually strive to learn and master new and more challenging skills.

— “The 10 general physical skills (or capacities), which provide one of CrossFit’s definitional models of fitness, suggest there is much to be gained from persistent and dedicated skill development.

— “We often continue to push ourselves and our clients in training — always seeking heavier loads and quicker times. However, it is less common, especially among more developed or advanced CrossFit athletes, to also continue to practice and push the limits of skill development and neurological adaptations.”


“The Case For Giving It All Away,” by Alyssa Royse, Morning Chalk Up 

One of few things that can froth up a frenzy as frantic as “Kill Cliff or FITAID” is the mere mention of discounts. Or, heaven forbid, free memberships. “Don’t devalue yourself,” the bravado warns. “It’s a slippery slope,” cry the cautious admonitions. “It’s unfair to your other members,” chides the churlish counsel.

Then there’s us, Rocket CrossFit. We’ve been giving it away from the get-go. We’re gonna’ continue to do so, because we’re running a really profitable business with a thriving community. Making sure that people have access to fitness is core to who we are as people. But also, it’s good for business.

Look, if free samples weren’t good business, neither drug dealers nor those people in Costco with their tasty bite-sized cocktail wieners would be handing them out to anyone who passes by. That said, “freebies” seem to fall into three distinct categories at Rocket CrossFit , and they all work for us.

Donations to charity.

We almost always say yes to the “will you donate to our auction” question. We are clear about our boundaries, but we donate to every school in our neighborhood. We donate to the organizations that our members are part of. These are the most successful for us because we know that the people who come through our doors are already connected to the community in some way, and those are the people who are most likely to stay, and pay, in the long run.

Our standard giveaway is a one-month membership, which can be our beginner series if someone has no experience, or a month of unlimited membership if they do. This has paid off in spades.


12/11 – 12/14: Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)
12/13 – 12/14: CFVN Christmas Team Battle (Varna, Bulgaria)
12/14: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD)
12/14: Inaugural 2019 Redemption Road Invitational (Limon, CO)
12/14: Angel Tree Games (Smithville, TN)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)
1/10: Left Coast Platfomr Party (Laguna Niguel, CA)
1/10 – 1/12: CrossFit Mayhem Classic (Cookeville, TN)
1/11: Unbroken Ocala (Ocala, FL)
1/11 – 1/12: CrossFit Mayhem Classic (Cookeville, TN)
1/18: The Force Wars 2020 (Pembroke Pines, FL)
1/18 – 1/19: CrossFit Krypton V.2 (Chesapeake, VA)
1/24 – 1/26: CrossFit Strength in Depth (London, UK)
1/25: Lost River Rumble II (Bowling Green, KY)
2/1: CrossFit Krypton’s Compete For a Cure (Chesapeake, VA)

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