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Dave Castro On The Games Future: “The Sky Is The Limit”

Morning Chalk Up

July 7


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Athena Perez has an inspirational story to tell, one that has been featured in the CrossFit Journal, and she has now published a book entitled Lifting the Wait, it’s available today. And, ten days ago Dave Castro talked with the boys on Talking Elite Fitness, the second half of the interview had some key insights; Tommy Marquez has more.

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“Sharing our stories is what helps us.” – Athena Perez


Athena Perez Loses 225 Pounds, Tells her Story in her New Book

 Athena Perez Loses 225 Pounds, Tells her Story in her New Book 

Today is a big day for 42-year-old CrossFit athlete Athena Perez: The kindle version of her new book Lifting The Wait will be released to the public. The paperback version will be available at the end of the month.

The book: Lifting the Wait tells the story of Perez’s abusive and traumatic childhood, her weight gain journey to 500 pounds in her 30s, and how she lost 225 pounds since starting CrossFit in 2017.

The details: As a child, Perez was abused by a stepmother, who often resorted to using food as punishment.

  • “Starvation was common. Force-feeding was common. Or sometimes she’d padlock the fridge, or lock me in my room and not feed me,” Perez said.
  • “One time, she locked me in my room for 10 days and fed me nothing but a piece of bread a day,” she added.

Events like this led Perez to start hiding and hoarding food because she didn’t know when her next meal was coming.

  • “In my closet, or in a drawer. It’s all I would think about — when I woke up until I went to bed — was how will I get my next meal,” she said.

Breaking free: When she was 11, Perez moved out of her step-mother and father’s house and moved in with her mother, a long haul truck driver.

Though food availability quickly normalized, the deep-rooted damage from years of abuse stuck with her, eventually leading the 5-foot-5 Perez to develop a food addiction and weigh what she thinks was possibly more than 500 pounds.

  • “I don’t even know what I was at my heaviest, but think it probably got up even higher than that,” said Perez, who needed two canes just to get around the house and spent her days popping painkillers because her body constantly ached.

Since starting CrossFit in March 2017 and changing her diet, and most importantly fixing her relationship with food, Perez has lost 225 pounds from her highest recorded weight.


Calling All Coaches! O2 Now Accepting New Coach Ambassadors.

Calling All Coaches! O2 Now Accepting New Coach Ambassadors.

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Dave Castro On The Games Future: “The Sky Is The Limit”

 Dave Castro On The Games Future: "The Sky Is The Limit" 

Ten days ago current CrossFit Inc. CEO Dave Castro joined the Talking Elite Fitness podcast for an interview where he opened up to share some of his thoughts on a variety of things including the current climate within the CrossFit community and the changes that CrossFit Inc. was going through as a result of the ownership change. In the latter half of the podcast, Castro touched upon some of the protocol being put into place for the 2020 Games, as well as the future of the sport and some potential changes that the season format could see going forward under the new regime.

This year’s Games include a COVID-19 plan being developed by the CrossFit Games medical team and includes guidance by the General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh. The plan includes testing athletes prior to arrival and being exposed to staff and other athletes as well as testing throughout the competition.

  • The athlete hotel will be a “clean area,” and athletes will be transported accordingly to and from the competition at the Ranch in Aromas each day for their events with proper social distancing guidelines being maintained as well.

Castro also revealed that on a zoom call earlier in the week with the invited athletes that there wouldn’t be any cuts during the competition. The field of 30 men, and 30 women has already been drastically cut down due to the pandemic restrictions.

  • Castro: “On a call with the athletes, I told them there was going to be no cuts, because I really want them to feel the entirety of the weekend, and the pain.”
  • Castro also added that the decision for no cuts wasn’t fully set in stone due to him still finishing the process of programming the Games for the new location in Aromas, but that he was leaning more towards having no cuts.

Regarding the current season structure Castro revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the way the season was currently laid out and that some improvements could be made — lamenting the innumerable yet confusing ways that people could qualify, and the seemingly diluted fitness level of those deemed Games athletes as a result.





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