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Day One of CrossFit Filthy 150 is a Wrap

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This is Jessica Danger filling in for Justin LoFranco, your Editor-in-Chief, to bring you a quick wrap-up of the major news items throughout the week.

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Buckle Up, Sanctionals Are Here

This weekend marks the start of the 2020 CrossFit Sanctional season. Morning Chalk Up is in Dublin, Ireland covering the CrossFit Filthy 150, the inaugural Sanctional of this season.

Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland are covering events, with Justin LoFranco providing athlete interviews and reporting throughout the days events.

As Tommy Marquez wrote in his article “Sanctionals, Start Your Engines” earlier this week, 18 different countries will host 27 events this season. And the full slate of Sanctionals will run for 32 weeks in total. Take note, that’s longer than the full seasons of the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

In total, there will be 81 days of live competition adding up to about 500 hours of competitive CrossFit and, as of today, Morning Chalk Up will be at 10 Sanctionals in 9 different countries bringing comprehensive coverage each day.

That’s a lot of CrossFit, folks. Here we go.

In fitness,

Jessica Danger
Managing Editor

How One Woman is Using CrossFit to Break Barriers in the Middle East
Niki Brazier

Noor Dajani balances CrossFit, coaching, starting a business, raising two kids, and training for a marathon half a world away from her home. Now she’s launching MePower – a program focusing on both physical and mental health, hoping to help others create better, happier, healthier lives. 

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LawFit: Serving Free Alcohol at Your Box May Not Be Legal
Daniel Nides, J.D.

As box owners, providing your members with free beer after Murph or wine on yoga night is a great way to attract people to the event and build your community. But, is this activity legal, or does your box need an alcohol beverage license?

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Catching Up with Sara Sigmundsdottir, the Unofficial CrossFit Open Champion
Morning Chalk Up

Coming off her second straight win unofficially of the CrossFit Open, Sara Sigmundsdottir sat down with Morning Chalk Up’s Editor-in-Chief to chat about the Open, going head-to-head with Annie Thorisdottir, Sanctionals plans, and coaching changes.

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But Does Your Mother’s Medical Group Pay For CrossFit?
Jessica Danger

Jon Levell has coached at CrossFit by Overload in Murrieta, CA since 2009. But before coaching all afternoon and evening, Levell goes to his day job as a business manager in the Loma Linda Hospital System. And then, about six months ago, Levell had an idea. What if he blended both jobs together?

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Back Pain and Burnout: The Explained (and Unexplained) Absences From The Open
Brittney Kleyn

300 days is the approximate length of the 2020 CrossFit Games Season from the start of the Open to what’s likely to be the end of the Games in Madison next August. Some athletes are tapping out of the season while others are forming a plan for a season that’s longer than anything we’ve seen before.

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“My reps were a little bit borderline – I just accepted it”: Pistols Lead To Penalties in 20.4
Brittney Kleyn and Chad Schroeder

CrossFit HQ announced the final review of the top 40 athletes’ 20.4 video submission and doled out 11 minor penalties and two major ones. Cedric Lapointe, who was actually minutes from stepping onto the floor for event 2 of competition at Filthy 150 when the news broke, received his second major penalty of the CrossFit Open.

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THINGS TO WIN: A Trip to Workout With The Champ
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Yesterday, the 2020 Season officially kicked off with Day 1 of the CrossFit Filthy 150. Morning Chalk Up is on the ground, giving you end-to-end coverage of the event. Here’s what we got so far.

  1. Here’s our Filthy 150 Day 1 Recap.
  2. We caught up with Sara Sigmundsdottir after her event winning 210 pound snatch.
  3. Cedric Lapointe, who is in Ireland competing, got word that his 20.4 score received a penalty. Morning Chalk Up got his response
  4. Sean Sweeney snatched 270 pounds on the comp floor. 
  5. Dan Bailey snatched 264 pounds in Event 3, a 30 pound post-surgery PR.
  6. Here’s how the leaderboard shook out at the end of Day One. 
  7. Follow along all weekend. Here’s how to watch and the schedule for each day. 
Oh and let’s not forget…

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