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Does a CrossFit Coach Need to Look Fit?

Morning Chalk Up

October 1

Ascent Protein

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Rogue Fitness is hiring and have not only extended their stimulus wages through November 1 but are also offering some cool benefits, learn more below. And, O2 and Community Coalition brands are back at it again, re-upping their 50/50 profit-sharing program for affiliate owners from last spring and offering even more incentives and promotions.

  • Also, do you need to “look fit” to be a fitness coach? Hilary Achauer finds out more from Athena Perez.

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“Life is imperfect. Problems do exist. But many of them are only problems because you choose to see them that way. They go away as soon as you stop seeing them or imagining them as problems.” – Brain Kight


Rogue Stimulus Increases Min Wage to 3x National Average

  Rogue Stimulus Increases Min Wage to 3x National Average  

Rogue Fitness, the leading manufacturer and distributor of strength and conditioning equipment, announced their second rate hourly wage increase in recent months to help put more money in the pockets of their hourly employees. The most recent bump increases the base pay for hourly employees a total of $9 an hour, which brings the minimum hourly wage for Rogue employees to $25, or 3x the national average.

  • The national minimum hourly wage is $7.25.
  • Ohio’s minimum wage is $8.55.
  • Rogue Fitness’ is $25.

Bill Heninger, Rogue Fitness Founder/Owner: “We have always invested in our people and in equipment. Over the past 6 months, this investment has been substantial and we wanted to make sure that the 1200 people working at Rogue were paid for their hard work. We want the people that work here to be proud of what they do and to be able to provide for their families. This has always been a priority and that will never change.


Electrolytes And 20g Protein, All In 100 Calories

Ascent Protein
Electrolytes And 20g Protein, All In 100 Calories

Recovery never looked so easy and tasted so good.

As you’re finishing a workout, remember Ascent’s Recovery Water is the easiest way to fuel your body and rehydrate. 

Each bottle Recovery Water contains 20g of clean protein. No need to add water, mix or prepare. Recovery Water is ready to drink with 0 artificial ingredients in only 100 calories.

This ready-to-go beverage is boosted with electrolytes to keep you hydrated as you finish an intense workout. No hassle, no preparation needed, just clean protein that is ready to drink.

Try Recovery Water Today. 


O2 and the Community Coalition Deliver a Fall 50/50 Pledge to Consumers and Affiliate Owners for October

  O2 and the Community Coalition Deliver a Fall 50/50 Pledge to Consumers and Affiliate Owners for October  

Last spring, the fitness community faced a nearly unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gym members banded together to hold fundraisers to help their gym owners, while the owners themselves held online classes and activities to keep their communities active and united. At the same time, a group of brands rooted in fitness created the Community Coalition to share profits with local gyms in an effort to stave off economic hardship.

Remind me: Led by O2, Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear Komplex, the Community Coalition offered local gym owners a 50% share in all of the online purchases made by the members of their gyms. All athletes had to do was enter their gym’s unique coupon code at checkout while shopping with any of these brands and 50% of the profits of the sale would be returned to their gym.



Does a CrossFit Coach Need to Look Fit?

  Does a CrossFit Coach Need to Look Fit?  

In 2014 a woman started CrossFit. She loved it. She lost weight and got in shape, and after a while, she approached the owner of her gym about attending a Level 1 Seminar so she could eventually become a coach.  

  • “(The owner) told me I might want to wait until I weighed less because she wanted to make sure I could pass the physical part of the test,” the woman said.

The owner knew something this woman didn’t — the Level 1 Seminar doesn’t have a physical test.  


Can Dave Find the Tip of the Spear Again?

  Can Dave Find the Tip of the Spear Again?  



How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

On this episode of Pursuing Health, Drs. Julie Foucher-Urcuyo and Dani Urcuyo undertake an experiment to determine the cost of fast food vs. whole food purchased at a grocery store. And, they provide some great resources for eating real food on a budget, including a budget-friendly real food meal plan you can download for free.

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Sober October With Ritual Zero Proof

Sober October is hard, but Ritual makes it easier. Our spirit alternatives capture the flavor and sensation of tequila, whiskey and gin, but without the alcohol. So you can still enjoy a great cocktail without the booze. Experience deeper sleep, better workouts, elevated mood and improved overall health when you take a month away from alcohol. Use promo code “MCUOCTOBER15” for 15% off and free shipping.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Your Rope Climb Efficiency

One of the most common flaws athletes have in rope climbs is not locking their feet tight enough on the rope. As the athlete stands, their feet slide down a bit — that means more pulls and less efficiency. Take a look at this quick video from MisFit Athletics and learn how to lock your feet in place.

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The Nano 9 For Just $70

We have an exclusive discount code for our U.S. subscribers that will drop the price of the Nano 9 to just $70. Shop now and use the code “FRIEND” through October 8 and get the Nano 9 for just $70.

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Pumpkin Bread with Maple Glaze

We are loving fall flavors right now and this recipe definitely fits the bill. This pumpkin bread is made with an entire can of pumpkin puree and loaded with pumpkin pie spices and sweetened with pure maple syrup. And it has an addictive maple glaze. Here’s a tip: use the same recipe for delicious pumpkin muffins!





Good Read: Doing Less with More

In a featured story on the Nike App, Adaptive Training Academy co-founder and Nike sponsored athlete Logan Aldridge provides some insights into how he maintains a growth mindset and positive outlook, and it’s a pretty good read. Here are a few takeaways:

  • On limitations: “We are far more capable than we believe.”
  • On maintaining a growth mindset: Aldridge suggests swapping out “I have to” with “I get to,” as in “I get to go workout” instead of “I have to go workout.” In this way, we focus on an appreciation of our physical abilities as opposed to another task to check off a to-do list.
  • On finding balance: Aldridge uses yoga to balance out his strength training. He said, “We need that mind and body balance to help us work through discomfort and release stress, both physical and emotional.”

Be sure to check out the full piece by downloading the free Nike app.

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