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Does USA Have to Watch Its Back in Affiliate Cup?

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Happy Thursday Morning Chalk Up readers! Get the ice cream cake and light the candles — it’s a big day for birthdays and anniversaries in the CrossFit community. I mean honestly, who doesn’t need a good reason to eat cake on a Thursday 🍰🍰🍰?

In today’s edition:

  • Catching up with Josh Bridges ahead of boxing match with Jacob Heppner.
  • European and Oceanic Teams make a return to the podium.
  • From brain surgery to top 100 in the Age Group Online Qualifier.
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  Preparing to Box Heppner, Bridges Brings Athletes Mindset to Startup World 

Preparing to Box Heppner, Bridges Brings Athletes Mindset to Startup World

“Regularly learn and play new sports,” CrossFit’s founder Greg Glassman famously wrote back in 2002 in his “Fitness in 100 Words” manifesto.

Two former top CrossFit Games athletes are taking that message to heart as they prepare to square off in an amateur boxing match in September that will be broadcast live worldwide. The fight night also includes bouts with the World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson and world-record holding powerlifter Stefi Cohen.

“I’m really enjoying learning the new sport,” Josh Bridges told the Morning Chalk Up in a sit down interview. “Every day I go in and I figure something else out. It’s really fun.”

The six-time CrossFit Games athlete recently took up boxing after years of competitive CrossFit training.

“I thought it was going to transition better. Boxing is very cardio based. It’s a skill set. It’s much more of a skill set than I thought it was to be honest. I have so much more appreciation for these athletes, these boxers.”

“It takes dedication, it takes a lot of courage to go into the ring no matter who you are,” Bridges said.

Boxing, however, isn’t the only new development in Bridges’ career. He also launched a direct to consumer coffee subscription startup — Good Dudes Coffee Co.

“It’s cool to take the mindset we have for your athletic career, just wanting to be the best at everything you do and pushing it into the business world. Having to transition from trying to be physically the best at something to ‘I want to run the best coffee company.’ It’s been cool. It’s been fun.”

The company currently offers five different roasts in 12oz and five-pound bulk bags. They also recently launched 6-pack and 12-pack Snapchilled canned coffee.

How Do You Test a Pair of Grips?

How Do You Test a Pair of Grips?

Try some pull-ups? See how they handle sweat? Set them alight with a flamethrower?

No one can say Jacob Heppner’s method isn’t thorough.

  • The Test: Heppner set out to find the comfiest, most durable grips around. He put 25 popular grips through tests such as weighted pull-ups, a saltwater soak, getting blown up, flamethrowers, the corgi test, and how fast the customer service was.

After he was done, there was only one clear winner.

Reyllen’s Bumblebee X Grips blew the competition away with their durability, comfort, and customer service.

Give them a try today and see for yourself why they’re Heppner’s number one.



  • Brooke Wells elbow update: After getting an MRI of her elbow and having experts look at the results, Wells has a complete tear of the muscle and ligaments on the inner side of her elbow which caused the dislocation. Now she will prepare for surgery before recovering and getting back into the sport that she loves.
    • Wells: “A high-grade tear of the lateral collateral, and the flexer tendon was pulled of the bone. There was no fracture, or no surface damage to the joint…Through a thorough process, my team and I have identified the doctor that who will complete reconstructive surgery (Tommy-John) to stabilize my elbow, along with tendon flexor surgery. All the doctors who reviewed my injury expect a FULL RECOVERY.”
  • Games recaps continue: This time Brent Fikowski is here with the fun recap of Event 4, the thrusters and wall walks.
    • Fikowski: “I could tell some of the athletes were tired which always brings me joy, like a shark tasting blood in the water. Times like these are great opportunities to rack up a good chunk of sneaky points. This last event was indoors so I thought it’d be cooler. I was wrong. It was hot and humid in the stadium that day my friends…”
    • After a race between him and Justin Medeiros, he says he stopped trying to catch him in the round of six or seven and decided he would be happy if he just stayed ahead of Saxon Panchik. Fikowski finished third overall in the event.


  • Rogue Invitation tickets are on sale now. The event will take place at Dell Diamond in the greater Austin Texas area from October 29-31.
    • NEW THIS YEAR: Every ticket purchased increases the prize purse that will be paid out to Rogue Invitational athletes.
  Rich Jaure Finds Meaning in Life-Threatening Injury 

Rich Jaure Finds Meaning in Life-Threatening Injury

17-year-old Rich Jaure might strike you as a typical CrossFit teen. He’s one of many that have flocked to the sport in the last six years since the induction of the CrossFit Games teen division. Jaure could talk for hours about Semifinals programming and the athletes he looks up to as he hopes to one day make CrossFit a career in the individual side of the sport.

But placing 83rd in the 2021 Age Group Online Qualifier was anything but extraordinary for this Arizona native. Just three years ago he was rushed to the hospital for emergency brain surgery.

The crash: Just days after placing 55th in his first AGOQ at age 14, Jaure was riding ATV’s with his friends when tragedy struck.

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  European and Oceanic Teams Show Up Big at the Affiliate Cup for the First Time Since 2016 


European and Oceanic Teams Show Up Big at the Affiliate Cup for the First Time Since 2016

There’s been some talk, though perhaps not as much as could be expected, of the breakthrough CrossFit Oslo (second place) and CrossFit Genas (third place) as they became the first two European teams to podium at the CrossFit Games this year.

Sometimes when two people or groups achieve something simultaneously, both get a little less attention than either would have independently. In this case, in addition to this phenomenal accomplishment by these two affiliates, the continents of Europe and Oceania both showed up on the leaderboard in ways we haven’t seen (arguably ever), but at least since 2016.



Ben Bergeron on CompTrain's Games Performance

There's been a whole lot of discussion about how training camps performed at the Games this year. Listen to Ben Bergeron's thoughts on how he felt CompTrain performed overall, the Games programming, and the future of CrossFit as a sport.



Three Drills to Build Your Lat Strength

Slabs of muscle in your back may not be a priority for looking good in the mirror, but building your lats is the fastest way to improve your toes to bar, pull-ups, muscle-ups, and just about every gymnastic pulling movement going. Add these three drills into your accessory work post-workout to start developing your lats.



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Southwestern Chicken and Rice Foil Packets

Cooking in foil packets is awesome. It keeps all the flavor inside, you can cook everything in one go, and there's zero clean-up afterward. Just throw chicken, rice, bell pepper, onion, and black beans into a foil packet with some spices and dinner is served.


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