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A finite number of heartbeats…

Good morning! This is the Morning Chalk Up, your daily roundup of the fittest news in the CrossFit® world.



“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” — Neil Armstrong




October 15: The Crush Games
October 15: The MIA Weightlifting Classic (Miami, FL)
October 22: The Zombie Games (San Diego, CA)
October 24: Wodapalooza Online Qualifier for teams starts
October 30: Battle of the Beasts (Colchester, UK)
November 3: CrossFit Liftoff
November 20: CrossFit Invitational (Toronto, Canada)

CASCADE CLASSIC — Podium finishers from the Cascade Classic this weekend — Men: 1. Alex Anderson 2. Jordan Cook 3. George Sanchez. Women: 1. Alexis Johnson 2. Margaux Alvarez 3. Chelsea Nichols. Final individual workout: For time: 9-6-3 bar muscle-up, triple-unders, thrusters @ 185/125. Quick look at some triple-unders from the final event. Over on the team side, Team Blonyx (Carleen Mathews, Cam Pernich, Allan Dunlap, Marah Baker). Here’s a quick look at the final team event. Honorable mention toOJ Washington of Bear Republic CrossFit in San Diego for placing 14th.

Scott Panchik hits a 310 pound snatch PR in Puerto Rico. BK Gudmundssonhang snatches 265 pounds. Alyssa Ritchey went horseback riding. Dani Sidell has a couple open spots for her customized programmingMattie Rogers went 6 for 6 this weekend and set a new American University Record with a 101kg snatch. CrossFit athletes aren’t just all about fitness, Kate Brierley is learning to play a new song on the guitar each week. Katrin Davidsdottir went picking apples this weekend. Kristin Holte took 1stand Thuri Helgadottir placed 3rd at the Aphrodite Games in Cyprus.

CrossFit Games 2017? — During a Facebook Live session on Friday, Dave Castro said the announcement for the next Games location could come in the next 2-3 weeks.


IN 2 MINUTES — CrossFit Inc’s day in court explained by Russell Berger: “Despite continual efforts from our competitors to paint CrossFit as an extreme, dangerous fitness program, CrossFit Inc. has been to trial to defend itself against personal injury lawsuits only twice.” Reebok gave away free Z Prints in Washington, D.C. to the first 500 people to take a selfie. Inc. curates the best Greg Glassman one-liners from last week’s iConic Boston conference: “It’s about exercise and it’s about nutrition. The way the public was working out was ridiculous, and the way they were eating was fatal.” An elementary school PE teacher in the same county as Rich Froning is incorporating CrossFit Kids training into his classes.

“Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t…” — A 34-year-old married mother of two, who’s leg was amputated from the knee down, reflects on competing in the Rio Paralympics. Natalie Bieule was an adaptive CrossFit athlete even before taking up the discus, placing 12th at the 2013 Wodapalooza. “Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t. The only limits that anybody’s going to set on me are the limits that I set on myself, and I don’t want to set any limits.”

Affiliate Corner — More than 200 people donated blood this weekend at NC Fit’s first annual blood drive. Athletes from CrossFit Loop in Castle Rock, CO raised nearly $2,300 this weekend for a deputy shot in the line of duty. Three hundred athletes, making up 23 teams combined together at CrossFit SCV in Santa Clarita, CA to row a marathon, raising nearly $20,000 for Miriam Alvarado, a single mother of four who was diagnosed with cancer. One Los Angeles PD team member competed in full police uniform, including a bullet-proof.



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Are high-volume or heavy kettlebell swings taking all your grip strength? TryJason Khalipa’s tip of re-gripping at the top to give your forearms a break. For those trying to improve their handstand walks, this is how Jason Khalipa practiced for the 2014 Regionals. Hey gym hero, even Camille Leblanc-Bazinet warms up with swings before hitting muscle-ups.
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