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First Look: The Reebok Nano X

Morning Chalk Up

April 14


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The elephant in the room right now is what will happen to the 2020 CrossFit Games and Tommy Marquez has some ideas. And, the Reebok Nano X is coming, the Morning Chalk Up got early access and Editor-in-Chief, Justin LoFranco, has a preview. Today:

  • The 2020 CrossFit Games: Contingency Plans.
  • Ten years in and Reebok releases the Nano X, we have the preview.
  • Coach Glassman has been hosting Zoom calls with affiliate owners, Patrick Clark offers some insight.

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“Perhaps catastrophe is the natural human environment, and even though we spend a good deal of energy trying to get away from it, we are programmed for survival amid catastrophe.” – Germaine Greer


The Question on Everyone’s Mind: What Will Happen to the 2020 CrossFit Games?

  The Question on Everyone’s Mind: What Will Happen to the 2020 CrossFit Games?  

After a tumultuous month of postponements and season adjustments, things seemed to be calming down a bit as the community hunkered down amid shelter in place and social distancing orders. Suddenly, the cancellation of multiple Sanctionals and one big tweet from the CrossFit Games came crashing down like a flying elbow drop from Macho Man Randy Savage. With nothing on the horizon until June when the Rogue Invitational takes things online, one big question remains that could drastically alter how the rest of the season unfolds. 

What will the 2020 CrossFit Games look like?

So far there has been little in the way of clues as to how the Games could change course. Dave Castro stated via podcast interview that the Games team was evaluating all possible options and that the time to make a decision was closing in. In the meantime three of the original Sanctionals — the French Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown and Rogue Invitational (now online, no Games invite) — and another on the way have canceled their 2020 sanctioned events and have begun looking towards the 2021 season. Then this happened: 

A definitive statement of this nature from CrossFit Inc. is huge. The remaining Sanctionals tentatively planned for this season are undoubtedly moving forward with the hopes that the Games take place and this type of statement should assuage some of the worry about the season. The tweet still begs the question of how the Games will take place, and it’s worth looking critically at the other options on the table.

Option 1: Location change.

Moving the 2020 Games would most likely be towards the bottom of the list of options for the Games if push came to shove, but there are a handful of options that could be used such as the Ranch in Aromas. 

  • The Good: There is the obvious benefit of actually having the competition take place in person and keeping the continuity of the CrossFit Games’ history intact, but if the Games move to an entirely new location, that Opens up a new host of possibilities for programming and a new audience if fans are actually allowed to spectate. For nostalgia’s sake, hosting the Games at the Ranch would be a fun alternative that harkens back to the sports roots in a time of dire need. Current Games qualifiers would get to see their CrossFit Games dreams realized in an entirely unique fashion that wouldn’t necessarily cheapen the experience given the circumstances. Athletes like Mat Fraser, and Tia-Clair Toomey would be able to continue their legacy through live competition and not let a year of their primes go by the wayside.

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FIRST LOOK: The New Reebok Nano X

  FIRST LOOK: The New Reebok Nano X  

Reebok just unveiled the first look of the 10th-anniversary edition of the iconic CrossFit training shoe — the Nano X. While the shoe won’t be available to the general public until May 5 — April 28 for Reebok UNLOCKED members — Morning Chalk Up was granted early access to “it’s most versatile trainer yet,” which comes about 11 months after the Nano 9.0 was released.

  • Tal Short, Senior Product Manager of Training Footwear at Reebok: “We’ve innovated the Nano for ten years to reach the standards set by the loyal Nano community. We listened to athletes of all levels from around the world for guidance throughout the Nano X creation process. The result is a shoe that represents a decade of dedication that we are excited to offer to a fitness community well beyond just the box.”

What you need to know:

  • Release date: Public access to purchase the official CrossFit shoe will begin May 5, but Reebok UNLOCKED members can start purchasing on April 28.
  • Nine colorways will be available to choose from.
  • Reebok launched its Home Fitness Hub that features free workouts, tips and advice from trainers and is the best place to get ideas for how to use your Nanos.

One other thing: This could be the final year of an exclusive CrossFit shoe? This time next year, Reebok’s contract granting it exclusive rights to use the CrossFit mark on apparel will have expired. Founder Greg Glassman has previously expressed that he no longer wants to offer exclusive licensing to apparel companies and envisioned multiple companies creating a line of CrossFit shoes.


Glassman Hosting Zoom Discussion Groups with Affiliate Owners

  Glassman Hosting Zoom Discussion Groups with Affiliate Owners  

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman hosted another Zoom video chat with a select group of US affiliate owners for a Zoom video chat on the current state of affairs on April 10. CrossFit’s founder has been hosting these video chats since at least the third week of March. During the hour-plus-long open forum on Friday morning, Glassman, as well as a handful of CFHQ staff members, asked and answered questions from the affiliate owners.

Setting the scene: The Zoom chat room featured twenty attendees including Glassman, Director of Affiliate Relations Kathy Glassman, Executive Director of Media Sevan Matossian, Executive Director of Training and Certification Nicole Carroll as well as a doctor that represented CrossFit Health.

Key points highlighted from the meeting according to two owners on the call:

  • Glassman wanted to check the pulse of the affiliate community, including how they were handling the current situation in terms of members and membership. Glassman asked what creative ways affiliates were keeping members engaged while providing value.
  • Focusing on the community that each affiliate fostered has always been the key to success, especially during these current and uncertain times. He stated just like CrossFit’s core system, all affiliates seem to be doing things similar but with their own twist. Community, though, is the prevalent focus.
  • The communities in quarantine should take advantage of their time by moving their bodies multiple times a day but at a lower intensity and volume.
  • All affiliates and their coaches should be sharing their fitness knowledge not just with their members but to those outside the community who are struggling to stay active during these times. Michael Martinez, the owner of CrossFit Optimistic, is one of many affiliate owners who have been doing this since the pandemic reached US soil. He goes live on his public Facebook page daily where he and his wife and gym manager, Angelina, discuss fitness, how to stay motivated and other topics.



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  Morning Chalk Up  



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Are You Prepared to Accelerate Out of the Downturn?


Are You Prepared to Accelerate Out of the Downturn?

In this episode of Open Gym, Patrick Cummings talks with Dan Uyemura, the CEO of the software company Push Press. When gyms started closing their doors, the Push Press team worked quickly to build a Gym Survival Guide to help. Here’s his take on where we are and where we’re headed.

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Training Resources around the CrossFit Community

Here are a few new online training resources that have come across our desk recently, as well as a local effort to give back to affiliates in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Rx Smart Gear Double Under Tutorial: Every Tuesday in April, Rx Smart Gear will post one part of the “Rx Method Comprehensive Double Under Tutorial” on Instagram and YouTube. And, they will also host a live Q&A every Thursday through the month. CEO and Founder, David Newman‘s goal is to give everyone the gift of double-unders while they stay home and stay healthy.
  • Reebok Home Fitness Hub: The team at Reebok knows how critical endorphins are for one’s physical and mental health, especially in stressful times and as such, they have launched the Reebok Home Fitness Hub. It features free workouts, tips, advice from their trainers and much more.
  • The Training Think Tank Quarantine Machine: The coaches at Training Think Tank recognized that it isn’t possible for many to buy or rent barbells and racks, and even if it was, many don’t have space for it. So, they created a video tutorial to teach you how to build a cheap and effective platform, called the “Quarantine Machine” to help people stay strong. They are also giving away a free movement library so people can learn which isometric holds to train on the platform. 
  • United Mettle: A local Philadelphia apparel and gear distribution company, United Mettle, runs nine pro-shops in CrossFit boxes in the Philadelphia area. All of them are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in response, United Mettle has shifted to their online affiliate program and will double all the sales commissions they pay to their boxes. Even as a small company, they are doing what they can to support their local community.
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