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FITAID, Community Rally to Support Athlete Denied Prize Purse

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Imagine walking into a store with 50 cents. Could you even buy anything with that these days?

Actually — YES!

For less than 50 cents a day, you can get daily personalized mobility exercises — curated by Dr. Kelly Starrett himself. If you don’t know Kelly, he’s coached champions in the CrossFit Games, UFC, Olympics and more on their mobility.

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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” — Albert Einstein

Racing With Purpose: Charity, Struggle, and Plenty of Mud in Kauai


It’s just after sunrise on Saturday morning in the Omao region of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The normally quiet and peaceful private lands of the Knudsen Trust spanning roughly 3,000 acres on the south side of the island are already bustling and filled with energy. People from all over the world are congregating and getting ready for the 6th annual Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run (UHTR). 

The run – which offers two separate 5k courses, and a challenging 10k course – is a charity race event that serves as the primary fundraiser for the Kauai based Keala Foundation, a non-profit providing CrossFit, food, and transportation free of charge to the children of the island. Each year, some of the biggest names in the CrossFit space including athletes, coaches, and companies, make a pilgrimage to the island in support of the trail run and the foundation. 

Built On Suffering

The UHTR and Keala Foundation were both birthed from the need to combat the often overlooked issue of drug and alcohol abuse that plagues the island. 

  • Hawaii has the highest rate of methamphetamine use in the United States.
  • Polling found that 9% of high school-aged males in Hawaii had used cocaine, which is 50% above the national average. 
  • A quarter of high school students in Hawaii admit to using e-cigarettes and other electronic vaping products, nearly double the national average.
  • In 2017, Hawaii had a suicide rate of 15.2 deaths per 100,000 people, nearly double its rate from 2005 and the second highest in the country,

Known to most as an island paradise that plays host to vacations or honeymoons, Kauai and the state of Hawaii as a whole have developed an underlying substance abuse issue that has worked its way down to the youth of the island. This trend ultimately led Aaron Hoff, to start both the UHTR and the Keala Foundation in hopes of tackling the problem head-on. 

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FITAID, Community Rally to Support Athlete Denied Prize Purse


Yesterday morning, we published a story about Irish athlete Cliona NíCheallacháin NicChárthaigh who was denied her second-place prize purse because she was unable to stick around for the podium ceremony because she had to catch a flight. 

Read the story.

It’s important to note:

  • The event was running at least 45 minutes behind schedule as we can see by matching the time of the live podium video with the time on the schedule.
  • Cliona had two flight options home from Madrid to Dublin: the 5:15 PM and another flight that would arrive at 12:30 AM Monday. Cliona lives in Cork where she’s a teacher and it’s a 3-hour drive from Dublin. 
  • She informed who she thought was the head judge prior to leaving. He took down her info and said it was OK. 
  • After being told her prize package, including €300 in cash, would be denied because she failed to show up at the ceremony, she asked if her friend still in Madrid could pick it up along with her 2nd place placard. Her request was never responded to. 
  • The rulebook states that you must be present to claim your prize: “In case of personal absence, from the finalists to the final ceremony and rise to the podium, said athlete will lose the right to the delivery of the prizes in cash and as to the pack of the established brands. Having only the right to the trophy.”

So yesterday, FITAID announced they would cover the full amount of her unpaid prize purse, “FITAID is thrilled to support @_clipee by covering the full amount of her unpaid winner’s purse as the 2nd-place finisher at Madrid’s @spanishthrowdown. Congratulations, girl! You deserve every penny.”

Meanwhile, we partnered with Noah Ohlsen and started a gofundme page to rally the broader community together to support Cliona. You guys did not disappoint. 

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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is powered by


Daily Mobility Exercises for 50 Cents a Day

magine walking into a store with 50 cents. Could you even buy anything with that these days?

Actually — YES!

For less than 50 cents a day, you can get daily personalized mobility exercises — curated by Dr. Kelly Starrett himself. If you don’t know Kelly, he’s coached champions in the CrossFit Games, UFC, Olympics and more on their mobility.

Kelly’s new Virtual Mobility Coach program is only $14.99 a month. But if you sign up now, you can try it free for two full weeks.

Chalk Up Community

  • COMMUNITY HONORS INFANT — Members of CrossFit Cape Coral and CrossFit Salvation, both in the Cape Coral, FL community, banded together to raise $3,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and honor little Ariya Jennings who lost her twenty-month battle to leukemia. She was diagnosed at list 7-months-old. 
  • RUCK YOUR BALLS OFF — Barbells for Bullies is partnering with GORUCK to raise awareness for the importance of spray/neuter programs for pups. The month-long event kicks off November 1

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Spencer Panchik hits three 285 pound snatches within 70 seconds • Congratulations to Nicole Roggow (formerly Capurso) on the birth of her baby girl, Reign Marie Roggow • Jaimon Mogard unofficially bench presses 15 pounds over the USA Powerlifting record for 9-year-olds • Morgan McCullough sets a new youth American record with a 190kg/418 pound clean and jerk • Stacia-Al Mahoe cleans 210 pounds • Manon Lesur front squats 245 pounds for two • Leah Casciano hits a 260 pound squat clean. 

…and if you like PRs and big lifts then we’d recommend following Chalk Up Highlights.

LONG READ…Jen Curran writing in Glamour magazine on her post-partum experience with her doctor prescribing her weight loss when she really had multiple myeloma. 

— “‘Take the baby out for walks, eat less salt, nothing from a box, eat plants,’ she instructed. She didn’t have to explain it to me. As a 38-year-old woman, I was painfully well-versed in how to lose weight. From the media to my own family, the world constantly encouraged me to stay obsessed with my size, and like literally every other American woman I knew, I’d spent a lifetime consumed by how I looked, and haunted by the number on the scale. It was inescapable.

— “I didn’t want to sound defensive, so I didn’t tell her that I already knew all about weight loss, or that I’d lost 115 pounds with diet and exercise at an earlier time in my life when my body image had been an emotional burden for me. I didn’t tell her that I lost that weight for vanity and to please my family, not for health reasons. I didn’t tell her my weight had never actually been a health issue for me, because I didn’t think she’d believe me. And I didn’t tell her that the idea of losing weight to fix this current problem sounded like a bunch of bullshit.

— “A few years earlier I’d made a decision to stop focusing on dieting, and I was genuinely happier for it. I’d already spent decades fixated on my body, always reaching to get rid of those next five pounds. I didn’t want to think about it anymore! I wanted to lift my focus up and away from my own belly button, and out toward the rest of the world.”


“More Early Sanctionals Invites Earned + Drug Failures” by Justin LoFranco

Another round of invites for the 2019-2020 Sanctionals season is going out this week after another local competition wrapped up where winners would receive direct invites to a Sanctional. The winners of Black Challenge MX in Mexico City, Mexico and FitLand in Bogotá, Colombia will also receive elite individual invites to the Mayan CrossFit Classic. 

  • A total of 10 individual and two team invites have been earned so far this year.

Here’s the kicker: Mauro Acevedo won both competitions, earning him an invite to compete at Mayan, but he failed a drug test at FitLand for Endurobol. His win at FitLand is invalidated, and his invitation revoked. Because there was not a drug test at Black Challenge, his overall win will remain but the Mayan invite is being passed to the number two Eder Carillo.

  • Acevedo openly admits to having used steroids when he first started CrossFit, including at the 2017 South Regionals when he competed with BIGG CrossFit Recoleta. They qualified for the Games by taking third at the South Regional.
  • As a qualifier, he would have been tested at Regionals but the test did not catch anything in his system.
  • “The first years of my career I tried to supplement myself without knowing so much about the subject, just listening and reading things without any advice. As time went by I realized that the use of steroids was not necessary, that it was only a matter of time and training to improve my weaknesses and strengths.” Translation provided by Google Translate.
  • “I take responsibility for my actions.”
  • He stopped using two years ago according to the Instagram post.

9/20 – 9/22: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola Beach, FL)
9/20 – 9/22: The Dakota Games (Fargo, ND)
9/21: Cry Me a River 2019 (Online)
9/21: 4th Annual CrossFit Co-Ed Classic Competition (East Brunswick, NJ)
9/21: Beers and Burpees (Charlotte, NC)
9/21: 7th Annual CFuNKY Throwdown Competition (Florence, KY)
9/21: 4th Annual Battle on the Border (New York, NY)
9/21: Under Armour Turf Games City Series (Los Angeles, CA)
9/21: Fall Jam 2019 (Columbus, OH)
9/21: 2019 GR Games (Grand Rapids, MI)
9/21: Girls Gone RX (Denver, CO)
9/21: The Partner Throwdown (Philadelphia, PA)
9/21: 2019 Arsenal Throwdown (Pittsburgh, PA)
9/21: Barbells for Bullies (Portland, OR)
9/21: Barbells for Bullies (Clearwater, FL)
9/21: Throwdown in the Triangle (Raleigh, NC)
9/21: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit 643 (Washington Township, NJ)
9/21: OUTWOD Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)
9/21 – 9/22: The Central Regional (Bettendorf, IA)
9/21 – 9/22: Southie Showdown (Boston, MA)
9/21 – 9/22: CrossFit Cascade Classic (Seattle, WA)
9/22: Caffeine & Kilos Invitational (Sacramento, CA)
9/26 – 9/28: Heart of America (Springfield, MO)
9/27 – 9/28: Autumn Games 4 (Albuquerque, NM) 
9/27 – 9/28: Battle at the Banks (Cincinnati, OH)
9/27 – 9/28: The Greenville Games (Greenville, SC)
9/28: 2019 Pound-4-Pound Competition (Denver, CO)
9/28: Masters of the Midway: Individual (Lake in the Hills, IL)
9/28: The Shipwreck 4 at Harbor Park CrossFit (Racine, WI)
9/28: Firewall Frenzy 2019 Partner Comp (Holliston, MA)
9/28: No Mans Land 5 (Painesville, OH)
9/28: Country Tuff Competition (Richfield, UT)
9/28: Can You Dig It Delaware (Delaware, OH)
9/28: Bloodline Barbell Brawl (Lehigh Acres, FL)
9/28: Bring The Heat X (Katy, TX)
9/28: Rookie Rollout 4 (San Diego, CA)
9/28: The Fat Man Little Boy Showdown (Oak Ridge, TN)
9/28: Battle Cancer Competition (Madrid, Spain)
9/28: Fight of the Elements (Gland, Switzerland)
9/28: 4th Annual Kilo CrushFest (Hampton, VA)
9/28 -9/29: Beer City Beatdown (Asheville, NC)
9/28: Masters of the DMV3 (Alexandria, VA)
9/28: OUTWOD Chicago (Chicago, IL)
9/28: OUTWOD Richmond (Richmond, VA)
9/28: OUTWOD Suffolk (Suffolk, NY)
9/28 – 9/30: Duality 2019 (San Antonio, TX)
9/29: Labor Of Love (Newington, CT)
9/28 – 9/29: CrossFit Krypton Training Camp (Chesapeake, VA)
10/3 – 10/21: Dubai CrossFit Challenge Online Qualifier (Online)
10/5: The Grit Games (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
10/5: Second Annual Sona Slam (Johnson City, NY)
10/5: Nashoba Learning Group FUNdraiser (Woburn, MA)
10/5: Horsepower Fundraiser Competition (Sunriver, OR)
10/6: Barbells and Babes Liftoff (Middletown, NY)
10/6: My Mommy is Stronger Than Your Mommy (Houston, TX)

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