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Four Sanctionals Join Second International Online Qualifier

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition is powered by the West Coast CrossFit Classic.

Fitness is back on the West Coast at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the former home of the West (California) Regional! Join us over the 20th-22nd of March 2020 for this exciting return to the original birthplace of CrossFit.

You too can get in on this CrossFit sanctioned event… With a ton of divisions, there’s an opportunity for all. Grab your spot as an individual or team of 3 before they sell out.


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Four Sanctionals Join Second International Online Qualifier


This season’s International Online Qualifier (IOQ) was the first of its kind, allowing four Sanctionals to join forces and streamline the qualification process under a unified banner that included six workouts over the course of three weeks. Now in 2020, the IOQ will return for round two, featuring four more sanctioned events happening in the latter half of the season.

  • The Dates: March 23 – April 1, 2020.
  • The Events: The Granite Games, Ashbury Park Summer Games, Madrid CrossFit Championship, Mayan CrossFit Classic.
  • The Cost: $20 per event, $80 total for all events involved.
  • Registration: Opens January 8, 2020.

The implications: The creation of a second IOQ brings the total number of Sanctionals involved in a qualifier collaboration to eight, or nearly a third of the season’s total. Increased collaboration amongst events has a host of benefits to all that are involved.

  • Dylan Malitsky, Loud and Live VP of Strategic Development: “It allows events and event organizers to save resources, and to amplify the message across multiple unique audiences, social or otherwise.”
  • Four of the five Loud and Live Sanctionals have joined in on the IOQ collaborations, with Wodapalooza being the only one that was involved in the first IOQ.

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CrossFit Games Misses Video Review Deadline


CrossFit HQ’s self-imposed deadline to finalize the Open rankings was missed Monday evening. The 2020 CrossFit Games rulebook gave the organization until 5:00 PM PT on Monday, December 16, to complete the video review process for both the top 20 and national champions and finalize the leaderboard.

  • Section 1.22: “Open rankings will not be finalized until the completion of the video review process on Dec. 16, 2019.”

One big thing: This means the leaderboard is NOT yet finalized and it’s possible for additional penalties or adjustments to occur.  We reached out to multiple athletes who qualified through the Open who confirmed that CrossFit has not communicated the delay or updated time frame with athletes, though some have been asked for additional videos. 

CrossFit Games staff said that the delay was due to delays in the review process and scoring adjustments but didn’t share a timeline for when the process would be complete. 

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Grab Your Spot For the West Coast CrossFit Classic

Fitness is back on the West Coast at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the former home of the West (California) Regional! Join us over the 20th-22nd of March 2020 for this exciting return to the original birthplace of CrossFit.

You too can get in on this CrossFit sanctioned event… With a ton of divisions, there’s an opportunity for all. Grab your spot as an individual or team of 3 before they sell out.

Chalk Up Community

  • LEFT COAST PLATFORM PARTY — Left Coast Weightlifting Club in Laguna Niguel, CA is having a platform party to kick off the new year on January 10 at 6:00 PM PT. Hit some lifts, have some drinks, stay for the BBQ and check out the weightlifting club.
  • COMPETE FOR A CURE — CrossFit Krypton in Chesapeake, VA is hosting Krypton’s Compete For a Cure on February 1. All proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy birthday Hayley Adams • Tia-Clair Toomey has joined the SteadyMD team • Kels Kiel shows what her ten-year transformation in CrossFit looks like • Anna Viggedal does three clean pulls and a clean at 199 pounds • Jordan Berroteran does two overhead squats at 355 pounds • Dane Smith power cleans 325 pounds.

Confirmed for Strength in Depth — Hayley Adams is confirmed for Strength in Depth. 

Confirmed for Atlas Games — Josh Gervais is confirmed for CrossFit Atlas Games, a Sanctional taking place in Montreal in March. 

Confirmed for Mayhem Classic — Saxon Panchik is confirmed for the Mayhem Classic. 

— Video submissions for all registered athletes in the Atlas CrossFit Games are due today by 9:00 AM PT. 

How to Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into a Business — On this week’s episode of the Brute Strength Podcast, host Michael Cazayoux welcomes John Berardi, the co-founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition coaching, education, and software company. The two discuss Berardi’s new book Change Maker, and how you can turn your passion for health into a successful career.


“Why Brent Fikowski Probably Isn’t Getting the Dubai Invite,” by Justin LoFranco, Morning Chalk Up

After four days of competition, 11 scored events the 2019 Dubai CrossFit Championship is over. In a field stacked with nearly 30 athletes already qualified, albeit unofficially, it can be a little hard to tell who will actually wind up with the Games invite.

Who’s already qualified (unofficially) for the CrossFit Games:

Men: Patrick Vellner, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson, Travis Mayer, Lefteris Theofanidis, Willy Georges, Jonne Koski, Elliot Simmonds, Alexandre Caron, Jeff Adler, Patrick Vellner, Zack George, Uldis Upeneiks, Roman Khrennikov, Jason Smith, Fabian Beneito, Karar Margrander, Mahmood Shalan and Lazar Dukic.
Women: Sara Sigmundsdottir, Jamie Greene, Karin Frey, Julie Hougard, Shahad Budebs, Lari Cunha, Gabriela Migala, Alessandra Pichelli, Emma Tall and Manon Angonese.

Why Fikowski probably won’t get the invite:

Fikowski finished 32nd in the Open, four spots away from a qualifying spot.
The three athletes ahead of him, but only two do not have spots: Sean Sweeney (29 — unqualified), Willy Georges (30 — France national champion), and Connor Duddy (31 — unqualified).
There are three athletes currently in qualifying spots that plan to compete on a team: Rich Froning (Mayhem Freedom), Brandon Luckett (Odd Squad) just qualified by winning SouthFit, and Roy Gamboa (MisFit P10 Performance) who just qualified by winning Dubai.
With those three athletes going team, that would mean Fikowski would secure an invite via the Open.


12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)
1/10 – 1/12: CrossFit Mayhem Classic (Cookeville, TN)
1/11: Unbroken Ocala (Ocala, FL)
1/11 – 1/12: CrossFit Mayhem Classic (Cookeville, TN)
1/11 – 12: Strongfit Fundamentals Course (San Diego, CA)
1/18: The Force Wars 2020 (Pembroke Pines, FL)
1/18: 3rd annual Battle For The Axe (Brainerd, MN)
1/18 – 1/19: CrossFit Krypton V.2 (Chesapeake, VA)
1/24 – 1/26: CrossFit Strength in Depth (London, UK)
1/25: Lost River Rumble II (Bowling Green, KY)
1/25: The Steeltown Throwdown (Sterling, IL)
2/1: Warrior Affiliate League Fantastic 4 (Chino Hills, CA)
2/1: Krypton’s Compete for a Cure (Chesapeake, VA)

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