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Fraser Soaks It In

Morning Chalk Up

August 6


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Three years ago today Mat Fraser stood on the competition floor of the CrossFit Games and completed the minimum work requirement of the Fibonacci Final. He set his kettle bells down, looked around the crowd and smiled. And everyone got goosebumps; we still do. Armen Hammer tells the story in today’s installment of “My Favorite CrossFit Games Moment.”

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August 6th, 2017 – Proof Positive

  August 6th, 2017 - Proof Positive  

Setting the Scene

Mat Fraser’s dominance wasn’t always a given. In 2014, Fraser finished second behind Rich Froning. In 2015, Fraser was the favorite coming into the competition but finished second behind Ben Smith.

In 2016, Fraser took the title and the crown, but his work wasn’t done. By the time the final event of the 2017 CrossFit Games began, Fraser had a record-setting 210 point lead. The only thing between him and his second consecutive CrossFit Games title was the minimum work requirement.

  • “Going into that event, everyone’s already patting me on the back since I’ve got enough points, but the job wasn’t done. There’s a very small chance that something could go wrong, but something could go wrong,” Fraser said.

The Significance of Two

Beyond the slim possibility that something would prevent him from completing the minimum work requirement, there was the very real pressure of becoming a repeat champion and proving his 2016 win wasn’t an accident.

  • “I’d won the Games one time, but can I repeat? From my perspective, [I wondered] did I win last year from a fluke? Did the workouts just line up for me?”

The Goosebump Moment

While Fraser doesn’t subscribe to the idea that a one-time champion’s victory is diminished without a second win, he knows there’s a lot of value in a definitive repeat championship.


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Eat More, Train Less: Jenn Ryan’s Advice for Masters Athletes

  Eat More, Train Less: Jenn Ryan’s Advice for Masters Athletes  

Jenn Ryan has a message for masters athletes, especially women: stop overtraining and undereating and learn to work with your body, not against it.

Ryan, 40, is a three-time CrossFit Games athlete. She competed on the CrossFit Invictus team in 2017 and 2018 and took eighth at the Games in 2019 in the women’s 35 to 39 division. In 2020 Ryan won the online qualifier for women aged 40 to 44.

She knows a lot about what it takes to get better as you age.

Ryan started doing CrossFit in 2009 but didn’t become a competitive force until her late 30s, a feat made even more impressive by the fact that the field has gotten substantially more crowded and competitive over the last 11 years.


Does CrossFit Need a Professional Judges Association?

  Does CrossFit Need a Professional Judges Association?  

Saralyn Wolf’s Blood Clot, A Cautionary Tale for CrossFit Women Over 40

  Saralyn Wolf’s Blood Clot, A Cautionary Tale for CrossFit Women Over 40  

After dealing with four ovarian cysts bursting in just a few months, it was more clear than ever to 45-year-old Saralyn Wolf that her hormones were out of whack.

  • “My doctor recommended the birth control pill,” said Wolf. At the time, she was also taking a Vitamin K supplement to help increase calcium in her bones, as well as DHEA to help decrease cortisol levels, both of which had been recommended by her naturopath.

So, in September, 2019, she started taking the pill. Less than six weeks later, she had a week of “the worst headaches of my life,” said Wolf, a CrossFit athlete since 2009 and the former owner of three affiliates in the Orange County, CA area.

  • “And before that, a week of exhaustion on a level like I had when I was pregnant,” she added.

Wolf went to the hospital, where she had a CT scan and was told she was fine. But the next day, she knew she wasn’t fine when she started experiencing a burning sensation all over her body, and her motor skills were visibly impaired.

  • “I couldn’t even walk,” she said.

An MRI showed she had a large blood clot in her brain, which had caused a stroke.

  • “When they sent me home initially, they gave me the wrong dosage (of medication), so 12 hours later I had another stroke and was back in the hospital and ended up in the ICU,” Wolf said.



A Jacked Back

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About Living a Life of Service

Kevin Ogar and Amy Van Dyken are two of the greatest athletes of our time, not because of their medals, Games appearances, winnings, or athletic accolades, but because of their recognized higher purpose — to live in continued service. They both have incredible charities, The Reveille Project and The Amy Van Dyken Foundation (Amy’s Army). Learn more in thin episode of the Tumeric and Tequila podcast.

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Blistered Cheesy Peppers

We’re not even sure how this is a thing but it’s amazing! It’s almost silly how easy these cheesy chiles are to execute. Just broil poblano peppers until charred and softened, stuff them with pepper jack and finish with a quick-but-mighty marinated shallot dressing.





Good Read: How O2 is Thriving During a Pandemic

Last week, O2 Recovery Drink and its founder Dave Colina were featured in a Q-and-A style article in Entrepreneur Magazine. As the article outlines, the COVID-19 lockdown threatened O2’s bottom line as a product that did half of its business in gyms that were forced to close down. He and the company took a gamble: figure out ways to financially support those gyms, and it paid off. O2’s direct to consumer sales are tracking ten times higher than last year and the entire business is on pace to grow five times year-over-year. Here are a few takeaways from the article:

  • Colina on sharing profits with independently owned gyms: “Honestly, I had no idea if I’d have to lay people off or furlough people or cut back on benefits. But I decided to share the profits with our gym owners because that felt like the right thing to do.”
  • On O2’s company values: “We are a very values-oriented company, and we have three values: honesty, humility, and hustle. Looking at a decision within the lens of those values makes the decision a lot easier…We do everything we can to prioritize our customers ahead of ourselves. That’s just good business.”
  • On taking risks during the pandemic: “Nobody could’ve predicted anything about their business at that time. Frankly, I was just hoping to break even and not have to lay anybody off. But that the things about being a startup: Once you’re in the market, you can get a sense for how the response is and forecast that forward.”

There’s a ton more to dig into in the article, so check it out.

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