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From the Titan Games to Testing for COVID

Morning Chalk Up

June 29

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Tonight, CrossFit Games regionals competitor and nurse Robbie Rodriguez debuts on NBC’s The Titan Games, learn more about him below. And, Eric Roza will be CrossFit’s new CEO in July, but how did his business career bring him to this point? Today:

  • Frontline Worker Spotlight: From The Titan Games to COVID testing.
  • Tommy Marquez on Eric Roza’s business resume.
  • Marketing and discoverability tips for gym owners.

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Frontline Worker Spotlight: From the Titan Games to 12-Hour Shifts Testing for COVID

  Frontline Worker Spotlight: From the Titan Games to 12-Hour Shifts Testing for COVID  

2020 has been an eventful year for Robbie Rodriguez.

It started when the urgent care nurse and former CrossFit Games regionals athlete decided to apply for NBC’s The Titan Games after a friend tagged him on Instagram.

  • “Next thing you know I got an email saying I got a tryout. I thought it might be a scam. And then two minutes later I got a phone call and we were discussing tryouts,” said 30-year-old Rodriguez, who didn’t know much about what he was getting into at the time.

In January, Rodriguez, along with what he estimated was about 100 other hopefuls, flew to California for the Titan Games combine. At the end of the tryout, Rodriguez was selected for the NBC series — a show that puts contestants through various mental and physical tests to become a “Titan.” Rodriguez’s episode airs tonight, Monday, June 29.

  • “It was so great meeting all these other athletes — powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen — there was even a monster car driver — police, firefighters, military — all coming together,” said the former CrossFit Regionals competitor.

Then he headed to Atlanta, GA at the end of January to film the show. After that, it was back to Miami in February to compete at Wodapalooza Fitness Festival.

  • “And then, bam, coronavirus,” Rodriguez said.

All of a sudden, his focus shifted far away from fitness and toward testing patients for COVID-19 at Baptist Urgent Care in Miami, a clinic that turned a portion of their clinic into a coronavirus testing site.


Gym Owners: Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes When Building A Nutrition Program

Healthy Steps Nutrition
Gym Owners: Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes When Building A Nutrition Program

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Meet Eric Roza: Executive, Founder, Entrepreneur

  Meet Eric Roza: Executive, Founder, Entrepreneur  

Incoming owner and CEO of CrossFit Inc,. Eric Roza has a tremendous amount of work in front of him. He has stated as much in his interactions with the public since the news broke last Wednesday morning — including a 5:30 AM Instagram follow-up post where he gave the community a sneak peek into the life of someone tasked with galvanizing a reeling global community.

With the initial jolt of the enthusiasm lingering from the swift change brought about by voices of many, the focus will now shift towards a plan of action and a better understanding of who Eric Roza really is — the tech entrepreneur, affiliate owner, and corporate executive — and what is it about him business-wise that has suddenly given many in the community a new hope for the future.

Roza’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Michigan — sorry Ohio State fans — and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford University.

  • He began his career at Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts that’s considered one of the “Big Three” management consultancies.

In 2007 he founded Datalogix, a consumer data and analytics company that grew to roughly 400 employees and included an impressive portfolio of consumer-oriented companies while he operated as the CEO. The company was acquisitioned by Oracle in December of 2014 for 1.2 billion dollars.

  • During this time Roza also served as an active board member of KIPP Academy in Nashville, a college-preparatory, public charter school providing education for children from Kindergarten through high school.

Marketing and Discoverability For Affiliates and Others

  Marketing and Discoverability For Affiliates and Others  

Will Hurst owns Big Little Gyms, a consulting and coaching support provider for gym owners, and spends his days focused on marketing and client acquisition.  Gym owners, both affiliated and unaffiliated have looked to him for guidance.  

  • “If your only source of discoverability is via a Google search for the words CrossFit then you are seriously at risk,” Hurst said.

Hurst’s co-branding experiment: In recent years, Hurst co-branded his gym and had two Facebook pages, one for Spark CrossFit and one for SparkFit. For five years, he ran different paid advertisements on both pages and said they were equally effective marketing arms for his gym.

  • “Dollar for dollar, effort for effort, one did not draw more new members than the other,” he said.

This trend is also true of the other gyms Hurst has worked with “in a variety of markets, from large cities to small towns,” he explained.

Hurst’s marketing tip: Focus less of your efforts on the features and benefits you offer and direct it toward how you can help your potential clients with “their core problem,” he said.

  • “What is the pain they’re feeling? Is it they’re diabetic and have to take medication….and are anxious about possibly dying?” said Hurst as an example.

Then offer a solution: Design your marketing efforts in a way that provides a solution to their problem. And a solution isn’t doing constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity, Hurst explained.




Dave Castro Dicusses Diversity in CrossFit and the Future of the Games

On this episode of Talking Elite Fitness, interim CEO Dave Castro joins Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez to talk about the tumultuous last few weeks and how he sees the future of the community and the sport developing under new leadership.

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There were no complete responses to Friday’s question. A couple of people got one of the two coaches from the question, which two coaches coached the most CrossFit Invitationals. The correct answer was Samantha Briggs and Mads Jacobsen. They both coached the Team Europe (Team World in 2013) Invitational Team three times apiece.

  • Today’s question: Who won the most Games Championships in the Teenager division?

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