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Games Athletes and Quarantine Nutrition

Morning Chalk Up

April 16

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. CrossFit Algiers started a fitness challenge just before the pandemic lockdown hit and despite the chaos and uncertainty, all the participants stayed committed, lost over 300 pounds collectively and supported each other. And, how are CrossFit Games athletes approaching their nutrition during the quarantine? Today:

  • The athletes at CrossFit Algiers stay committed.
  • Games Athletes and quarantine nutrition.
  • Video: Inside the Nano X.
  • What to look for in the 55-59 Age Group Division.

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Three Hundred and Forty-Six Pounds Shed in Lockdown in New Orleans

 Three Hundred and Forty-Six Pounds Shed in Lockdown in New Orleans 

The community at CrossFit Algiers in New Orleans, LA. was two weeks into their annual “ShredU” fitness and nutrition challenge when their gym’s doors were forced to close because of COVID-19.

This year, the challenge included 41 clients, six of whom were brand new members, all broken into coach-led teams.

A moment of worry: Gym owner Jodi Lynn Jordan admitted she felt some panic about losing her facility in the middle of her six-week challenge. Each challenge member had paid $200-plus for the challenge, and she thought people might quit or start asking for refunds.

  • “I was worried,” she said.
  • “Not only that, but I was about to hand my coaches the most challenging coaching environment they have ever had to deal with, especially when it came to coaching the new people who hadn’t been in the community before.”

To her surprise, instead of asking for refunds and dropping out of the challenge, the 41 challenge clients seamlessly embraced an online version of the challenge. They continued to work together at home in their coach-led teams, continued to dial in their diets, and continued to pursue their fitness via home programming and online classes.

  • “The coaches continued to reach out to everyone on their teams, and they still did the weekly weigh-ins. People took a picture of the scale and submitted it each week,” Jordan said.

Six weeks later: The “ShredU” crew lost a total of 346.6 pounds between the 41 of them. The average weight loss was 8.5 pounds, while the average number of inches lost was 4.9. Meanwhile, the average one-mile run improvement was one minute and 12 seconds.

  • “Nobody even quit. Not a single person,” Jordan added.

Keto: Drink vs Diet

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Keto: Drink vs Diet

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CrossFit Athletes Take on Nutrition During the COVID-19 Lockdown

 CrossFit Athletes Take on Nutrition During the COVID-19 Lockdown 

Our eating habits have changed in lockdown.

In the US we’re getting more takeout and spending significantly less on fresh or organic foods, according to the NY Times.

The recent trend is hardly adhering to the nutritional advice of Coach Greg Glassman to “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar” but we get it, times are tough, the panic is real and temptation is more prevalent than ever.

A few key stats in the processed foods pandemic comeback:

  • In the past month, sales of Campbell’s soup are up 59% over last year.  
  • Prego Pasta sales increased by 52% and sales of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers are up 23%.

To get us all back on track, we’ve gathered the top tips from the pros when it comes to nutrition in lockdown.

Feeding the Frasers

  • Anything that’s good enough for the “Well-Fed Fraser” gets a seal of approval. Mat Fraser’s fiance Sammy Moniz has launched an Instagram Show “Talking With Your Mouth Full” to keep us both entertained and informed with her guests including the Fittest on Earth Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey.
  • Sammy’s always been an advocate for treating yourself every now and then and is constantly updating the “Feeding the Frasers” social media with easy to follow recipes — sweet, savory and everything in between. We’re salivating at these pancakes, featured in The Fittest documentary.

In the kitchen with Four Times Games Athlete Kristi Eramo O’Connell


VIDEO: Inside the Reebok Nano X with Tal Short, Tommy Marquez, Niki Brazier and Justin LoFranco

 VIDEO: Inside the Reebok Nano X with Tal Short, Tommy Marquez, Niki Brazier and Justin LoFranco 

2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Men and Women Ages 55-59

 2020 CrossFit Games Age Group Preview: Men and Women Ages 55-59 

Today we continue with our preview of the 2020 CrossFit Games Age Group qualifiers with part five, the 55-59 Masters division. These standings are unofficial after the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) scores were submitted and could change due to score adjustments as the top-25 athletes in each division must submit videos to CrossFit HQ for review. According to the recent news from CrossFit HQ, the deadline for video review results will be extended and should conclude on April 29. The leaderboard is scheduled to be finalized after the appeals process concludes on May 11 with the top ten athletes in each division receiving an invitation to the Games.

Chad Schroeder dives into the numbers of the AGOQ even more, breaking down all the divisions with his statistical analysis.

Men’s 55-59 division: The division features nine Games veterans including two athletes who have won Games titles within the division. For five of the athletes it will be their first time competing at the Games in the 55-59 Masters age group. Nine of the athletes will represent the United States in the experienced field.

  1. Paul McCrary qualified for his fourth Games and his first in the 55-59 division after winning the AGOQ. His previous three trips were in the 50-54 division including last year when he placed seventh. McCrary has recorded top-ten finishes in all three of his Games appearances, twice finishing seventh in the 50-54 division. In the AGOQ, he recorded four top-ten finishes including an event win.
  2. Jeff Goebel makes his return to the Games after a three year hiatus. A veteran with two Games appearances in the 50-54 division, he finished just two points behind McCrary for the AGOQ title. Goebel last appeared at the Games in 2016 when he placed tenth in the 50-54 division. In 2015, he missed out on a podium finish, placing fourth in that division. Goebel recorded four top-three finishes in this year’s AGOQ including two event wins, the only athlete to accomplish that feat. This will be his first appearance in the 55-59 division at the Games.



A Day in the (Quarantine) Life with Noah Ohlsen

Check out a day in the life with Noah Ohlsen as he continues to train for the CrossFit Games from home. His mantras for this moment are “adapt and overcome,” “stay ready” and “stay home.”

 Morning Chalk Up 




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 Morning Chalk Up 


Dave Castro on the Masters Chatter Podcast

Director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro joins Justin LaSala and his crew of CrossFit Masters athletes to discuss all things Masters and dig into the background and history of the Age Group divisions as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

 Morning Chalk Up 


Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts

We get it, Brussels sprouts are not everyone’s jam, but this Kung Pao sauce will absolutely change your mind!





Podcast Roundup

If you’re like us, you’ve got some extra flexibility in your schedule, and we suggest filling that time by tuning in to some excellent podcast episodes we’ve heard lately:

  • The CrossFitter’s Healthy Mindset in a Time of Crisis: In this episode of the BoxJumper podcast, host Jean St-Amand talks with Dr. Susie McAfee, a CrossFitter, surfer and psychologist about how to keep a healthy mindset on the face of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Stress: The Elephant in the Room with Dr. George Slavich: In this episode of the Pursuing Health podcast, Drs. Julie Foucher-Urcuyo and Dani Urcuyo talk with Dr. George Slavich about the science behind how stress impacts our body down to the level of gene expression and immune system activation, what type of stressors seem to have the biggest impact on our health, some of the things we can do to mitigate the negative impact of stress, and how measuring stress may improve our ability to address it on a large scale.
  • Bored in Isolation? Here’s Patrick Vellner: Sean Woodland talks with perennial CrossFit Games star, Patrick Vellner in this episode of the Two-Brain podcast. Among other things, they discuss how competing in gymnastics and lacrosse helped prepare him for competitive CrossFit, how he managed to finish third at a Regional competition despite tearing his biceps and what he thinks about the new structure of the CrossFit Games. 
  • Let’s WOD About It with Paul Tremblay: In this episode of the Let’s Wod About It podcast, hosts Danny Lynch and Steve Weatherholt talk with CrossFit Games athlete, Seminar Staff member and gym owner, Paul Tremblay about the current state of affairs for affiliate owners and CrossFit athletes.
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