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Games will be two days only

Morning Chalk Up

September 4


Happy Friday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The first stage of the CrossFit Games begins in 14 days and we are going to keep you updated daily. And, O2 Recovery and JUNK have teamed up and pitched in tens of thousands of dollars to offer CrossFit coaches free masks, Emily Beers breaks it down.

  • Also, don’t miss our next dark horse pick, the first on the women’s side; and Niki Brazier and Justin LoFranco discuss the future of Sanctionals.

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“I’ve decided to make myself strong. As far as I can tell that’s all I can do” – Harukia Murakami


2020 CrossFit Games Updates


We are officially two weeks out from the start of stage one of the 2020 CrossFit Games. We will be providing daily updates from here on out to keep you in the loop as more details emerge. 

Quick catch-up: The first stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games will feature 30 male and 30 female athletes competing virtually over two days beginning September 18. The top five athletes from each division will advance to an in-person competition in Aromas, CA, from October 19-25. The athlete roster includes the top-20 finishers in the Open plus the 10 Sanctionals qualifiers.

Format Update:

Dave Castro announced that they’re putting final touches and “tweaks” on the handful of workouts planned for stage 1, but it appears the workout structure is mostly complete. 

  • A rower will be featured in one of the events, according to Dave Castro.
  • Here’s the equipment list that was shared with athletes. Now you can start guessing what the workouts could be. 
  • The competition will be two days long, starting on Friday, September 18, according to athletes briefed on details of the event. 
  • Athletes will be notified of events only 48-hours in advance. 
  • Athletes have been advised they need to have access to a 300m track for potential running events. 
  • Workout scores won’t be immediately reported, according to athletes, so that athletes in different parts of the world won’t know the scores of their competitors. Nothing stops them from sharing among one another but the idea is to safeguard against any unfair advantage. 

Quick round-up:


Where’s The Beef?

Where's The Beef?

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Junk Brands and O2 Invest Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Coaches

  Junk Brands and O2 Invest Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Coaches  

With the world trending more and more in the direction of mandatory face masks to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, two business owners, Dave Colina and Craig Lile, are stepping in and donating thousands of masks for coaches.

  • “‘10,000 strong’ is the idea of being able to provide 10,000 masks to coaches throughout the country without any cost to the coach,” said Lile, the President of JUNK Brands.

The details: Both JUNK Brands and O2 — Colina’s natural recovery drink company — are “each setting aside tens of thousands of dollars to finance this, because we believe in the impact in investing in our community,” Lile said.

  • The masks are a multi layer lifestyle mask, which provides extensive protection and comfort, Like explained. “I have been wearing one of the final prototypes for weeks now,” he added.

To receive a mask, coaches can apply online.

  • “It’s a simple procedure and we will ship them to their gyms for dispersion,” Lile said.

One big thing: On top of their commitment to finance 10,000 face masks, O2 has also recently introduced an ambassador program for coaches.

  • “So far, we have probably had north of 1,000 people apply, and we have accepted a couple of hundred. It’s hard to keep up with the demand, but ultimately I want an O2 (ambassador) coach in every CrossFit gym across the country,” Colina said, adding that qualities they’re looking for in their ambassadors are “honesty, humility, and hustle to the fullest.”

Could Sanctionals Become an Intermediary Step Between the Open and the Games?

  Could Sanctionals Become an Intermediary Step Between the Open and the Games?  

2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Women’s Dark Horse — Karin Freyova

  2020 CrossFit Games Preview: Women's Dark Horse -- Karin Freyova  



Niki Brazier’s Two-Week beam Experiment

Niki Brazier worked three of beam’s recovery products into her daily routine to see how they changed her sleep, recovery, focus and mood. Niki gives you an inside look into her experiment using CBD for the first time and what it did for her recovery.

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Learn to solve problems other coaches can’t from the comfort and safety of your home.

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Congratulations to Sergio H., who was the first to correctly answer which women from the 2020 CrossFit Games roster competed at the 2012 CrossFit Games. The correct answer was Katrin Davidsdottir and Kara Saunders. Sergio moved into double digits having been first to correctly answer the trivia question now for a total of ten times.

  • Today’s question: Which men from the 2020 CrossFit Games roster competed at the 2013 CrossFit Games?

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9/5: Masters of the Universe (Wheatridge, CO)
9/11: A Climb to Remember, 9/11 Memorial Workout & Run (Southern Pines, NC)
9/12: Goat House Classic (Overland Park, KS)
9/12: Metcon Rush (Hagerstown, MD)
9/18 – 9/20: The Central Regional (Bettendorf, IA)
9/19: Country Tuff Competition (Richfield, UT)
9/26 – 9/27: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola, FL)
9/26: Big Impact Games (Kimberly, WI)
9/26: Warrior Affiliate League Three Amigos (Chino, CA)
10/3: RedZone Summer Classic (Newtown, CT)
10/6 – 10/11: Virtual Shoofly Lift Off (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
10/9 – 10/10: Crash Crucible (Spartanburg, SC)
11/7 – 11/8: The Bay Games [Unstoppable (online) Edition] (Jervis Bay, Australia)

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