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Get $100 to #StayforMay

Morning Chalk Up

April 29

Working Against Gravity

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. O2 Natural Recovery and their partners Born Primitive, Puori and Bear KompleX have created an incentive program for athletes who pay their gym membership fees in May. And, elite coaches offer some advice as most of us continue to power through quarantine, while a few prepare to re-enter the gym. Today:

  • #StayforMay and get a $100 gift card.
  • Michelle Letendre, Chris Hinshaw, Chris Spealler and others offer advice for athletes in lockdown and returning to their gyms.
  • The Teen Fitness League feeds the competitive hunger of kids in quarantine. 

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O2, Partners Offer $100 Gift Card to Members Who #StayforMay

  O2, Partners Offer $100 Gift Card to Members Who #StayforMay  

A little over a month ago, O2 Natural Recovery partnered with Born Primitive, Puori, Bear KompleX and other brands to create a “Community Coalition” and share profits with local gyms affected by COVID-19 closures. Now they are launching the #StayforMay campaign to encourage gym members to keep their memberships active through the month of May by offering a combined $100 gift card as an incentive.

  • U.S-based affiliates began closing on March 19 when California issued the first statewide stay at home order. Since then 96% of U.S. gyms have temporarily closed.

One big thing: The potential dollar amount to be donated could be staggering considering there are 6915 affiliates in the U.S. Just one $100 gift card for every gym would amount to $691,500 spread across four companies and there’s no limit to the number of gift cards available in the program.

The details: Here’s how you can take advantage of this incentive:

  • Before May 3, sign your gym up for the 50/50 Give Back Program and use your gym’s unique code to make a purchase with any of the participating brands. You can take advantage of discounted prices and your gym will receive 50% of the profits on the sale.
  • Once qualified (by using the code at least one time by May 3), your gym is automatically enrolled in the #StayforMay campaign, so share it with members and friends on social media and elsewhere.
  • Members who DO NOT cancel and retain their May memberships will receive a $100 combined gift card in June.

By the numbers: So far, more than 10,000 gym members have made purchases from coalition brands where 50% of profits went directly to affiliates. Born Primitive alone raised more than $186,000 directly for affiliates during a 10-day campaign earlier this month.


Start A Remote Side Hustle

Working Against Gravity
Start A Remote Side Hustle

Now might be the best time in history to start an online side hustle or full on career.

In a brand new 3-part video series Adee Cazayoux of Working Against Gravity will teach you the keys to getting people great results as a nutrition coach, how to get your first 3 clients in 7 days without sleazy marketing tactics, and so much more.

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World-Renowned Coaches Offer Practical Training and Mindset Advice for Lockdown and After

  World-Renowned Coaches Offer Practical Training and Mindset Advice for Lockdown and After  

COVID-19 shook our world, and thousands of athletes, coaches and personal trainers simultaneously flocked online and began offering at-home workouts ideas consisting of hundreds of bodyweight reps, day after day, week after week.

The result: Thousands of CrossFit athletes of all levels began posting at-home videos featuring hundreds of fatigued and sloppy squats and lunges and push-ups on repeat.

Hip impingements from 200 lunges, three times a week, anyone?

That warning comes from Dr. Sean Pastuch, a chiropractor and the founder of Active Life Rx, a company that works with 60-plus CrossFit affiliates and 1,000 coaches to help their clients improve movement patterns and eliminate pain.

“Air squats, burpees and lunges on repeat will lead to hip problems (among other ailments), and people will start finding themselves with aches and pains,” Pastuch said.

Chris Hinshaw, best known as the endurance coach who works with dozens of top CrossFit athletes, including Rich Froning, Mat Fraser, Katrin Davidstottir and Tia-Clair Toomey, agrees with Pastuch: More bodyweight reps isn’t the best approach for most.

  • “I have seen a lot of that incredibly high volume stuff and I’m a little perplexed,” Hinshaw said. “Doing (high) volume can have tremendous value, but doing something like 100-plus reps of the same movement all the time gets to the point of being unnecessary and counterproductive.”

So, if you should avoid high-rep bodyweight movements completed for time for weeks on end, what should you be doing?

Understand the why and tackle weaknesses: Hinshaw said the first thing CrossFit athletes need to think about is intention.

  • “People need to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and the value it’s going to provide to their overall fitness. The athlete should be asking Why? I don’t see a lot of that. People are throwing logic out the door and just doing a lot of reps,” he said.

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Brand X Method’s Teen Fitness League Provides Outlet for Quarantined Kids

  Brand X Method’s Teen Fitness League Provides Outlet for Quarantined Kids  

Schools are closed, spring sports are canceled, and parents are struggling to keep up with third-grade math. Kids around the world are confined to their homes, jittery and ready for excitement. Brand X Method’s new Teen Fitness League might just provide some relief.

Spearheaded by Connor Martin, son of Brand X founders Jeff and Miki Martin, the Teen Fitness League is a product of over twenty years of brand and ethos building that gives the competition a unique feel. Brand X originated out of the Martin’s martial arts gym and later became the fifth CrossFit affiliate ever.  Brand X eventually cut ties with CrossFit in a fairly well-known split and has developed its own identity around training for kids.

  • (We) recognize the fundamental importance of training not for time, but rather muscular control and engagement,” Martin explained. The Brand X Method focuses on teaching kids to adapt to new physical situations, what Martin calls “physical literacy.”

So when coronavirus closures struck and kids were locked down at home, Martin developed an idea that would get teens excited about exercising again. The Teen Fitness League kicked off its inaugural competition on April 15 and is occurring right now for kids age 10-18. The league has a four-week season, with Martin and his team programming four weeks of workouts, released Wednesday nights. Competitors have until Monday night to compete and record their scores. The League features boys and girls divisions, age 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, and 16-18, and scaled divisions. For the premiere of the TFL, making the workouts at-home accessible was important to the team.

  • “A lot of thought has gone into accessibility as well as how to make it a balanced test when you talk about a bodyweight-only test you are talking about a huge challenge in testing,” Martin admitted. “You are inherently limited by movements but it challenged us to think outside the box.”

Think outside the box, indeed. Week One’s test used Brand X cornerstones, unilateral and multiplanar movements, in accessible ways.




Garage Gym Pull-up Bar

It’s tough trying to get your hands on new home gym equipment these days and the resale market is over-priced and brutal. So, check out this DIY pull-up bar project with Kristi Eramo O’Connell and Pat O’Connell. The best part: you can get it done for around $65.

  Morning Chalk Up  



A $100 Gift Card From Your Favorite Brands

O2, Born Primitive, Puori and Bear KompleX are offering a combined $100 gift card to ALL gym members who keep their gym membership active through May and belong to a qualified gym. Ensure your gym is qualified by using their code at and take advantage of our 50% off site-wide sale that ends this week.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Double Unders, with the Rx Smart Gear Method

This is the final part of the Rx Method Double Under tutorial. The drills and techniques are broken down into understandable and manageable steps and remember, don’t leave success to chance.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Peanut Butter Blueberry Overnight Oats

Give these amazing peanut butter blueberry overnight oats a try. They taste like a classic PB and J. You’ll love these healthy, no-sugar-added overnight oats made with yogurt and chia seeds for an extra boost of protein! Make them ahead of time for a healthy meal-prep friendly breakfast.



Congratulations to Zach E., who was the first to correctly answer which Team/Affiliate has won the most Games Team Championships. The correct answer was CrossFit Mayhem Freedom who has won four championships.

  • Today’s Question: Which athlete has won the most Sanctional individual events (male or female)?

Submit your answer.





Some New, Free or Low-Cost At-Home Fitness Resources

Here are few new, free or low-cost at-home fitness resources that have come across our desks recently:

  • Virtual CrossFit Kids Resources: Jackie Clark, a CF-L3 Certified CrossFit Trainer and a member of the CFHQ CrossFit Kids Seminar Team has begun posting some tips on how to make virtual kids PE classes fun. She’s posting a couple each week on her YouTube channel and IGTV.
  • Esprit de Corps CrossFit At-Home WODs: The UK-based affiliate Esprit de Corps CrossFit has made available 10 at-home WODs for Morning Chalk Up readers. The demo videos are 3-6 minutes long and the workouts include a warm-up, accessory and metcon. Check it out.
  • 90 Workouts: Ricky Frausto Jr., a CF-L4 and coach at CrossFit Catacombs created an ebook with 90 workouts and created variations for people with a complete home gym, dumbbells and jump rope, or nothing at all. Download now.
  • CrossFit Goderich: Coach and affiliate owner of CrossFit Goderich, Jennifer Morris, has created 30+ at-home workouts with demos on her YouTube channel and is offering them for free.
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